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Robert Barry Francos writes about the Boston Rock and Roll Anthology Chapter #21

The Boston Rock & Roll Anthology Chapter 21
Valrulven /
Joe Viglione has been putting out compilation albums, generally for bands coming out of the Boston/New England area (although this one is more far reaching), for decades, in various forms, such as his Anthology and The Demos that Got the Deal series. And with this, his documenting rock’n’roll history continues. The 21 tracks start off with heavy rocking duo (guitar and drums) 3D that originated in the 1980s (not to be confused with New York’s 3-D from the same period), with the anti-drug song, “Anything But Peace.” Pamela Ruby Russell’s first cut, “Space and Time,” has almost a hymnal tone with a military-paced back beat that works together beautifully. Her voice is sweet and the overdubbing with itself works, to give it a powerful punch; her second cut shows off her voice even more. Here she has a Judy Collins intonation, which really operates for her. The production is also quite enjoyable, being full without feeling over-kneaded. Working with the likes of Peter Calo and Andy Pratt certainly give her an extra zing. Karmacar – Heidi Jo Hines and Nico’s “As It Is” has a bit of a 1970s New Agey feel to it, though I believe it would have been stronger without the self-overdubbing and just let Heidi’s voice be by itself; their other cut on the CD, “Who’s Foolin’ Who?”, gives a better example of her voice, and is superior of the two, with a catchy melody and improves on the catchy harmonies. On a more esoteric note is the next two cuts – “Downtime” by the Complaints and “Faraday” by Phil DaRosa – which use a bit more electronica to posit their songs, especially the latter, which is kind of long in the tooth at nearly 6 minutes. The former has a mild Beatleseque tone. Kitoto Sunshine Love spreads the smooth ‘70s soul sound in the beautiful “Proud Soul Heritage.” Worth checking out; her second track, “Love You,” is equally as strong and arguably shows off her voice even more than the first cut, which was thoroughly enjoyable. Yeah, I would buy an album by her. Fittingly, Slapback follows with its lite funk “Guardian Angel (Radio Mix)” that is cheerful and fluffy in a good way. Hard rockers Empty County Band have been reviewed on this blog before. Their first track, “Until the End,” is a slow grinder and burner, but the vocals need to be a bit more up front in the mix; “Skeptical” is much stronger all around and a better listen, but both are good. Joe Black leads a guitar-centric metal group that wails with “Blackenstein.” If you like the guitar god sound, this mostly instrumental screamer is for you; for “Monster,” Black is joined on vocals by Jeffrey Baker. This cut is a more traditional rocker that switches between slow burner to a wild ride, which should please any metalhead. The lyrics are a bit silly (especially the chorus), but the guitar makes up for it. Tom Mitch, Jr.’s soulful “Table Scraps” reminds me a bit of Joe Tex, which is a compliment. Harmonious pop rockers Greg Walsh’s New Ghosts presents “Counting Down to Zero (From 1),” which has a late ‘60s sound mixed with early ‘80s echoey production styles. Mad Painter’s exuberant “The Letter” (not to be confused with the Box Tops song) has a bit of a Mod sound mixed with Ian Whitcomb’s bounciness, especially in Alex Gitlan’s vocals. As a note, a personal fave of mine from the Boston scene, my pal Kenne Highland, plays bass. Next up – and rightfully so – is a cut by the man himself, Joe Viglione, with his original “Thought About You.” Backed up by Jay and Scott Couper (who played with Denny Laine in the ‘80s), Joe presents one of the better songs I’ve heard from him in a while (and I like his stuff). It’s light without being sophomoric, and has a harmonious catch that could easily play on the radio and have people singing the chorus with him. Following is Boston musical veteran Dalia Davis, with “Eleven and a Half.” Reminding me of Harriet Shock here, Davis shines in a song about reminiscences. Fire in the Field’s “Bossman,” has a bit of an ‘80s rock sound that works, but somewhat harmless and generic, with harmonies and a cowbell sound. Concluding is “The Ballad of the Rock Star,” by Matty O’. This is a nice way to end, with a smooth Irish rock sound that fits well into the collection. Matty gets a couple of opportunities to show off his voice, which is appealing. Overall? This is a pretty damn decent collection of different styles, from singer-songwriter to heavy metal wailing, and it all works together. You can tell Viglione worked hard on the order of presentation of the songs, and he has a nice flow going so there isn’t an equivalent of a film’s jump cut. Everything flows pretty smoothly, and as a collection, it all meshes well.



