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Album of the Day MAD PAINTER Monday 9-23-19

Mad Painter is an amazing album.  It is post-punk psychedelia meets Beatle-esque magic, clever compositions that have a intriguing originality despite drawing upon so many influences in a textured rug tapestry of delightful audio.  Track 3 emphasizes this position, "Soldier Boy," taking Jim Morrison's "Unknown Soldier" and merging it with a march through the land of Oz.  Eerie and compelling all at the same time.  "Beware of the Dream" has flavors of Ken Hensley's "Easy Livin' " from Uriah Heep

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Track list:

1. Barely Alive 0:00

2. Ain't No Use in Hanging On 2:56

3. Soldier Boy 7:06

4. Mad Painter 12:25

5. Never Mind 16:50

6. Smile 22:46

7. Beware of the Dream 26:53

8. Goodbye 31:29

9. Letter 35:13

10. Gone Gone Gone 38:08

Check out our playlist, with separate videos for each song:

Mad Painter is a new rock group in the Boston area. Deeply rooted in the rock tradition of the 1970s, the influences range from heavy melodic rock to classy pop and classic British rock and roll.

Album personnel:

Alex Gitlin (vocals, keyboards)
Curt Cornell (guitar, production, tracks 1-9)
John Geary (bass, tracks 1-9)
Evo Ivaylo Ivanov (drums, tracks 1-9)
Ross Jackson (drums, bass, guitar, production on "Gone Gone Gone")

Current lineup:

Alex Gitlin (vocals, keyboards)
Flynn Young (drums)
Kenne Highland (bass, backing vocals)
Paul Miller (guitar)

Recorded from 2015 - July 2017.

Album art by Jay Pearson.

Saturday, September 21, 2019

Thursday, September 19, 2019

Boston Beatles Tribute - Low Budget Records!

The second Beatles tribute album from Lowbudget Records! 

In 2009 Lowbudget Records released their first 19 songs of the Beatles titled after John Lennon's "Across the Universe," a song which had a "rare" version floating around with birds wings fluttering, if memory serves.  The 2009 first release has the blue cover.
In 2019, a decade later, Across the Universe II - Another Lowbudget Tribute to the Beatles comes disguised as "the White Album," and it is even more tremendous with the advertised "42 songs, 2 1/2 hours, 2 -CD set or high resolution DVD.  Wow.

The second Beatles tribute album from Lowbudget Records!
The Unknowns / Yucca Flats and The Feral Cats / Bird Mancini / Doctor X / Glenn Williams / Lauren Passarelli / Kingdom Of Love / Chuck U. & Urban Ambience / HeartSoulVoice Ensemble / Kenny Selcer / Louder Than Milk / Vaughan Gybbon / Random Access Memory / Top Johnny / The Trap Dorz / Ed Morneau & Keira Flynn-Carson / Paul McDonough & Sean Yadisernia / Jennifer Lewis Bennett Dalia Davis / The Junk Dealers / SEE THIS WORLD / Mr. Curt / Yoni Gordon / Terry Kitchen / T Max / Cliff Tetle / The Lowbudget Allstars
42 songs, 2 1/2 hours.
Available as a 2-CD set, a high resolution DVD (compatible with all players), or downloads (MP3s, 24-bit stereo WAVs, 24-bit surround-sound FLACs.)

Physical discs (CDs and DVDs) can only be shipped to the continental US due to high shipping costs and lack of tracking. We recommend that our overseas customers who desire a CD download the 24-bit stereo files; you can then burn a CD with them and be listening to the album in a half an hour.

Please note that orders for physical media (CDs or DVDs) include an immediate MP3 download via email (expiring in 48 hours) for your convenience and immediate gratification.
Also please note that the album is rather large, so we've split it into two separate downloads for the 24-bit stereo WAVs and the 24-bit Quad FLACs.


Joe Viglione Reviews BOSTON DOES THE BEATLES for

AllMusic Review by  [-]

