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Saturday March 30, 2019 Richard Mirsky, Scott Damgaard in Central Sq Cambridge @ Club Bohemia

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  Saturday March 30, 2019
Richard Mirsky, Scott Damgaard

The great Richard D Mirsky and his band are playing the opening set before my band tomorrow night (Saturday, March 30th at Club Bohemia - downstairs from the Cantab in Central Square, Cambridge).
I've been a huge fan of Richard's work for over 20 years now. We have played shows together, recorded together and been in bands together. His new album, "Creepy Older Guy" is awesome, and so is his previous album, "Mommy, What's A Mirsky?" If I were you I'd make sure I got down to Club Bohemia early Saturday night to catch Richard and his band's opening set at 9:00 PM. He doesn't do this often, so it's a great and rare opportunity! After Richard's set, my band, featuring Bilgehan Tuncer, Jim Bouchard and Gary Robley will be rocking out for the rest of the night, completely inspired by Richard's set, I am certain! Get a group of friends together and come on down or just show up yerself, you won't regret it!

More Events at Club Bohemia

Jeb Bush Orchestra & Citrvs at Club Bohemia (21+)

Fri 9 PM62 people are going or interested
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Return of Butterscott - & friends.

Fri 8 PM23 people are going or interested
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The Return Of Butterscott™

Fri 8 PM45 people are going or interested
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SUNDAY  March 31, 2019

Dedham Record Expo



Friday Night March 29  THE JEB BUSH ORCHESTRA  with CITRVS

JBO and CITRVS at Club Bohemia in Cambridge!

$10 cover
Citrus @ 10pm
JBO @ 11pm

 REVIEW   By Joe Viglione, AMG

The late Ruby Starr, born Constance Mierzwiak, was a "de facto" member of Black Oak Arkansas and sang on their Top 25 hit "Jim Dandy" in 1974. This is an excellent collection of songs, many written by keyboard player Marius Penczner, displaying Starr's vocal range and dominating personality. Far more commercial than Black Oak Arkansas, that band and their lead singer, Jim "Dandy" Mangrum, appear on "Fistful of Love" -- a fun and disciplined performance. You can't really call her version of "Be My Baby" reggae, but you can say it is one of the more interesting takes on the song, with Andrew Love of the Memphis Horns slipping in a wonderful sax at the end of it. "Drift Away," a Penczner original, has the band emulating early Deep Purple, especially the songwriter's keyboard riffs. "Mass Transit" is an interesting instrumental, but what is it doing on an all-too-short album by a vocalist? There are six words in the song, which Starr cameos several times; it's funky stuff that adds to the intrigue, but more activity from the star of the show would have been preferred. "Mass Transit" is one of the best sounding tracks on the record, the band no doubt showing off, but this lady can sing and should've been given an equal chance to vamp. "Maybe I'm Amazed" is a wonderful opening for this album, with Starr -- Ruby, not Ringo -- possessing that Kim Carnes/Bonnie Tyler rasp, giving the woman's point of view. She gives the McCartney classic a gospel feel without the help of a choir or additional vocalists. Impressive. Penczner proves to be a formidable writer; "Morning Glory" is a solid pop tune, and a nice break before the heavy "That's It," the only tune on the disc co-written by Starr. She works well with Penczner, and her overpowering voice makes it feel like she's co-written the rest of his originals. "I'll Meet You Halfway" changing moods again, giving the band a chance to be dramatic, and letting Starr soar. "Love On Ice" brings the album back to heavy pop with more of that Deep Purple keyboard sound, only a little more up-tempo. Scene Stealer is a complete and varied recording by an artist who should have made a bigger impact on rock & roll. 

Ruby Starr - Wikipedia

Ruby Starr, born Constance Henrietta Mierzwiak in Toledo, Ohio (November 30, 1949 - January 14, 1995), was a rock singer and recording artist who attained national prominence in the 1970s and 1980s, including for her work with Black Oak Arkansas.

Wow, the good people at Angel Air re-released Maggie Bell 

Facebook won't allow me to publish a Google blog because it goes against their "community standards"  - oh please, Maggie Bell review here: 


Saw her at the Music Hall back in the day
 Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:41:27
Size: 94,81 MB

Review by Joe Viglione

Producer Jerry Wexler puts the earthy vocals of Maggie Bell in a beautiful setting here. She stretches John Prine's "Souvenirs" to the max with Steve Gadd ably assisting by splashing the drums as deep as Bell's vocals. Her uptempo version of J.J. Cale's "After Midnight" is more captivating than Eric Clapton's; she oozes that Etta James sexuality while Reggie Young throws some tasty guitar into the semi-calypso groove. Bell's identity is unique on much of the material, but a couple of tunes have her paying tribute to some of her sisters.