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CD Reviews: November 2020

Dalia Davis
Keep a Clean Engine
Teal Power Records /
Davis is a Boston-area veteran singer-songwriter who has released this collection of mostly original multi-genre tunes. When she sings, what she brings up to me is the solo singers from Britain during the 1960s, like Celia Black, Lulu, and a bit of Dusty Springfield. This is especially true for her cover of the standard, “When Sunny Gets Blue,” which is a highlight here, with its lite jazz tones. For some reason, this comes across to me, especially on the bridges. Speaking of which, one of my fave cuts is “Beatles Bridges,” which is exactly what it claims to be, a bunch of bridges from Beatles classics into a bluesy, mostly cohesive song, even though the content is all over the emotional map. She starts of strong with “The Power of One,” sliding into the gospel-tinged “Don’t Give Up the Fight.” The harmony vocals enhance the sounds nicely as they are right up front, often equal to Davis. The title track is a nice, almost Jacque Brel-ish type melody that swirls around the sound, without going dark. Another highlight is the gospel and doo-wop infused “Wash Away.”


Jack Phillips
Night and Day
Magnolia Group Records
Jack has a nice musical sound that is somewhere between Billy Joel and Elton John, as in the opening original “I Love New York,” mixed with a bit of New Orleans jazz, especially on the likes of “The Old Grey Hat,” and maybe even some soft Southern Rock with “No One’s Home.” The second half of the CD (aka “the flip side”) is mostly jazz/standard sounding, such as “Let’s Drink to Us” and “Take Them to Manhattan.” A more commercial rockin’ sound is given in “No More Waitin’,” one of the better cuts here. The album concludes with a I-IV-V instrumental that relies on a ragin’ guitar by Caleb Quaye on “Down in the Jungle Room” (assuming that’s a Graceland reference). Phillips’ voice is a bit rough at times, but it is unique and actually works really well with the styles he brings forward, which I would say is a highly boogie, almost Cajun-focused sound, with a deep southern tone. It’s an enjoyable listen, especially when he gets his soft jazz boots on.


Joe Viglione takes Another Look at the Jimi Hendrix Haleakala Center Recordings


Jimi Hendrix   Live Maui

 Joe Viglione takes Another Look at the Haleakala Center Recordings


 The dreamworld that was the collection of films and bootlegs of Jimi Hendrix at Rainbow Bridge, including a Reprise records album (Original Motion Picture Sound Track From Rainbow Bridge) back in the 1970s, are for the many Hendrix collectors as exciting and difficult as figuring out the philosophical maze presented by the film The Matrix.


Jeff Slate’s excellent writing in his liner notes helps put the spider web of information into a proper context.  I cannot stress enough the accurate business model Experience Hendrix has built in keeping all-things Jimi compact and easy to identify.  The booklet that accompanies this new Legacy/Sony release has pictures galore - the above referenced narrative as well as John McDermott’s technical notes.   It’s something that is very helpful for those who have joined Hendrix groups on the internet, read the ever-evolving Wikipedia, or taken dives into the more maddening perpetually changing histories on YouTube, eBay and elsewhere.


“Dolly Dagger” goes into “Villanova Junction” on the late show and hearing the splendid performances again always enlightens and inspires writing, stirs up thoughts or – perhaps – gives one an urge to pick up the guitar and start making your own noise.  Entitled “Instrumental” on the now out-of-print British release - Jimi Hendrix The Rainbow Bridge Concert – this appealing music from the Hawaii taping has always been one of my favorite Hendrix live shows.  From the bootleg I purchased when I was 17 or 18 years of age to the Rainbow Bridge VHS and other anomalies, the sounds created by this combo of Band of Gypsys (Billy Cox) and Jimi Hendrix Experience (Mitch Mitchell) backing Jimi’s amazing tonal quality and instrumental story telling is pure symphonic rock. Symphonic with only three people.  The Jimi Hendrix Experience of 1970.


