Sunday, July 3, 2022

Legendary Cantab Sign Going to Auction Soon!!!!

 The Famous Cantab Sign like the Cantones sign I used to own, was given to me by the club. Starting price is going to be on eBay for Two Thousand Dollars. More info soon.


Famous Cantab Sign like the Cantones sign I used to own, was given to me by the club. Starting price is going to be on eBay for Two Thousand Dollars. More info soon. #JoeViglioneMedia #Mapoli #Nightclubs #Signs #IconicSigns #CantabLounge #LittleJoeCook 

Lil Hanky Panky on Good Music Radio / Salt Water Summers in Spain, Classic Only Rock Radio


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July 3 2022 Music Museum of New England, Greg Paquette on Lonely Oak Radio / IPD Green on Radio What /


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Featured Artist of July 10, 2021
with the song: Swing
Artist's Biography
Greg began paying guitar at 6-years old. He saw The Beatles on TV when he was five, he got 'Meet The Beatles' for that Birthday, and a guitar on the following Christmas. Seeing his enthusiasm, his Grandmother paid for years of guitar lessons, to which his Mother faithfully drove him every week.
By the age of eleven, his guitar teacher told him it was time to focus on a particular style. Knowing that he was kind of an awkward kid that would spend many hours alone in his room, he suggested Country Blues and Bluegrass. "You'll never need to rely on other musicians to get good, and if you can play this stuff, Rock & Roll is a breeze."
Greg has been writing songs since he was a little kid. He had an awesome English teacher in eight grade that encouraged him to write more poetry, to which Greg immediately began putting to music. “At first it was a pastime, then it became an obsession.”
While in high school, Greg was asked to play bass in a local R&B band called The Street Rockers. He took to bass immediately as he had been playing bass parts with his thumb as a Country Blues and Bluegrass guitarist. It was both his introduction to bass and the first glimpse of what it was to be a Rock and Roller. “Donny Davis, the drummer and I were both 16 years old, and Brad (RIP) and Ted Walker were in their twenties. And their friends were wild. We played some crazy bar gigs and parties. Brad and Ted were big influences; they worked hard, played harder, and lived for the music. They were the guys that got me fascinated with The Blues.”
After a year and a half with The Street Rockers, Greg joined Thrust, with best and lifelong friends Scott Sterling and Frank Corby. That was a great change since Thrust played more gigs, that were more civilized, such as Junior and High School dances and Social Clubs. “Frank and Scott both continue to inspire me today. Frank as an artist, and Scott as an guitarist and industry professional. I always think of Scott telling us, ‘the more professional we are, the more they’ll want to hire us back, so be cool.’ And that advice guides me today.”
The day after Greg graduated from high school, he got into his car and moved to the mountains of Northern New Hampshire, where he would play music for hours on end with lifelong friends Dave, Hugh and Bob McLean. “This is when I got my chops.”
But the following year, Greg moved to Boston, his city of birth, to study music at UMass Boston. This was also a formative time. His studies in music theory, orchestration and composition would enrich him for the rest of his life.
Through his twenties, he played with his Boston band, Option One. He learned learned many lessons, while building life-long friendships. In his late twenties, he came to the realization that he was primarily a songwriter, and that being in a band was an entirely different profession. While recording with Option One at Normandy Sound in Warren, RI, Greg worked with producer Leroy Radcliffe (RIP) and engineer Tom Soares. Through them, he learned his way around the studio. “I think of Tom and Leroy every time I walk into a studio and I thanked them on both of my albums. My time with them and the lessons I learned have shaped me musically more than any other experience.” By 28, Greg had fallen in love with recording, sold all by PA gear and big amps, and began the life of a solo songwriter and guitar enthusiast.
After moving to North Carolina in 2006, Greg played with local bands Palm Readers, Backwater Revival and his own band, Single Stone. He was also the Music Directory of three musicals at his local high school.
But now, he simply writes songs, records them and release albums. He loves doing all the guitar and bass parts, and lets his love of the instruments guide the way he records each track for every song.
On his 2018 album, “Greg Paquette - Single Stone,” he wanted to produce a 70s style "guitar rock" album, as he really missed them. With Joey Hovey on drums, and Jake Miracle on vocals, they did exactly that, with great emphasis placed on recording guitars using similar methods that were used during that era. By combining those methods with modern digital recording technology, they created what sounded like a “digitally remastered classic rock album.”
With the 2020 release of “Greg Paquette - Retro Active,” he took a very different path. He wanted to produce a songwriter's album with an emphasis on guitar, that would incorporate my eclectic taste in music and their guitar methods. The album was produced by his son, Chris Paquette (a.k.a Alto Britz, ) who is a professional Hip Hop producer. In high school, Chris was a 2-time Jazz Guitar champion, and the recipient of the National Louis Armstrong Award for advancing Jazz in his community. So, he shut up, listened to him, and the results are magic.

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Saturday, July 2, 2022

No mention of Cambridge or the Cantab that I can see in this Globe article


No mention of Cambridge or the Cantab that I can see in this Globe article

Boston after dark is incomparable to New York or Miami, let alone the rowdy staples of Europe: Amsterdam, Berlin, and Barcelona.

RC Smith, the cofounder of the Boston Black Hospitality Coalition, added that every neighborhood deserves attention — not just those seeing rapid (and expensive) expansion. He’s hoping that changes in city policy can spread the growth of neighborhood-friendly night life to places like Mattapan and Roxbury, where he runs a tavern called District 7.

“In a perfect world, I want Nubian Square to look like Lower Mills,” with a smattering of watering holes and nighttime restaurants, Smith said. “Because if more people came to Roxbury, Roxbury people will thrive. Once you get money in the door, you grow.”

Still, a sobering reality persists. The public perception is dismal, with 88 percent of respondents to a survey faulting the city for closing too early and having too few late-night restaurants, food trucks, and clubs. One person called Boston “a liberal city whose night life is imprisoned in a chastity belt.”

July 2 2022 Greg Paquette Review, Hot Rotation BTD Radio, Dalia Davis on Cator Web Radio / Tom Mich Interview on BTD Radio /


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Peter Calo played July 1 2022 yesterday Peter Calo Band at New Venue on the coast of Central New Jersey U.N. Owens Musicafe Thx T Dawn for the interview with Peter Interview is here: @PeterCalo1 #JoeViglioneMedia @RobFraboni #Pop

Tom Mich getting play on The Spin Room with Lou Spinnazola "I Wanna Cry," Cator Web Radio with Table Scraps from Boston Rock and Roll Anthology #21 and interviewed on BTD Radio here: @tdawn1 @TomMichJR1 #JoeViglioneMedia @tdawn1 @BeyondDawnRadio @lspinna

2:30 AM #June 4 2022 #BeatlesBridges from @DaliaDavisMusic on #ClassicOnlyRockRadio @tiorr_1 @ChachiBeatles @beatlesbible Brilliant merger of #bridges from #Beatles' songs from CD #KeepaCleanEngine promotions: #joeviglionemedia @TomMichJR1 @TJShondells #MusicSupervisors

Legendary Cantab Sign Going to Auction Soon!!!!

  The Famous Cantab Sign like the Cantones sign I used to own, was given to me by the club. Starting price is going to be on eBay for Two T...