Saturday, July 31, 2021

wmwm WHAT'S HAPPENING RADIO with Bob Nelson, July 31, 2021 Saturday


What I played today--podcast up soon What's Happening Sat July 31, 12-3 pm WMWM FM 91.7 and TuneIn Bob Nelson

MFSB w/ Three Degrees--TSOP The Sound of Philadelphia (extended)
Violent Femmes--Do You Really Want to Hurt Me
Eddie Cantor--Merrily We Roll Along (Looney Tunes music)
Kid Gulliver--I Started a Joke
Johnny Juxo--Get Off My Lawn
Quest for Tuna--She Can't Surf But She Sure Can Bowl

Dave Godbey The Ragin' Contagion--Adulting/ I Hope You Click Send/ Advise and Resent

David Ruffin--My Whole World Ended (The Moment You Left Me)--mosogotam remix
Weird Al Yankovic--Mr Popeil (RIP Ron Popeil)
Mike Douglas--What Is a Square
The Peppermint Kicks--Hey Fanzine/ Strawberry Girls/ Johnny D's (Play It Again)

(Boston R&R Anth 21) Tom Mich--Table Scraps
(Boston R&R Anth 21) Pamela Ruby Russell--Walk Through Fire

Arthur Nasson--Superman
The Damned--Under the Floor Again
Brett Somers--Queen of Match Game
Fantastic Plastic Machines--Theme of Luxury
Let's Active--Room With a View
GA-20--It's Alright/ Phillips Goes Bananas
Stompers--One Heart for Sale
Traveling Wilburys--Inside Out
Richard X Heyman--Tell Me When
Beatles (Esher demos)--Child of Nature (Jealous Guy)/Ob La Di Ob la Di/ Polythene Pam

Sal Viglione--Up In Maine

Billy Dean--Theme From Wild West C.O.W.Boys of Moo Mesa
Ilene Springer--Hippie in Disguise
Van Morrison--Bright Side of the Road/ Why Are You On Facebook
Alan Parsons--Don't Answer Me

Kenny Selcer--I'm Leaving This Town/ Tears

America--Today's The Day
Frank Zappa--Any Way the Wind Blows/ Let's Make the Water Turn Black

IPD Green--Bless Me Jah
1:26 PM Jul 30, 2021 #fridaymorning Bless Me Jah by @IPDKg Thank you @zionrock @rranimaltour  

Blues Brothers 2000--Perry Mason Theme (Park Avenue Beat)

Aretha Franklin (Blues Bros 2000)--Respect

Style Council--My Ever Changing Moods

August 14 8pm Warwick Cinema Marblehead, MA Presents The Music of Carly Simon performed by Peter Calo and Anne Carpenter

 Saturday August 14 8pm 

Warwick Cinema Theater at the Beacon Marblehead, MA
The Music of Carly Simon 
performed by 
Peter Calo and Anne Carpenter
With special guests
Dawn Derow(MAC award Winner) and 
Henley Douglas (Heavy Metal Horns)
Reserve your Tickets now
Seating is limited
Carly Simon created some of the most endearing and lasting music of our time. 
Anne Carpenter and Peter Calo along with Dawn Derow visit her immense library of music.
Performing classics as well as deep tracks alike. 
Join Anne and Peter for an intimate and informal evening of great music. 
We will also do some songs by Paul Simon, Joni Mitchell and James Taylor.
Join in song!
You’re So Vain - Anticipation – 
That’s The Way I always Heard it should Be – 
You Belong to Me – 
Nobody Does It Better 
And so much more.

         Peter Calo has been Carly Simon’s guitar player and backing vocalist, 
musical director and occasional producer and even song collaborator for the last 20 plus years.

“Peter Calo is the musician you meet early in your career and all of a sudden you’re 70 years old 
and you’re lucky enough to still be playing and writing with him. 
This album shows his ability to merge styles and introduce new structures and harmonies 
with himself singing lead vocals. Always an inspiration and always quite surprising.
Life sure does shine bright on an ordinary day!! Oh, wait a second, I think he wrote that!!”
Carly Simon
[Peter is ]"one of the most engaging performers in the biz" 
"Time Out" London

Peter Calo has performed and/or recorded with such diverse artists as, Dionne Warwick, Queen Latifah, Willie Nelson, Hall and Oates, Sophie B. Hawkins, Andrea Bocelli, Jimmy Webb, Kris Kristofferson, Leonard Bernstein, Marc Shaiman, Julie Taymor, Lesley Gore, Crash Test Dummies, Harvey Fierstein and more. 
Anne Carpenter, is a bright star on the Westchester music scene. Anne, a singer/songwriter who has had her songs recorded by such artists as Sloan Wainwright. Anne has been performing as a duo with Peter Calo for the past three and a half years (including virtually during the past year) presenting the music of artists such as Joni Mitchell, Carly Simon, Paul Simon and James Taylor. Anne just wrapped up her first solo photography show in her hometown.  Get a glimpse of what Anne is up to and find her on social media through her website:

Saturday July 31 2021 Table Scraps Tom Mich 1:05 pm WMWM Dave Godbey Adulting WMWM

 Up in Maine 1:59 pm July 31, 2021 #Saturday Pamela Ruby Russell and #SalViglione Bob Nelson quote "catchy tune there called Up In Maine" @petercalo as well as Walk Thru Fire 1:30 pm on @WMWMSalem @RadioRaccoon @RadioRaccoon @whats_radio #MYWAY CD #Musicsupervisors @WhiteLightArts  

WMWM Salem plays @TomMichJR1 Tom Mich #TableScraps @WMWMSalem @RadioRaccoon @WhiteLightArts #BostonRockandRollAnthology21 @whats_radio #MusicSupervisor  

I Hope You Click Send, Advise and Resent 12:30 pm WMWM Salem and Everybody Has a Story on #LonelyOakRadio 11:30 am #SaturdayMotivation 7/31/21 @DaveRagin Adulting from Dave Godbey's Ragin' Contagin on WMWM @RadioRaccoon thanks @gregpaquette5 Listen to @whats_radio @WMWMSalem

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Friday July 30 2021 Dave Godbey on ACTIVATEMEDIA.ORG 8-9:05 pm

 Everybody Has a Story, the last and the title track on @DaveRagin new CD. Thanks @Activate_Media #PatWilson for the journey through this well thought-out #recordalbum @RadioRaccoon Thanks #BobNelson @WMWMSalem 9 pm July 30, 2021 #FridayMotivation

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Club Bohemia and Cantab Posters


11:12 pm 7 /28/21 Thanks #LonelyOakRadio Ragin Contagin on BTD Radio Interviews @tdawn1 @BeyondDawnRadio @DaveRagin #TVFilmMusic #MusicFilm #Soundtracks @MDFilmOffice
11:12 pm 7 /28/21 Thanks #LonelyOakRadio Ragin Contagin on BTD Radio Interviews @tdawn1 @BeyondDawnRadio @DaveRagin #TVFilmMusic #MusicFilm #Soundtracks @MDFilmOffice  

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Wednesday July 28 2021 Ragin' Contagin on Lonely Oak Radio

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Lonley Oak Radio July 27 2021 Dave Godbey's Ragin Contagin Mark Skin Radio Greg Paquette Lonely Oak Radio The Spin Room Super CFL

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Marcy Chin on the Beam FM Live / Jourdan #Money @WBCARadio

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