      July 30th 1970 is the actual date and a very intriguing “Jam Back at the House” is nearly nine minutes of this elaborate rock bordering on jazz/blues fusion.  While “In From the Storm” from the earlier show bites harder.  “Purple Haze” as mesmerizing fuzz tone ascending while “Message to Love” showed an evolution from the Band of Gypsy’s album recorded one half a year earlier. The two shows from Maui have their own personalities and discs one and two deliver the goods. To quote Slate’s liners the music you encounter is “…unlike any of their many concerts circulating both officially and unofficially.” 


With decades of listening to these sounds on those official and unofficial releases, there’s no argument here.  


Rainbow Bridge or Live in Maui or Hendrix/Mitchell/Cox, whatever you choose to call it, has “streamed” on our consciousness for decades, coming out in bits and pieces and standing out as a primary, essential look at Jimi Hendrix, not just in concert, but creating his art in a splendid and most compelling way.


Just as I have essayed on Goat’s Head Soup with various perspectives, the Maui tapes of this version of the Jimi Hendrix Experience, coupled with the Stones’ Goat’s Head Soup release are two of the key gems of the year 2020.  And what kind of statement does that make about seven billion or so people currently on this planet unable to capture anything close to what the 60’s and 70’s gave us?


Package is elaborate with a Blu Ray and a cover that extends out five ways from Sunday. Very nice.





Mickey Bliss's FIRST RECORD REVIEW EVER! THE ACE OF HEARTS STORY Mickey says "Another Rick Harte Masterpiece"

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"Another Rick Harte Masterpiece"
Mickey Bliss in his review of Ace of Hearts Story 

Legendary Mickey Bliss has written his first record review...we received it in the mail today see, Mickey does NOT use a computer.

"A keyboard? How quaint!" 

Mr. Scott / Star Trek engineer in The Voyage Home

the founder of Club Bohemia is also the club DJ and his playlist is chock full of Lyres and The Real requested a review and it is...


Half of Darth Vader is Dead File under: HALF VADER



RIP David Prouse, Darth Vader

Dave Prowse, actor who played Darth Vader, dies at 85

By Jill Lawless, Associated Press | Posted - Nov. 29, 2020 at 8:35 p.m.

LONDON (AP) — Dave Prowse, the British weightlifter-turned-actor who was the body, though not the voice, of arch-villain Darth Vader in the original "Star Wars" trilogy, has died. He was 85.

Prowse died Saturday after a short illness, his agent Thomas Bowington said Sunday.

Born in Bristol, southwest England, in 1935, Prowse was a three-time British weightlifting champion and represented England in weightlifting at the 1962 Commonwealth Games before breaking into movies with roles that emphasized his commanding size, including Frankenstein's monster in a pair of Hammer Studios horror films.

Director George Lucas saw Prowse in a small part in "A Clockwork Orange" and asked the 6-foot-6-inch (almost 2-meter) actor to audition for the villainous Vader or the Wookie Chewbacca in "Star Wars."

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Jimi Hendrix Rainbow Bridge - Officially Under Experience Hendrix Umbrella....Joe Viglione Reviews Rainbow Bridge...


The legacy of the Rainbow Bridge concerts is stunning on many levels.  This has always been one of my favorite of Hendrix's live shows, if not all of his recordings, and that intensity remains as the Hendrix estate releases their official document.

See video

The tonal quality on Jimi's guitar on the Reprise strange Rainbow Bridge film "soundtrack" is amazing and delightful

Yellow Vinyl Original 1970s boot, amazing label

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Here's the original monologue from the rare Chuck Wein psychedelic film, "Rainbow Bride" followed by the Experience Makers in a concert montage of some highlights from the 1987 concert at Pali Gap. Music is bridge we build when communicating selfless with each other in the universal vibration that is sound. Hendrix captured better than anyone else in the business during his life. We are working hard in Transference to bring that back for the people to chew into and enjoy!

I may still have this tape, somewhere in my archives

Good viewing cassette. Private collection item with good viewback quality. UBER RARE Video Tape Network art box sleeve, COMPLETE & UNCUT. Hard to find rare video collectible. 