The title track, "Queen of the Night," is drenched in gorgeous harmonies by the Sweet Inspirations and is pure Genya Ravan, but conversely, the cover of "A Woman Left Lonely," embraced totally by Janis Joplin on Pearl, is a sweet vocal and totally alien to how Joplin ripped the song to shreds so wonderfully. It works on an entirely different level on Queen of the Night -- Bell's voice is an instrument that slips into different styles on a moment's notice. She takes the fun but silly Ringo Starr/Vini Poncia number five hit from the same year and gives it some style, then turns around with Deadric Malone's "As the Years Go Passing By" and delivers another brand of quality sound. Cornell Dupree's fabulous guitar leads cook in the background -- the frosting on the cake for "As the Years Go Passing By." Intense and beautiful, it is the real sleeper here. While Merry Clayton was singing backup on Ringo Starr's "Oh My My" and ex-Black Oak Arkansas Ruby Starr would track Paul McCartney's "Maybe I'm Amazed," Bell broke through her Stone the Crows image to cover a range of ideas, giving even David Clayton Thomas some respectability, taking his original "Yesterday's Music" to new heights with a Bonnie Bramlett-style touch of gospel.

From Will Jennings to Carole Bayer Sager and Peter Allen, Bell's Queen of the Night is a stunningly marvelous mix of blues, pop, soul, and Southern rock. "We Had It All" builds with a smoldering tension that gives Bell a platform for her inspired phrasings. Sager must've been over the top when she first heard this version of "The Other Side." This is music straight from the heart, which concludes with "Trade Winds," piano, drums, and Bell's voice tapering off like the end of a great set at some intimate nightclub. This is an extraordinary creation worth pulling out when you want to appreciate a fine wine like Queen of the Night. 


01 - Caddo Queen 03:37

02 - A Woman Left Lonely 03:54

03 - Souvenirs 05:33

04 - After Midnight 02:35

05 - Queen Of The Night 04:02

06 - Oh My My 02:56

07 - As The Years Go Passing By 04:21

08 - Yesterday's Music 03:27

09 - We Had It All 02:55

10 - The Other Side 02:53

11 - Trade Winds 05:14

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

A Wild Weekend Coming Up at Club Bohemia Thursday March 28, 2019 Dust Prophet Above the Din North Star the Wanderer Grovel

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Club Bohemia is back! Early show 8-12 featuring...
Dust Prophet
Above the Din
North Star the Wanderer

7:34 am March 28, 2019
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March 27, 2019

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Tuesday, March 26, 2019

RIP Joe Harvard Sunday March 24, 2019 / GEOF THURBER / RICK MARTIN of Third Rail / ASA BREBNER

 Joe Harvard, Rest in Peace


Geof Thurber, Rest in Peace
       February 5, 2019 @ 63 years of age

Geof was born in Boston, MA, in 1955, and grew up in Nashua, NH. He attended New York University and Sarah Lawrence College, before moving to Detroit, Michigan, where he played bass in Jett Black, a Phoenix, Arizona band affiliated with Alice Cooper. After two years, the group moved to LA, where Geof, a skilled bass player and teacher, continued to work as a session musician before finally settling in Boston. He performed in several Boston area bands during the hey-day of the 1980's club scene.

In 1989, Geof joined fellow musician Greg McCleary's Heart Punch Studio, Inc., which quickly evolved from a music recording studio into a highly successful audio post production house for broadcast, television and independent film. Over the ensuing years, Geof became a partner in the business and worked on sound design for over 200 broadcasts, such as Nova, American Masters, American Experience, and Independent Lens, and for many independent films, including Brad Anderson's break-through film Next Stop Wonderland. Geof and Greg were nominated for an Emmy in 2006 and won the Best Sound festival prize at the Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival in 2007.

Greg McCleary of Heartpunch said "Geof's first career, as a musician, informed his second. He approached sound design in documentaries like a musical arrangement. It was there to support the story being told, not to detract from it."



Rest in Peace Joe Harvard - Sunday, March 24, 2019

 Joe Harvard Frank Rowe Joe Viglione outside of Once Ballroom. Photo utilized on a radio show November 2017

Velvet Underground's The Velvet Underground and Nico (Thirty Three ...
Velvet Underground's The Velvet Underground and Nico (Thirty Three and a Third series): Joe Harvard, Joseph Incagnoli: 9780826415509: Books 

From this website:

Massara posted about noon on Sunday.

“Joe passed early this morning with me and his sister by his side. Aidan arrived late last night in time to say goodbye,” Massara said. 

"I believe Joe was waiting for her. He went very peacefully. I sang ‘Sunday Morning’ to him as the sun rose. Then opened a book of Rumi poems to read to him. He had one bookmarked like he left it for me knowing that would be the book I picked out of the thousand on the shelf. ‘Parable of the World.’ And then I opened the sliding glass door to let his soul out. 

I figured if it was anywhere as big as his personality it would need more room than a window.”

