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Airplay June 30 2022 #SongoftheDay Dave Godbey Lonely Oak Radio, Joe Viglione Activate Media Going Track by Track with Rob Benson / TMRZoo

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For the People Review


by Joe Viglione


If you take the guitar riff from Santana's "Smooth" and shake it up in a blender with Edwyn Collins sublime "A Girl Like You," the result will be one of Mark Farner's best tracks since "Bad Time," a catchy pop tune he calls "Nadean" on what could be the Grand Funk lead singer's most important solo effort in the close to 30 years that he's been making music full-time without Mel Schacher and Don Brewer. The 11 songs on For the People contain more hits than misses, though, from the beautifully Hendrixian "Cry Baby" to the elegant and post-'80s-and-into-the-new-millennium "Girl." Sure the titles have been utilized by Garnet Mimms and the Beatles, respectively, but these are originals exuding the R&B that Farner is so enamored of, along with those pop sensibilities that he's totally capable of but has kept from his audience for much too long. The opening track, "For the People," has the same theme as the Rolling Stones "Sweet Neo Con" -- and keep in mind Mark Farner is a hardcore conservative. Perhaps it is sub-conscious Bush bashing beginning with "there's a ghost in the White House" borrowing the group Boston's "Rock & Roll Band" vibrations bubbling under words like "...but we no longer prosper" and "we can't even pay the interest on the money these idiots borrow...." Can't disagree with the sentiment but, just as it is wise not to talk politics or religion, Farner has done both. He makes up for it with "Symptoms," the real sleeper on this disc -- a song that will come up behind you and reveal true staying power.

Joe Viglione talks to Mark Farner

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Joe viglione  "Thought About You" from Boston Rock and Roll Anthology #21  on Varulven

There's Nothing Like a Hit - Count Viglione Song of the Day June 30 2022

There's Nothing Like a Hit

Life's work
Working on Life's Work II 

There's Nothing Like a Hit
Played this one at Great Woods (Comcast Center in Mansfield or something now)
The great Daphne' Armony on backing vocals  Joe Viglione songwriter, keyboards, vocals+

Jon Macey, Guitar 


Jimmy Miller was heading to Houston (House-ton St NYC)
we had appoints with the A & R's
Parker Meridien to Gramercy Park
What's the fastest way to get to the stars?

There's Nothing like a hit

Like a lottery watch out what you wish for
Tim Leary on his acid throne
Mike Tyson, Ted Williams, Eric Carmen
None of them had hits like Al Capone

(Alternate lyric:

Win the lottery watch out what you wish for
on the cover of the Rolling Stone
Ted Williams, Mike Tyson, Eric Carmen
None of them had hits like Al Capone )

There's Nothing like a Hit

Oooooh Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy
I gave you so  much and then you taught me so well
Ooohhh  Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy
Hits made you famous, hits sent you to hell

There's nothing like a hit

Tuesday, June 28, 2022

K Britz on Steve Garnett's New Music Radio / Dalia Davis on Cator Web Radio / Andrae Carter - Radio What - Don't Go Chasing Vanity / Salt Water Summers Count Viglione Classic Only Rock Radio

Sunday 12:48 AM airplay #June 26 2022 "Don't Go Chasing Vanity" @AndraeCarter @elihu_morris @zionrock @lanlordmusic @lil_hankypanky #JoeViglioneMedia @youtubemusic Song here: #FilmMusic #MusicSupervisors #WorldMusic #PopMusic @Goldmine_mag Thx RadioWhat


5:45 AM #June 28, 2022 #Tuesday @RobFraboni @KBRITZofficial @mysticbowie #JoeViglioneMedia thank you #SteveGarnett #NewMusicRadio playing "Kind" by K Britz @Lawrence @AriMelber @MSNBC @spotifypodcasts @recordmachine 

 9:49 PM #June 27, 2022 #Monday @DaliaDavisMusic @BirdMancini 11 1/2 from #BostonRockandRollAnthology21 Available @UB_Superstore UB Superstore 256 Cambridge St, Burlington, MA #JoeViglioneMedia @RobFraboni @KitotoLove @phillydmusic @TheComplaints @ProfThunderGod @musicconnection