Uber Rare VIDEO TAPE NETWORK edition, released about 1978. 49 minutes. The distributor label, VIDEO TAPE NETWORK was started by one of the geniuses behind the classic comedy satire, starring Chevy Chase, "The Groove Tube" (1974). John Lollos, a former NBC producer, started VTN as an entertainment provider of "closed-circuit tours on college campuses of Reefer Madness, rock concerts (like Jimi Hendrix, Cream and Jim Croce) and independent documentaries under the tagline "Television that won't rot your mind." The company's life was short lived, as it got pounded by the big studios and networks and their "need for greed" by 1984, and went out of business.

The Early Show
1-1Lover Man2:33
1-2Hey Baby (New Rising Sun)4:36
1-3In From The Storm4:59
1-4Message To Love4:52
1-5Foxy Lady4:45
1-6Hear My Train A Comin’9:08
1-7Voodoo Chile (Slight Return)7:17
1-9Purple Haze4:35

The Late Show
2-1Dolly Dagger5:09
2-3Ezy Rider4:54
2-4Red House6:47
2-6Jam Back At The House7:00
2-7Land Of The New Rising Sun4:47

Said to be a limited edition, this was only released in the UK. This is said to consist of the complete Rainbow Bridge shows. The sound is better then bootleg quality, but not quite up to a regular live album. The playing has some really interesting moments, but over all is on the sloppy side. Songs include Hey Baby, In From The Storm, Foxy lady, Dolly Dagger, Red House, Freedom, Purple Haze & more. Purple Haze UK 001.

Sat Nov 28, 2020 12 pm - 3 pm Raccoon Bob Nelson Hosts WHAT'S HAPPENING RADIO

 What's Happening--Bob Nelson (Aaron on assignment)

WMWM Salem MA Sat Nov 28, 2020 12-3 pm

Foxes and Peppers--AA Knift/ Suit Up 2018
Amplifier Heads (Sal Baglio)--Funhouse Mirrors
Johnny Angel and the Halos--Street Corner Serenade
Classic Ruins--Forget About It
George Harrison--All Things Must Pass 2020 Remix
Neon Gypsy--Fifth Dimension

Rita Pavone--Try It and See
Kate Bush--December WIll Be Magic Again
Brad Marino--At Night
Dalia Davis--Moving Day
Jack Phillips--I Love New York/ Raging Down on Me

Kate Eppers & Brian Murphy--O Come All Ye Faithful
Benny Grunch and the Bunch--12 Yats of Christmas

Lou Christie--Rhapsody in the Rain
Angelo Badalamenti (Twin Peaks Season 2)--High School Swing
Muck and the Mires--She Blocked My Number

    Rockower--Sometimes It Rhymes 
Greg Walsh--June Gloom
Dan Devlin--Hourglass

Waterboys--Whole of the Moon
Blues Bones--Going Down
Joel Jerome--Chasing
November Group--Shake It Off

Brooks Williams--Frenzy at the Feeder (at home version)
John Lennon (D Fantasy Stripped Down)--Beautiful Boy
Pat Williams-- Theme From Bob Newhart (Home to Emily)
Charlie Musselwhite & Elvin Bishop--Birds of a Feather/If I Should Have Bad Luck
Foxes and Peppers--Foxes and Peppers' Christmas List
Paul McCartney--Ballroom Dancing
Stompers--Never Tell an Angel
Ratboys--Everybody Loves the Ramones
Ramones--Pet Sematery
Negativland--My Favorite Things

Blues Brothers 2000: Aretha Franklin--Respect; Blues Traveler--Maybe I'm Wrong
Ali--Theme From Beastars (Wild Side)
Don Spencer--Theme From Fireball XL 5
Kerry Kearney--Mississippi River Stomp
Mike Browning--We're Hanging Out
Shemekia Copeland--Give God the Blues

Pamela Ruby Russell WALK THRU FIRE 2:45 pm 11/28-2020


Joe Viglione
Thank you Walk Through Fire Track #15 on Boston Rock and Roll Anthology 2:45 pm 11/28/2020

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