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April 29, 30 airplay 2021 Greg Paquette Only Rock Radio Into the Sun K Britz / Mystic Bowie "Kind" Karmacar As It Is

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Joey Molland This Way Up 2001 review by JV


Rob Fraboni  AMG

Joey Molland AMG

This Way Up 2001 CD by Joey Molland

AllMusic Review by Joe Viglione  [-]

Joey Molland's group Badfinger was one of the great power pop bands of all time. Before the Raspberries, the Dwight Twilley Band, and other tunesmiths found the magic of energetic car radio melodies, Molland and crew led the way. This Way Up continues that work and is one of the best solo discs that ex-members of the Beatles never made. It bears repeating -- This Way Up contains the essence of what was great about those early solo Beatles albums, not surprising because Molland played on some of them. The surprise is that a sideman from those sessions has created a mini-masterpiece rivaling, and on some songs equaling, those classic and important recordings. As good as Molland's power trio is live, why it doesn't perform originals onstage the way they are presented on this disc is a mystery. Molland is an excellent guitarist, and in concert he can veer off from the hit material and rival Pat Travers. That isn't always what his audience wants -- what his audience wants are the pretty guitar lines and vocals in a song like "The Bust," a slice of the stuff that made everyone into Badfinger fans, still alive and well and current. This is a very, very excellent recording, make no mistake about that. From the opening track, "Mirrors," to the bounce of "Happy," and from the cool John Lennon-ish "This Must Be Love" to the final production, a moody and melancholy "Isn't That a Dream," 13 perfectly constructed songs by Molland do more than just carry on a tradition -- they combine to give proof that this style of music is still so very vital.

April 27, 28 2021 Love's Calling Pamela Ruby Russell Cator Web Radio

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April 26, 2021 Airplay Jim Knable "I'm Not a Bad Guy" on Only Rock Radio Dalia Davis The Power of One, Rob Benson Amsterdam

Boston Rock and Roll Anthology Chapter #21

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Robin Lane INSTANT ALBUM Review by JV


Hotline to the Underground by Joe Viglione

CD: It's Your World
Artist: Robin Lane

It's Your World on YouTube  

The first of 16 compositions, “It's Your World,” is a delightful story/song and grand opening for the Instant Album CD - (a disc that, according to the press release) “...has all sorts of songs that have not been on any albums save one. It also includes tunes Robin put together with lyrics from young girls she worked with at Camp Runoia in Maine. “

If you love “Tomorrow Never Knows” from the Beatles' Revolver album, the sixth selection - “You're So Special” - recreates the timeless sounds from the pop masters and goes a long way towards exhibiting the importance of this highly listenable project. That it came to us via the imagination of one of the most significant songwriter/singers in New England pop history makes it all the more endearing.

The approach on “You're So Special” is very different from the first song on the cd – each track distinct and separate, perhaps a product of the fact that these essays traveled the years – from 1991 to 2012. However you'd never know it as the music sounds so contemporary if it were recorded recently from start to finish. And as unique as each episode is, they work together in a cohesive, fun way. You can check the years out next to the songs on the lyric page online:

City of Lights” proves that point. Patti Smith should be deeply envious of “City of Lights,” borrowing from Lou Reed's “Heroin” riff and infusing Top 40 – ready-pop majesty into this beautiful excursion. It's just too bad that Top 40 is something we dreamed a long time ago on a planet far, far away. It's track two and the band is a fusion of Face to Face and Robin Lane and the Chartbusters. Powerful.

Kitty Kat” from 1996 features Four Piece Suit, a jazz/pop selection that truly explains one of the directions that this album could have successfully gone to. “Something's Wrong” feels like a full band, but it is Dave Doms on bass and Robin on guitar, recorded in Dom's apartment in 1992. Think “Cowgirl in the Sand” after the fabulous sixties made their exit, thirty years on. Instant Album is a bountiful banquet of music that offers different perspectives and vibrations. “From A Goddess to a Doormat” with its simply elegant piano playing and voice, the segues perfectly placed though it would work just as well on shuffle. “Casey Bye Bye” is to Robin's doggy and is a 1992 beautiful country pop song. Instant Album is John Lennon's Instant Karma in reverse. Lennon wanted to roll out of bed, record, press and issue the record magically and as quickly as possible. He came out with a masterpiece. Lane took over two decades to come up with her instant classic. And it certainly is. See

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April 24, 25 Airplay Karmacar, Pamela Ruby Russell on Good Music Radio


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Not the Way to Reopen Nightclubs During a Pandemic

 police say they arrested 24-year-old Tyler Maclean, of Weymouth, who has been charged with three counts of attempted murder, three counts of assault and battery with a deadly weapon and disorderly conduct.

Maclean was taken to an area hospital with facial injuries. Once he was medically evaluated, he was taken to the Quincy Police Station to be booked.

The stabbings are under investigation. Anyone with information is asked to call the Quincy Police Department at 617-479-1212.

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Thurs/Fri April 22, 23 2021 K Britz on Beyond Dawn Radio (BTD Radio)

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Talitha Jae #LonelyOakRadio

  Talitha Jae  @Talithajae  on  #Lonelyoakradio  Review: