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Kind by K Britz, Proud Soul Heritage by Kitoto Sunshine Love, Bless Me Jah by IPD Green


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Going Track by Track with Rob Benson Produced by Peter Calo

 CD: The Story Never Ends

Artist: Rob Benson

Producer: Peter Calo


 We are going Track by Track with Rob Benson on

his 11 track CD, The Story Never Ends featuring
all new, original compositions by Rob


1)A Way About Her (3:35)
An uptempo country song is an interesting opener for
The Story Never Ends CD - what inspired this tune,
Rob, and why the choice for first song?

RB:I wanted to start the album with a rocker, start off strong. 
This is another song praising the girl in one's life. Highlighted by 
Mark Rivera on saxophone and Jerry Marotta on drums.

2)Hey There Moonlight  (4:07)
With elements of blues, and subtle influences
from Eric Clapton's rendition of J.J. Cale's "After
Midnight," even referencing the Cale title, a bit
more upbeat, we wonder what the lyrical inspiration
is, Rob?

RB: I wrote this song as a sort of symbolic reference to one's life. 
Using the sunlight and moonlight as metaphors to describe 
how great life can be, despite the ups and downs we go through. 
With Rob Paparozzi on harp, Jon Cobert on piano.

3)Don't Get Me Started (3:09)
With a re-focused direction from the previous
Under The Whispering Tree, and crystal-clear
sound from producer Peter Calo, it sounds
like the artist is painting the story of some
kind of conflict.  The music is beautiful,
Rob, how did this song come to be?

RB: I was having a bad day at work one day, 
which prompted me to begin complaining about the job in general. 
Whenever someone would ask me "what's going on" I would reply 
"don't get me started". Someone remarked that I should write a song 
with that title, and so the song was born. 
Again Mark Rivera on horns, Peter Calo with his incredible guitar work 
 and Jerry Marotta on drums. 

4)A Child's Hero   (3:35)
This song would be perfect for James Taylor,
especially how it goes back to Taylor's initial
days on the scene as a songwriter/singer. Did
you have James in mind?

RB: James Taylor was one of my heroes growing up. I wanted to be him so bad when I began writing songs. This is a tribute song from me to JT.

5)Top of the Hill  (3:46)
Rock, pure original country, and a drive
that is direct, a natural.  Who came up with
the diverse instrumentation and how did the
production develop?

RB: This is a song I wrote as part of a story I'm writing. I wanted to make it a country rock song, with a lot of lead guitar, for a dramatic effect. The musicians on this one did a great job, Jonny Dinklage on fiddle, Peter Calo on lead guitar and Jerry Marotta on drums. As usual Peter's production was amazing.

6)Girl I Love Your Smile  (3:12)
The pop that we heard on Under The Whispering Tree
is back in a big way.  It's glorious and memorable.
Who inspired this track, Rob?

RB: I wrote this for my girl Cheryl. I had the melody years ago and never was able to put it in song, but I finally found it. Powerful guitar by Peter, and Jerry Marotta on drums.

7)Amen   2:51
Mellow folk veering on pop ballad,
are there Gospel elements here or are
we made to feel Gospel as an undercurrent?
And what is the song's intent?

RB: This is just a simple love song, no religious undertones, just a big amen as a thank you. Jon Cobert on accordion and Jonny Dinklage on fiddle. 

8)For Himself    3:23
Love the use of the instrumentation
and drum shuffle.  Feels like a modernization
of Rick Nelson's successful singles from the 1960's

RB: This was a fun "sixties-ish" melody. Peter Calo did amazing guitar work as usual. Just a song about inner conflict and figuring things out on one's own.

9)Ballad of Johnny and Mary  (4:32)
The music again shines, in a different way from "For Himself,"
but with the same authority.  The guitar sound is mesmerizing.
Did you and Peter Calo come up with these musical themes?
So impressive.

RB: Thanks! I presented the song to Peter and he developed the great guitar sound and melody. And when Jerry added his drums and Mark added the horn sections it all came together in a great way. There is no Johnny And Mary, but I've known many "Johhny and Marys" if that makes any sense!

