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Phil DaRosa, Sean Walshe, Greg Walsh Rocking on Radio March 29 2023

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Good Music Radio "Won't Be the Same" Phil DaRosa 3/26/23 / Greg Paquette Spin Room A Slave is a Slave, Crazy Fool /

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WMWM Salem Sean Walshe, Lady Carolyn, Bobby Hebb Saturday March 25, 2023 Greg Walsh Tommy Lee of Motley Crue Interview, Bruce Kulick of Kiss, Interview





Mr. Fix It Greg Walsh on @WMWMSalem @RadioRaccoon 2:32 pm #Saturday #March25 sounding terrific on #WhatsHappeningRadio WMWM hear on YouTube @tdawn1 Meet Your Maker 2:34 pm #davidminehan #JoeViglionemedia thanks #BobNelson #GregWalshNewGhosts #PopMusic

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Bruce Kulick of KISS and Grand Funk Railroad talks to Joe Viglione on Visual Radio with special guest Tom.... so much fun resurrecting these tapes Filename #BruceKulick of #GrandFunkRailroad _ #Kiss #Joeviglionemedia

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Sean Walshe / Revival Radio /Phil daRosa New Music Radio January Grey Spin Room, New Music Radio /

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Interview with Norman Greenbaum .... Joe Viglione interviews Norman Greenbaum


The ‘Spirit’ continues: The Observer revisits an interview with Norman Greenbaum

10 x 7.5

As stated earlier in the saga of Norman Greenbaum, Malden native and singer/songwriter best known for the hit “Spirit in the Sky,” his Dr. West’s Medicine Show was a jug band that hit with a song based on a science fiction movie and comic books, much like a punk band, Unnatural Axe, that would do something similar 10 years later in 1978 with their notorious punk E.P. Science Fiction and comic books go hand in hand with rock and roll, but not necessarily jug band music, which was the strange twist — the seed, if you will, of the consciousness that gave the world “Spirit in the Sky.”

Now back to an interview with Greenbaum that is continued from last week’s edition of the Observer:

Q: Oh, very nice. How did the hit “Eggplant that ate Chicago” come about, writing wise?

Norman: Well, it came from watching outer space type movies, I guess, and comic books...the gist of the story came from the aliens from outer space sort of thing...who knows how my worked then or now to tell you the truth. You’re born with some kind of something but this silliness has always existed that time I found I was really proficient at that...more so than sitting down and writing serious things.

I was a fan of comedy and I was able to express it along with music. So I chose an outer space kind of thing, you know, a song of doom...I don’t know where it came from exactly...but it was our featured song and...

We auditioned for some managers who managed The New Christy Minstrels, Jose Feliciano...amongst other big acts, so they were pretty legit.

Q: That’s amazing that George Greif signed Dr. West. I’m very impressed. And then Dr. West ran its course?

A: All the other original members left the band for various reasons as I evolved and they were replaced by different people and the band itself sort of evolved into more electric away from the silliness of the jug band-type material and we worked and recorded some more material but it sort of ran its course. And we disbanded.

A: Oh really? He signed us! And that’s how it all got started; we went in and recorded and made an album, he put the single out and surprisingly enough of all things to happen it made the charts. I mean a jug band record made the charts! So that was pretty interesting.

Q: So George Greif was the guy who got the deal with GO GO Records.

A: Yes it is; they released a CD which has a ton of songs on it. Wish it had more, to tell you the truth. I was told they couldn’t find them all. There were some good ones they didn’t find. There were some good ones they did find, believe me, I forgot I had actually written those songs.

Q: We’ll have to get the audience out there watching this to put the hunt on for the old Dr. West songs that are missing in action.

A: No, it didn’t. I completely left that situation and the George Greif’s management company and wanted to do something different and on my own. I then went about putting together a band that was more in sync with folk rock, rock, and was going to completely leave this jug band-type music behind. I wanted to have, I was about to say the word “normal” band, but there’s no such things, that’s mental, a regular type four piece band.

