Thursday, December 31, 2020

End of the Year Top 10 and More!

 6:35 pm December 31, 2020   Happy New Year

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last top 10 of the year for 2020  6:53 pm 12-31-2020







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Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Airplay for K Britz, Pamela Ruby Russell, Jack Phillips, Mark Rockower, Jim Knable, Greg Paquette, Australia's Audioscam, Matty O, Tom Mich, Andrae Carter, ipd_Green, Rob Benson, Dalia Davis and more!

 Dare Radio, U.K. Playlist for January 2021

K Britz "Kind" at 31:30 in

31:30 on #Mixcloud Dare Radio Thank you Mark Watkins the song Kind by @KBRITZofficial K.Britz Dare ~ Playout Mix No.39 (2021) The entire show is fantastic, great work! @MarkWatkinsDare @dare_hub @mysticbowie @WhiteLightArts @gregpaquette5 @jim_knable #Rock
"I Love New York"    JACK PHILLIPS!  12/29/2020 9:32 pm
9:32 pm 12/29 NYC/Boston time from Spain, "I Love New York" is such a great song. Hear on @Spotify right here Thank you @tiorr_2 @JackPhillipsNYC @Only_rock_radio @ILoveNewYorkJP @eltonofficial #CalebQuaye #JackPhillips #BillyJoel #Liberace #EltonJohn #Pop
Jack Phillips Dec 4, 2020  
Thank You @Goodmusicradio5 for airing this amazing song #ILoveNewYork @eltonofficial #CalebQuaye posted on Club Bohemia Music Newsletter @ILoveNewYorkJP @JackPhillipsNYC @spotifypodcasts @JoeViglione #NightandDay Really appreciate it #BillyJoel #FatsDomino


December 14, 2020

DECEMEBER 17, 2020

December 19 and 20 Airplay on GOOD MUSIC RADIO

Good Music Radio  December  21
Rob Benson  10:40 pm 12-29-2020

Rob Beson at 10:40 pm New York/Boston Time on December 29, 2020 Thank you @tiorr_2 @PeterCalo1 @RobBenson1102 @Only_rock_radio Here I NEED YOU on Spotify @spotifypodcasts @spotifycharts @Spotify #Spotify from #Underthewhisperingtree #America #NeilYoung


Monday, December 28, 2020

Somerville News Weekly Hotline 12-28-2020

Somerville News Weekly  Hotline 12-28-2020  

Medford news Weekly





The Beatles, Steve Keith, Kat Quinn, Mary Gatchell,  Barry Wilson, Cindy Latin



54 hours of film footage from the Let It Be movie now available on the underground railroad and nowhere else. Peter Jackson, whose film about World War 1 was amazing, especially for the post script on how Jackson resurrected so much damaged film. Here  Paul McCartney tells Howard Stern on the air that: “It is great,” a video floating out there on YouTube has a tremendous take on the song “Get Back.”  It’s a tease, for sure, but a good tease.   While Dylan and the Velvet Underground unload their vaults, the Beatles have been very precise, too precise, actually, with their catalog.    But hasn’t it occurred to McCartney, Jackson and Howard Stern that the rabid Beatles fan base would be happy to sit through all 54 hours…two and a quarter days…I mean, c’mon, what a festival that would be.


BARRY WILSON dot Org will lead you to a number of platforms where you can hear Wilson’s heartfelt and perfectly played music.  It’s his interpretation which is most stellar, just give a listen to the first track on the Willow Tree which I tuned in to on Spotify.   That leadoff track is an amazing reworking of the John Denver classic “Take Me Home, Country Roads.”  It’s uptempo and driving, only wish Denver were hear to give it a listen.


CINDY LATIN:  While you are on Spotify listen to a bit of a change in direction for Cindy Latin with “What Do I Do.”  Cindy’s elegant voice plays over marvelous instrumentation, adult pop with integrity in lyric, presentation and production.     


STEVE KEITH: From Cindy’s “What to Do” to Keith reinventing Tina Turner’s “What’s Love Got To Do With It.”  As interesting as Barry Wilson’s revival of a John Denver composition, Steve Keith’s always has great material.   It features   @therealmadamez on vocals and @turbomaus on guitars with Keith on production and all the other instruments.  One could do a complete radio show of just covers and re-explore the melodies and grooves that are still the soundtrack to our lives.


KAT QUINN writes us about her song “I Could Use a New New Year” - Let's celebrate this beautiful new beginning with  a brand new song, "I Could Use a New Year." Stream   and save it on Spotify, find it at Apple Music, or your favorite music platform.  I had fun making this with my dear friend, Pablo Sebastian :)   Also, I had the pleasure of writing and singing this song for a new lifetime trailer: New commercial featuring my song The Legend!! Had a blast making this one with @hvtchmusic! Huge thanks to @lifetimemovies for the great spot. Be sure to tune in for the Legends of a Lifetime!! (Song is currently unreleased)  …to which we say CONGRATS, Kat, with “The Legend.”  “I Could Use a New Year” is superb…cutesy 60’s pop that Lesley Gore would adore.