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Monday, June 27, 2022

The Spin Room "I Wanna Cry" Tom Mich / "Forever's Are Tomorrow" 8:14 pm Dave Godbey and Carolyn Lee / There's Nothing Like a Hit / Ray Cepeda Alt Guitar Mix


8:24 pm #Monday #June 27 2022 Ray Cepeda overdubbed guitars (2005) aired on @TheSpinRoom00 There's Nothing Like a Hit alt. mix version debut on radio #JoeViglioneMedia #JonMacey w/Daphna Armonie @lspinna @DaveRagin @gregpaquette5 Thanks #BuzzyLinhart for adding Ray #JimmyMiller 

Tom Mich from the upcoming Demo That Got The Deal Vol 5 CD/Booklet 8:53 pm on The Spin Room, Monday June 27, 2022 Thank You Lou! #JoeViglioneMedia @TomMichJR1 @lspinna @TheSpinRoom00 @DaliaDavisMusic @3dJt3 followed by Darlin Dear @terrykathguitar @chicagotheband "I Wanna Cry"

Forever's Are Tomorrow @DaveRagin 8:14 pm #Monday June 27 2022 @lspinna @TheSpinRoom00 @gregpaquette5 #JoeViglioneMedia Dave Godbey with Carolyn Lee #MusicFilm #MusicSupervisors @mixcloud @Spotify Thurs June 6/23/22 single released Apple Tunes, YouTube, Prime Musice, Pandora, etc 

For those who like I Wanna Cry, Tom Mich @TomMichJR1 was in a duo called The Necessary Weevils and released Table Scraps. Rob Fraboni (Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton) remastered it for our Anthology 21. It's on YouTube @RobFraboni #JoeViglioneMedia #PopMusic 

Exquisite guitar in Absolute Crime (Ukraine mix) from #TheWorldinBlue #Musical #Play 10:30 pm Monday 6-27-22 on the Spin Room @gregpaquette5 @TheSpinRoom00 @TheSpinRoom00 "I'm looking at the world in blue" #Soundtrack #JoeViglioneMedia @3dJt3 @TomMichJR1 #LouSpinnazola #PopRock

Blackett Music /Salt Water Summers / Kind on Steve Garnett's New Music Radio - K Britz / Don't Go Chasing Vanity, Andrae Carter on Radio What / 11 1/2 Dalia Davis on Classic Only Rock Radio


Elevate: 21 Pop and Indie Gems from the Underground Review


by Richie Unterberger

  in keeping with the name of the label that issued the CD, whimsical. There are odd tracks here and there that stand out as worthier than most of their surroundings,


 Thank you, Frank. "There's Nothing Like a Hit" has the great Jon Macey on guitar (his band backed me up on this song at Great Woods, Macey's Parade, and they performed on their own material there as well.) So honored that the British label put the track on the Elevate compilation. Amazed that you found it. Song hit #1 when the Boston Phoenix had a chart way back when. Rossano Radio page with Facebook page here:



7:18 am #Monday #June 27 2022 Thanks for posting my photo #SaltWaterSummers the new release Hear on YouTube @youtubemusic #JoeViglioneMedia @3dJt3 @RadioRaccoon @lspinna #MusicSupervisors @DaveRagin @gregpaquette5 @SGSB_ROCKS #PopMusic

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5:20 PM #June 20 2022 #Monday Airplay for Andrae Carter @AndraeCarter @zionrock @lanlordmusic @lil_hankypanky Hear "In This World" on YouTube @youtubemusic Don't Go Chasing Vanity Thanks Airplay on Radio What

8:45 AM #June 3, 2022 #Friday @DaliaDavisMusic @musicconnection Eleven and a Half by Dalia Davis on #BostonRockandRollAnthology21 #JoeViglioneMedia @spotify Available @UB_Superstore 256 Cambridge St, Burlington, MA @tiorr_1 Thx Classic Only Rock Radio #Pop

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THERE'S NOTHING LIKE A HIT! on @wmfo WMFO June 27 2022 on Rossano Radio show, appears on British Elevate compilation as well. #JoeViglioneMedia
review here:
Elevate: 21 Pop and Indie Gems from the Underground Review by #RichieUnterberger @RichieParsons2

Marcy Chin on the Beam FM Live / Jourdan #Money @WBCARadio

  Jourdan #Money see review on @WBCARadio 102.9 fm Boston @zionrock @...