Tuesday, December 11, 2012

December 2012 listings including up to 12/31

Thu 12/13 $6 Plectrum Entertainment Presents  
JVD & the Backporch Smokers (11)
 Born out of one lustful November night between a bottle of Jack Daniels and a pack of Camels, JVD and the Backporch Smokers began their mission of providing raw, honest rock and roll to a thirsty Boston music scene in 2009. They forsake technicality and perfection for tenacity and passion, providing a live show that provokes bodies to move and hearts to ache.

Singer-songwriter Showcase (8); featuring 
Kevin Blaine
kevinblaine.bandcamp.com to stream some tunes. 
Folks can also pick up a few three song sampler at www.noisetrade.com/kevinblaine.
Kevin Blaine's debut record, Reasons to Try Again, is both scrapbook and pool party. He invites you to experience honest and heartfelt musings about love, home, and faith in songs infused with energy and life. Kevin's music stands out for its engaging melodies, eclectic instrumentation, and honest lyrics that pair struggle with hopeful optimism. His live performances feature an artist whose contagious energy invites audiences to laugh, sing along, and make a few memories along the way.

Brian Foye

 A young, inspiring acoustic guitar player, Brian Foye has released his first independent CD titled ‘Rough Draft.’ Originally from the small town of Lowell, Massachusetts, near Boston, Brian is here in Washington studying creative writing. In his music, Brian sticks to the simple essentials of music: a voice, an instrument, and writing from the heart. His lyrics, demonstrated in such songs as ‘Lake Side Night’ and ‘The Storm’ are songs about living in the now, building off the past, and dreaming of the future, all encompassed around the theme of love. You can check out his music at http://soundcloud.com/brian-foye


Steph Barrak 

Steph Barrak is an independent singer/songwriter based out of Boston, MA. Her songs are melodically and lyrically driven, often incorporating elements of folk, country, and pop. Recently, Steph teamed up with local record producer, Mike Davidson, and spent the last two years recording her debut album, Words To Break Your Heart. She plans to release the album in early 2013.
Steph’s urge to write began at a young age and she often cites Freddie Mercury of Queen as her biggest inspiration. She began performing live at college open mics in 2006 and very quickly started headlining shows of her own. Since then, Steph has played over 50 shows at several notable venues, including The Knitting Factory in NYC, and has shared the stage with acts like Jenny Owen Youngs. Steph’s voice has often been compared to that of Suzanne Vega’s and her sound can be described as indie rock meets folk-pop.


Fri 12/14 $8 The Sift (11); The American Symphony of Soul (10); The Casual (9). 
Sat 12/15 $8 The Liz Bordon Band Holiday Party The Syphlloids (12)l The Liz Bordon Band (11); Sugar Coma (10). 
Thu 12/20 $6 Lo & Behold (10); Mike Yarsky (9); Charlotte Bash (8). 
Fri 12/21 $8 TBA. 
Thu 12/27 $6 Central Square Jazz Festival The Rollo Tomasi Quartet (9); The June Trio (8)
Sat 12/29 $8 Psycho (11); Martyrdor (10); Death God Messiah (9). 
Mon 12/31 $10 

 New Year's Eve Show  
The Reactive (11) 

Slapback (9). 

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