MARY GATCHELL: has her “You’ve Been On My Mind” on Spotify.  It made it’s way up on the platforms – Soundcloud, YouTube etc. a few Januarys back, but it is still so exciting and were I to put a music radio show together instead of my all-talk stuff on Friday nights on I would play all these songs in this column in a row.   World class music with stunning voices, production and that elusive intangible that makes you want to play ‘em all repeatedly.


Napua Davoy has Peter Calo (who has worked with Mary Gatchell) producing a political song which rocks like Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young’s “Ohio” from a different perspective, and a different time decades later.   Strong, powerful and effective.  Look up “A Liar” on YouTube by Napua Davoy  “I pour gasoline upon a fire/Pledge Allegiance to a liar…to a liar…”


Well the most truthful guy you’ll ever find is my dad and Peter Calo just worked with us on his album…49 years and four months in the making!   The legendary Rob Fraboni (Keith Richards, Stones, Bob Marley catalog, Dylan’s Planet Waves, Melissa Etheridge, Joe Cocker…on and on and on) mastered the CD  “My Way” by Salvatore B. Viglione.   Recorded in August of 1971 with more recordings in 1972 and a song engineered in 1986 by Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry’s drummer, Joe Pet in Medford, I’m amazed that the tapes held up for half a century… Listen to the song “Up in Maine” which dad wrote around 1960 and which we completed on December 8, 2020 at Wellspring Sound.  

Yes, that’s this writer around 9 years of age in the YouTube.


Well, spring into New Year’s this weekend… send your music to my e mail demodeal {@}  The Demo that Got the Deal radio show and CD series.    Next week we’ll discuss the new Bee Gees documentary film that north shore filmmaker Erik Taros worked on.  Erik was also involved in the recent Beatles’ film Eight Days A Week, he’s well known on the Boston scene.  We’re also working on CD reviews of Ricky Byrd (solo, of Joan Jett and the Blackhearts) and Paul McCartney III.


About 4:26 pm December 29, 2020 #Tuesday we thank you @ThamesVradio for airing Track #2 #SpaceandTime off of #Bostonrockandrollanthology21 Hear the album #HighwayofDreams on Spotify @ONErpm @PRRussellPhotos @WhiteLightArts


Thanks #BeyondDawnRadio @BeyondDawnRadio for interview with Brian Pitcher @BAudioscam It's another great one #Hendrix #Abba #Abbattack #RobinTrower #DeepPurple #Orleans #RandyBachman #TheGuessWho #TheWho #TheKinks #AustraliaRock #australia @coxalwaysrox @tiorr_2 @Only_rock_radio 

Around 5 am Boston time 12/29/2020 Track #15 on #Bostonrockandrollanthology21 #WalkThruFire aired on @ThamesVradio @PRRussellPhotos @WhiteLightArts @ONErpm @andypratt Hear the song on #Spotify @spotifypodcasts

Around 6:30 pm Boston time 12/29/2020 Track #15 on #Bostonrockandrollanthology21 #WalkThruFire aired on @ThamesVradio @PRRussellPhotos @WhiteLightArts @ONErpm @andypratt Hear the song on #Spotify @spotifypodcasts

DARE play-out mix, January 2021
showcasing the new Modern Studies EP on Fire records.


1 Texas and Wu-Tang ~ Hi (2020)

2 Outlaw Boogie ~ The Circle (2020)

3 The Chills ~ You’re Immortal (2020)

4 Rats On Rafts ~ Tokyo Music Experience (2020)

5 Modern Studies ~ Endless Song / EP: Life Flows In Endless Song (2020)

6 Modern Studies ~ Slow, Then Sudden / EP: Life Flows In Endless Song (2020)

7 Modern Studies ~ The Failing Light / EP: Life Flows In Endless Song (2020)

8 Grandbrothers ~ What We See (2021)

9 Tindersticks ~ You’ll Have To Scream Louder (2021)

10 K.Britz with Mystic Bowie ~ Kind (2020)

11 M Ward ~ You’ve Changed / ALBUM: Think Of Spring (2020)

12 Calexico featuring Bombino ~ Heart Of Downtown (2021)

13 Kathryn Williams and Carol Ann Duffy ~ Snow Angel (2020)

Dare - local radio for the Thames Valley (

Dare ~ playout mix No.39 (2021) by dare_hub | Mixcloud

 tHANKS for playing @ 7:15 pm Boston time 12/29/2020 #FastEddyandJoJo from Audioscam @baudioscam @spotifypodcasts @tiorr_2 Hear the song on #Spotify


Joe Viglione Lots of You in My Life Lonely Oak Radio / Chivea Brown / Wesrok / Zale

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