10)This Time (2:05)
Though country at heart, the genres slightly
move from folk to rock to neo-jazz on this
collection.  Was this intentional at the songwriting
stage or did it develop as the album was tracked?

RB: This song was a straightforward and short song, as a follow up to an old song of mine. Peter added his touch to the song to finish it off nicely. 

11)Lost in Nashville  4:13
What a terrific track to conclude the disc.
Did you write the first and eleventh tracks
with their placement in mind?   And what
is the heart of this song about?

Rob: After a trip to Nashville, I decided to write a song about my experience there, walking around the city. I wanted to end the album with a ballad, come in strong with A Way About Her and end on the soft side. 

Thanks again, Rob, for participating in our
Going Track by Track

    * I enjoyed watching this album come together with all these amazing musicians and of course Peter's superb production. Thank you for listening and for the interview!

 I hope everyone will give it a listen.

Rob Benson, Peter Calo Discuss CD Under the Whispering Tree on Joe Viglione's Going Track By Track

Interview with Rob Benson here:


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Transporter (Can't Wait to See You Smile" on The Spin Room / #Memorial Day Forever's Our Tomorrow #CarolynLee and #DaveGodbey

 "Gorgeous tune, great chords coming in" Lou Spinnazola 9:30 pm #MemorialDay #May 30 2022 Transporter (Can't Wait to See You Smile) #JoeViglioneMedia @lspinna @TheSpinRoom00 @RadioRaccoon @TomMichJR1 @3dJt3 @bjplattner @joeviglione @SoulHeritage1 @gregpaquette5 #TheSpinRoom #pop

9:35 pm Memorial Day #May30 2022 @DaveRagin @TheSpinRoom00 @lspinna @gregpaquette5 Forever's Our Tomorrow #CarolynLee and #DaveGodbey @gregpaquette5 @RadioRaccoon #ShelbyLynn #JoeViglioneMedia @3dJt3 @TomMichJR1 @DaliaDavisMusic @BirdMancini @BostonHeraldENT @BostonGlobeArts #pop   
New version of "Absolute Crime" by #GregPaquette @gregpaquette5 aired on #TheSpinRoom @ 10:35 pm #Monday #MemorialDay #May 30 2022 #JoeViglioneMedia @TheSpinRoom00 @lspinna @RadioRaccoon from #TheWorldinBlue @DaliaDavisMusic @BostonHeraldENT @BostonGlobeArts @mixcloud #RockOpera  

Boston Police Department warns community about drinks being drugged at local bars


Boston Police Department warns community about drinks being drugged at local bars  https://www.wcvb.com/article/boston-police-warning-drinks-being-drugged-bars/40145156#

Updated: 5:31 PM EDT May 30, 2022   

These types of drugs and substances can cause disorientation, confusion, temporary paralysis or unconsciousness, along with a host of other symptoms — leaving the potential victim vulnerable to the intentions of the perpetrator, according to police.

The community alert from Boston police comes a week after the Barnstable Police Department said it received multiple reports from people who thought they may have been drugged at bars in that Cape Cod community.

Earlier this month, 5 Investigates reported on the increase in reports of drugging in Massachusetts bars and nightclubs.

Boston police are encouraging people to look out for each other when gathered in social settings by creating a "buddy system" to prevent getting separated. In addition, people can take the following steps to ensure their personal safety:

  • Be sure that your drink is being served directly by the bartender or your server. Do not allow people you don’t know or trust to order drinks and deliver them to you.
  • Watch your drink at all times. Never leave your drink unattended.

Lou Spinnazola Returns 8 PM MIXCLOUD Memorial Day Monday May 30 2022

 It's Monday and we're back in a new place! Catch our Mixcloud debut at 8:00pm ET. @DaveRagin @lspinna @RadioRaccoon @gregpaquette5 @RobBens19461538 @PeterCalo1 @TheSpinRoom00 @DaliaDavisMusic @BirdMancini   

http://mixclooud.com/live/lspin Read about Lou here: https://thesomervillenewsweekly.blog/2022/05/23/a-talk-with-dj-lou-spinnazola-of-the-spin-room-hotline-to-the-underground-interviews-lou-spin/  

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Maverick: Don't Let the Girlfriend Fool Ya, Tom Cruise is Back, and he's looking for a new wing man!