This enormous project was coordinated by the crew who would go on to do a single-disc tribute to Mick and Keith entitled Boston Gets Stoned but, where that album was inconsistent, the 31 tracks here make for a cohesive unit and compelling history of Boston music circa 1988. In his usual deranged fashion, A.J.Wachtel, cousin of guitarist Waddy Wachtel, allegedly lined a hundred bands up for this (same as with Boston Gets Stoned) -- an admirable but implausible goal. Michail Glassman and the late Mickey O'Halloran pulled the reins in on A.J. and, in doing so, helped to realize important versions of Beatles tunes by some Boston artists who obtained major-label deals at different points in time. Berlin Airlift's "Eleanor Rigby" is stunning, and one of their finest moments; Girls Night Out vocalist Didi Stewart, herself a former Kirshner/CBS recording artist, delivers a wonderful "You're Gonna Lose That Guy," changing the gender. Barry Cowsill of the legendary Rhode Island band the Cowsills was making the scene in the late '80s, and he contributes "Everybody's Got Something to Hide Except for Me and My Monkey." Powerglide delivers a pretty good "Revolution," but their mainstream leanings make them a little out of place here, and not as hip as the Barry Cowsill madness that follows them. There is so much activity covering the songs of Lennon, McCartney, and Harrison that the novelty can wear off. All This and World War II, music executive Russ Regan's vision for a double-LP compilation of major acts performing songs of the Beatles, and Brad Delp, lead vocalist from the band Boston, who tours the region with the Beatles cover band Beatlejuice when he's not performing with Tom Scholz, provide two examples of the success that can be achieved when emulating this popular music. This collection on an obscure and tiny Boston record label actually deserves a place in history as one of the better Beatles collections. Sure, One Four Five isn't Aerosmith covering "I'm Down," but the sheer volume of scenemakers documented by covering familar music, and doing it so well, makes Boston Does the Beatles a real treasure. Mr. Curt's Camaraderie released its exotic version of "It's Only Love" on Curt's solo CD, and other tracks may resurface as the artists see fit, but it would be a shame for this remarkable look at the Fab Four by an important music community to just fade away. Worth seeking out.
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Tuesday, September 17, 2019

This Friday Central Underground - Deep House

Remember, Only 21+ at The Cantab and Club Bohemia
Legit I.D.'s ONLY!
Thank you for your cooperation.

Mickey Bliss of Club Bohemia, Lady Carolyn of Club Linehan A Go Go, photo by JV

Friday, September 20, 2019
Deep House with Central Underground

Saturday September 21, 2019 
Event Page

Approximate Set Times:

8:30 Miele
9:30 The Alpacas
10:30 The Wild Allegations
11:30 Handsome

Preview of October Calendar



Saturday, September 7, 2019

Satellite Pilot Thursday Sept 12.

Thursday September 12, 2019

SEP13  Rebecca Harrold

Rebecca Harrold & Friends “Tree of Life”

· Hosted by Rebecca Harrold Music

Saturday September 14

September 21, 
The Alpacas are back at Club Bohemia Saturday September 21st w/ Handsome, Miele, and Extract.



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Friday, September 6, 2019

Saturday September 7 @ Club Bohemia @ The Cantab Lounge Mickey Bliss Live

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Saturday  September 7

Kids Like You & Me (KLYAM) Presents:




Chris DeCarlo shared an event.
13 hrs
I'm so pumped to be throwing a show with the man himself Mickey Bliss! Mickey was one of the first people to book us. He has ran Club Bohemia for years and has supported countless bands from Boston and beyond. What a lot of people don't realize, however, is that Mickey has crafted some pop masterpieces in his own right. This Saturday, Johnnie and the Foodmasters will be Mickey's backing band as he performs his 80s cult-classics. Local stalwarts Gully Boy and The Mystery are also playing. My first time seeing The Mystery. Show is Saturday at Club Bohemia!

Thursday September 12, 2019

SEP13  Rebecca Harrold

Rebecca Harrold & Friends “Tree of Life”

· Hosted by Rebecca Harrold Music

Saturday September 14

Friday September  6  Tysk Tysky Task
7:30 p.m. doors, 8 p.m. start
$10 (under the Cantab Lounge in Central Sq)

Allison & Moon
Double Star
Year of the Clam
Tysk Tysk Task



Tysk Tysk Task 


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9:42 pm Sept 6, 2019
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Thursday, September 5, 2019

Tonight Sept 5, 2019 Schedule · Thursday, September 5, 2019 8:00 PM Orson & the Rosebuds 8:45 PM Shower Thoughts 9:45 PM Unit One

Schedule · Thursday, September 5, 2019

8:00 PM
Orson & the Rosebuds
Band Members
Tessa Berliner (Vocals)
Christian DeKnatel (Guitar)
Tim Orth (Bass)
Nick Smith (Drums)

8:45 PM Shower Thoughts
Warren Thimothe - vocals
Diego Ramos-Meyer - keyboards, vocals
Alden von Ziegesar - electric guitar
Jamie Sandel - bass guitar, vocals
Emmanuel Osunlana - drums

9:45 PM
Unit One



7:24 pm 9-5-19
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Talitha Jae #LonelyOakRadio

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