Doing that, I had different players but at this point I was the leader and I was calling all the shots. I wanted to do my material only the way I wanted to do it. I had a configuration and we were playing at the Troubadour and Eric Jacobsen happened to stop by and heard me and that’s what started the next stage of my career because he signed me to a writer’s contract to his company. And then...he had an open deal with Warner Brothers to bring acts to them...’cause he had just finished producing all the Lovin Spoonful records and Tim he got me a deal with Reprise and then we recorded “Spirit in the Sky.”


A: That wasn’t put out as a single at first, no, I believe “Jubilee” was put out as a single first; it didn’t make it obviously. We did call the album “Spirit in the Sky” ... the whole object was to have “Spirit in the Sky” out as a single and it did finally get put out. There were a little wary of putting it out at the time, it was very different. Very, very, very different. It was also very long, all of four minutes but compared to 2:20 for everything else. (The executives at Warner Brothers/Reprise said,) “It’s like two songs, too long, they’ll never play it.” But, you know, they did!

Q: The beauty of it...that guitar just grabs you at the beginning...and then the Gospel singers...everything is just perfect around the great melody that you wrote.

A: That was one of the things came about, you know...I worked...the lyrics came easy even though I wasn’t Christian. I was watching Porter Wagoner do a country music show. He’d always do a country gospel lyric song...I’d think “Gee, that’s kind of interesting. I never did anything like that. I’m writing about Eggplants (laughs),” maybe I should go in that direction, you know? Of course you’ve got to write about Jesus if you’re going to write Gospel in America, so that was pretty easy to put the lyrics together. And I worked on arrangements a few months and finally said I’ve gotta do this one because my mind just keeps going back to that beat. So... we got a band together because I was signed as a single artist and so we put a studio band together in Northern California out in San Francisco. We rehearsed, went in and recorded quite a few songs. “Spirit in the Sky” stood out during the sessions — it just came together. We had numerous people working on it. I said, “Great, we’ll get the gospel singers.” We went to Oakland and found these girls just all came together — and it was quite simple...and, in lieu of another word, it was sort of miraculous, you know?

Q: It’s an amazing record; it’s a real work of art. Why go to San Francisco from Hollywood, what was the move?

A: Oh, well, he was based in San Francisco. Erik Jacobsen’s production company.

Q: A: Q: A: Q:

A: The road was good, you know. It was like the culmination of what I wanted to do. I had been on the road, of course, with Dr. West. So I knew the road. But this was with a hit. It made a big difference. It went well. Then we had to come back and we were... there wasn’t another hit on the album.

And the problems started...what do you follow-up with when you have a song like that just took America by storm...and the world. The song was in the Top 5 in just about everywhere you could think. Boy, how do you top it? I wasn’t quite prepared. Mentally I was, but mentally for everybody else I wasn’t. And that’s where it kind of started to fall apart...if you wanted to use the words “fall apart.”

We recorded a second album and did it kind of quick. Had to, that’s the way it wasn’t like, “OK, we’ll sit back for two years and work on something” like you do now...uh uh, back then it was like “right away.” So it was rushed. But...I had come up with and again...who knows, my mind wanders, I guess, and when it came to writing it wandered pretty good and here I was, “well, I don’t have (a new) “Spirit in the Sky”...and it wasn’t on purpose that I kept writing about things that were non-Jewish, it just happened to work out that way...but I was in the grocery store with my wife and the people checking out in front of us plopped down this 5 pound canned ham. Now being Jewish I had never had or seen a canned ham in my life. Except if you go to the store and you see one on the shelf. So here’s one right in front of my face — and they seemed all happy about buying this canned ham. So out of nowhere I looked at my wife, my ex-wife now, and said, “When are you going to buy me a Canned Ham, baby?” It just came out. And I go, “Oh boy, that’s a song.” So we did that and we put it out as a single. Now you gotta see the faces on record executives because they had a hard enough time, you know, trying to figure out if they were making the right move by putting out “Spirit in the Sky.” That became a hit so here they are now faced with the same dilemma again, with something crazier called “Canned Ham.” I’m looking at them with a totally straight face going, “Yeah, that’s a hit.” (You could see the executives thinking,) “Can’t you just come in with another ‘Spirit in the Sky’?” But of course I’m going, “When I came in with “Sprit in the Sky” you’re looking at me saying, “can’t you come in with something else!” Anyway they put it out and it was a mediocre hit.

Q: A:

Q: I remember the melody, I remember hearing I guess 1,510, maybe Arnie Woo Woo.

A: It got plenty of play but it wasn’t “Spirit in the Sky”...I still like it myself. I get a lot of mail at my Web site which is and there’s a lot of people who really like that song.

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WMWM What's Happening, Sat 3-18-23 noon to 3 pm Bob & Aaron with guests Greg Allen, Mike Stewart--Bon

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Hi enclosed today's screenshor playlist.WMWM
What's Happening, Sat 3-18-23 noon to 3 pm
Bob & Aaron with guests Greg Allen, Mike Stewart--Bon

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SINCE YOU'RE GONE - Lonely Oak Radio 9:20 am Sean Walshe /Boney Derrington BTD Radio Interview /

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Thanks BTD Radio for the interview: and #BlockParty @BoneyDerrington @zionrock #joeviglionemedia @CommunityMedia3 ? Remember, It’s not that I believe in my music, it’s I know that my music believes in me. Distrokid: Reggae #reggae

Thx BTD Radio interview: #BlockParty @BoneyDerrington @zionrock #joeviglionemedia @CommunityMedia3 ? Remember, It’s not that I believe in my music, it’s I know that my music believes in me. #reggae Thanks #YFM @1043MYfm Johannesburg S Africa @RAOFMusicLLC  

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Greg Walsh, 8:05 am Revival Radio / Only Rock Radio Greg Walsh / Sean Walshe Highway 99

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and the hits just keep on coming, Greg Walsh conquers Spain....5:37 PM · Mar 13, 2023 31 Views MR FIX IT on #OnlyRockRadio thank you @tiorr_1 from YOU TOOK MY SOUL BUT I KEPT THE HEART cd #Joeviglionemedia listen @Bandcamp here #Spain #Compactdisc #Music #Grunge #DavidMinehan
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Mr Fix It / Spain ONLY ROCK RADIO Greg Walsh / January Grey - Good Music Radio 3/14/23

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24 Views from #GregWalshNewGhosts thanks @tiorr_1 #joeviglionemedia @lspinna read interview from @tdawn1 thanks #tiorrsend @tiorr_3 #filmmusic #Musicsupervisors Greg Walsh You Took My Soul But I Kept the Heart  
January Grey from #PhildaRosa on #GoodMusicRadio 2:40 PM · Mar 14, 2023 77 Views @lspinna @tdawn1 #tiorrsend @tiorr_3 #filmmusic #Musicsupervisors #joeviglionemedia @phillydmusic check out

BTD Music Review January Grey by Phil daRosa

Phil daRosa’s “January Grey” is a stunning showcase of his song writing and musical talents. The upbeat tempo and catchy melody are perfectly suited, uplifting!

Lyrics like “Own it today, The light of January Grey, I will pull you far away…

From the dark of January Grey“, encourages the listener to embrace self and never give up.

daRosa’s vocals are confident and dynamic, and his use of harmonies and backing vocals adds depth and richness to the song. This track is a testament to the power of positivity and perseverance and is sure to inspire anyone who listens to it. The chorus of the song is particularly powerful, with daRosa’s vocals soaring over the music as he sings, “I will be here always!” This song is beautifully produced, with arrangements that allows daRosa’s vocals and lyrics to take center stage.

Overall, “January Grey” is a beautifully crafted song that showcases Phil daRosa’s talent as a singer-songwriter. The song is a testament to the power of music to express complex emotions and connect with listeners on a deep level.

Phil daRos’s official website

Got Spotify? You listen to this wonderful track here.

We had the fabulous opportunity to interview Phil. You can read our chat here.

Be sure to check out his videos on YouTube

Marcy Chin on the Beam FM Live / Jourdan #Money @WBCARadio

  Jourdan #Money see review on @WBCARadio 102.9 fm Boston @zionrock @...