  Don't Let the Girlfriend Fool Ya, Tom Cruise is Back, and he's looking for a new wing man!


The Sequel to Top Gun

An Evaluation by Joe Viglione


Tom Cruise, the film-making businessman, plays to his strengths in what is a quasi-Mission Impossible saga.  This critic has no idea who the enemy is that has some nuclear something somewhere that now-teacher Maverick (Tom Cruise) has to train his children to blast into oblivion. Vladmir Putin and Osama Bin Laden are not blamed for this, and it could be an alien entity taking over Iraq for all we know: the plot doesn’t depend on a known enemy…how strange is that?  


The original Top Gun was much too cutesy for me to ever sit through, and to this day I haven’t seen it beyond maybe ten minutes.  Unlike the Firm or A Few Good Men, which I watch repeatedly (great scripts, great direction) there’s always some mis-step in Cruise’s acting that drives me bonkers, you know, the cringe factor. The good news?  Maverick gets down to business so there are only a few blips of that (CF, cringe factor) in this, and that is probably due to Cruise’s maturity and how many films he’s actually appeared in…somewhere around 60 if you want to count all the credits on IMDB. Older and wiser, Tommy boy delivers a solid performance as Pete “Maverick” Mitchell, indeed, Cruise’s aging works to his benefit. 


Here’s the thing….what I took away from this film was how loud the fighter jets were and how old your great, great, great, great grandpa Ed Harris looks. If Harris’ appearance was a screentest for Grandpa Munster he wins, hands down.  Chilling in that it tells the older members of the audience (raising my hand now) how mortal we all are.  Jon Hamm looks every bit his 51 years in 2022 (but the film was probably made as far back as 2019, so he’d be 48 during the moviemaking)…and Hamm used to be a head-turner.


Where the hoopla over the original May 1986 release put images in your head even if you didn’t see the original Top Gun, which I sub-title Risky Business Goes to the Sky, this thirty-six year later sequel works best when the gang is intent on finding a solution to the problem of that nuclear arena some unknown entity is developing.   Do we really need to see Tom Cruise in a mindless love relationship?  It’s so pathetic and a distraction from a film’s true elements which are drawing massive crowds to  opening Memorial Day weekend: the fighter jets and the drama.


Now sixty-three year old Val Kilmer looks like half-way to Ed Harris, and the good-looking young student men learning from Maverick might as well be a bunch of Ken and Barbie dolls, their performances and their presence are nondescript, probably to keep Mr. Cruise front and center.  Maverick takes his students to volley-ball or something on the beach so they can get their shirts off, but Baywatch it is not.  Tom Cruise, get a clue, after jumping on Oprah’s couch declaring your alleged love for one of your alleged wives, your romantic scenes in ALL your motion pictures have taken a hit. Shirt off in the water, the image you still project is that of a jumping jack on Oprah’s couch. Stick to the airplanes, please.


Seventy-two year old Ed Harris was so cool as Wayne Tarrance in The Firm a mere twenty-nine years ago, but as an old fossil in this, he’s there more for curiosity sake.  The Mitch McDeere (Cruise) Wayne Torrance (Harris) mind-games were a key part of The Firm’s fun. At least they get to reunite here.  


For all his work in film Cruise is “only” worth about $600 million dollars…this critic thought it would be a billion by now!  Get the guy a good accountant.   But fear not, Maverick is already breaking records and will bring in a new haul for this quirky, head-scratching anomaly of a movie icon. 

The end result is that Maverick is a lot of entertainment with director Joseph Kosinski delivering exactly what movie-goers want in 2022.


