Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Cantab Lounge Inflicted Damage on the Community


When the staff illegally and wrongfully tried to destroy my hard work of the past 15 years, professional promotion that brought incredible numbers to this very page which I created, where Mickey Bliss had to hire my lawyer to send the club, Cronin and the abysmal and hateful Kylie Connors, they are NOT doing it right. The bands have suffered, bands have quit, bands canceled shows, due to the inept and bungling Connors and Cronin. You are obviously a plant praising them for the way they have crushed the hearts of musicians who want to play in an atmosphere that is COVID free. By the way, I have a public records request in to the city of Cambridge regarding managment hiding the COVID outbreak December 2021 from the public. Owner Tim Dibble wants to be a "good neighbor?" Not warning people to dangers of COVID, security NOT adhering to the masking policy (I have photos of attendees unmasked) and arrogance from immature and not-ready-for-prime-time staff like Andrea Ballotta, Mike Cronin and Kylie Connors is NOT doing it right, Mr. Pindry. They've done it all wrong, to the detriment of the music community. Just sayin... Do they believe in free speech, or do they want to continue to do serious damage to our music community?

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