Found on the web: Tom Cruise is reportedly earning $13 million upfront for the new 'Top Gun' sequel, but he could get tens of millions of dollars more in box office bonuses for meeting certain milestones


Rear Admiral: The end is inevitable, Maverick. Your kind is headed for extinction.

Maverick: Maybe so, sir. But not today.


He got that right when it comes to the box office. Pete "Mave

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May 26, 2022 Sunny Song of the Day Proud Soul Heritage on Revival Radio Station

Abracadabra presents: 

Sunny Song of the Day for May 26 2022 Hiphop Head Reaction... the Ron Carter Bobby Hebb live video https://youtu.be/vMyzycTxpzE  

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Sunny Song of the Day Gerardo Somodevilla

 Sunny Song of the Day May 25 2022, Gerardo Somodevilla Posted May 23 2022

at 3:45 this instrumental rendition of the Bobby Hebb classic has a charging guitar juxtaposed with smooth, mellow keys. It is both inspiring and entertaining. Joe Viglione 10:15 pm

https://youtu.be/ZQVvAy2i9Gs 97 subscribersGS Instrumental MusicGS Instrumental Music
SUBSCRIBE Gerardo Somodevilla
Sunny The Sunny song was composed by Mr. Bobby Hebb. It's an honor for me to play this song again after 50 years of leaving my country, I had the privilege of playing it again. With this song, I learned my first steps in music. My respects to Mr. Bobby Hebb for having written such a beautiful melody and lyrics. His work will forever be in the hearts of those who enjoy the taste for good music. The music is for sharing. Gerardo Somodevilla

A Del Fuegos reunion rewinds to the 1980s and the heyday of the Channel By James Sullivan Globe Correspondent


A Del Fuegos reunion rewinds to the 1980s and the heyday of the Channel

By James Sullivan Globe Correspondent,Updated May 23, 2022, 3:31 p.m.

“Part of it all was the idea of a community, that music is a galvanizing force,” says Dan Zanes, speaking in a separate phone conversation from his current home in Baltimore. “That’s the way it was in Boston.”

At a time when a terrible period of racial strife still lingered in Boston, the Channel was notable for its diverse programming, he says.

“In its own quiet way, it did a lot to build bridges. Like, yes, Roy Orbison and King Sunny [Adé] should be on the same stage in the same week.”   https://www.bostonglobe.com/2022/05/23/arts/del-fuegos-reunion-rewinds-1980s-heyday-channel/

Hard Rock Cafe


The Hard Rock Cafe brand was founded in 1971 in London, and become a global hospitality giant, with more than 250 locations, including hotels and casinos. The company is known more for decorating its venues with rock music memorabilia ― including musicians’ guitars and clothing ― than its food. Hard Rock claims to own “the world’s largest and most valuable collection of authentic music memorabilia,” with more than 86,000 items. Many of its locations also feature live music performances.

Before opening its 16,000-square-foot space on Clinton Street in 2007, the Hard Rock Cafe operated a restaurant in the Back Bay for 17 years. A spokesperson told the Boston Business Journal at the time that it wanted to move closer Faneuil Hall because the area drew more foot traffic and tourists.  https://www.bostonglobe.com/2022/05/24/business/hard-rock-cafe-near-faneuil-hall-close-june/

Tuesday, May 24, 2022

The Channel 42nd Anniversary Party Saturday Night May 28 8 pm.....


SAT MAY 28, 2022 - 8:00 PM
The Channel's 42nd Anniversary
featuring The Del Fuegos, The Nervous Eaters, and The Channel All Star Revue
Roadrunner, Boston, MA Ages: All Ages Roadrunner
89 Guest Street
Boston, MA 02135
SAT MAY 28, 2022 - 8:00 PM
Ages: All Ages
Doors Open: 7:00 PM
Door Price: $50.00

Joe Viglione Lots of You in My Life Lonely Oak Radio / Chivea Brown / Wesrok / Zale

  Thx #LonelyOakRadio for daily spins of Lots of You in My Life https://youtu.be/jcUbdFkYNS8?list=OLAK5uy_nev7IVt7H5sWILpY4UJaSMq9A97aBD6Jc...