Joe Harvard, Joseph Incagnoli


Experienced Program Director with a demonstrated history of community activism and outstanding work in music, writing and visual art. Strong idea person, co-founder of highly regarded organizations [Fort Apache Recording, Music at the Middle East] and programs [Individual Training Program at Virtually Wired]. Founder of, and instructor at a free-to-community music program at Media Center @ Ballard, as well as the gARTen @ 713 Cookman, a vacant lot reclaimed as a free outdoor, black-light, found-object art gallery displaying his DayGlo, "trash art" pieces. Successful gallery show as a visual artist in 2017. Skilled in Ableton Live, Pro Tools, Photoshop, Microsoft Word, Excel, relational database use, and copy editing. Award winning Multi-instrumentalist, raconteur, and variety show host. Has served as manager, executive director, and head individual instructor for nonprofits. A teacher who is great with youngsters, very good with adults; considers himself a problem solver. Author of Velvet Underground and Nico [33-1/3 Series].


Sunday, March 24, 2019

Thurs March 28, 2019 Dust Prophet Above the Din North Star the Wanderer Grovel / Album of the Day Jesse & The Hogg Bros Live in Harlem / plus Saturday Night at the Apollo

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March 28 at Club Bohemia at the Cantab Lounge
Club Bohemia is back! Early show 8-12 featuring...
Dust Prophet
Above the Din
North Star the Wanderer

llMusic Review by  [-]

On November 13, 1963, as veteran producer/liner-notes writer Bob Altshuler explains, "Atco microphones were positioned on the Apollo stage" after the showing of a film preceding this concert, which began "a few minutes before twelve o'clock." Decades later, this material by Doris Troy, Otis Redding, Rufus Thomas, the Falcons, the Coasters, and Ben E. King remains a vital document of a special time when entertainment was pure and remarkable. Opening with Wilson Pickett and Eddie Floyd's version of the Falcons, the tone is set for the album, sticking to deeper cuts from the various artists' catalogs and shying away from their hits, with the exception of "Walking the Dog" from Rufus Thomas and headliner Ben E. King's "Stand By Me." The two Otis Redding tracks were taped more than a year and a half before his first Top 40 hit, while the former Apollo Theater usherette who follows Redding on this set, the marvelous Doris Troy, was riding high with "Just One Look" on the charts a few months before this taping. That gem isn't here, but her unique interpretation of "Misty" and her own "Say Yeah" are. Every one of the performances is top-notch, concluding with a finale where all concerned do a short rendition of Ray Charles' "What I'd Say." Essential entertainment.


Album of the Day: Jesse & The Hogg Brothers

CD Release Tuesday April 30th at Midway Cafe
Tuesday, April 30, 2019 at 8 PM – 2 AM

We got an advance copy through our favorite bootlegger in a head shop in Harvard Square!
We're not supposed to publish a review until April 30, but that's never stopped us before!!!!!!!!!

For those following the musical vagabonds known as Jesse and the Hogg Brothers, you'll be delighted to know that Black and Blue Records has released 18 tracks of cow-punkin' hillbilly-in, blue-neck, green-neck, red-neck, purple-neck rock and roll from deep in the heart of Harlem, New York, and it is an amazing chronicle of this amazing group of talented, albeit difficult, personalities.  Think of Jesse as a musical Jed Clampett with his extended family planted in different parts of these United States rocking out with their pop/country/rock/ - keeping those extensions all happy, from Texas to Vegas, from Indianapolis to Boston, is a job unto itself.

     But the resulting product is well worth it, as you can hear on opening track "Biker Ann," a song that works through all its permutations.  In fact, when you mix the combinations of players with those permutations (in the different regions where Jesse plays with his cousins and brothers and sisters,) you get different perspectives on the various tunes.

     This is, indeed, a "greatest hits live" album, and the historic setting in Harlem makes the work all that more collectible. All our favorite Hogg songs make their mark: "Love Buckets," "Cream Gravy," "Hogg Tail Twist," "Party in My Pants" are all received with warmth and love that the band gets from the Harlem and other New York clubs. "Santa's Got a Bag of Coal" is a new standout while the classic "White Trash Meth Lab" remains a fave, something producer Bob Ezrin and the early Alice Cooper Group would have embraced and give a place of honor in their sets.  Seventeen songs grace the 18 tracks concluding, of course, with "Don't Mess with Texas."

     Recorded at Shrine World Music on November 3, 2018 it features Kash Hogg on acoustic guitar and vocals, 
Joe Bob Hogg on extraordinary slide guitar, Kenny Hogg on bass and vocals, Joe Joe Hogg on drums, Jesse Braintree (whose mother was a member of the illustrious Hogg family) on vocals.

Record release parties start now!


Midway Cafe
3496 Washington St, Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts 02130
Tuesday, April 30, 2019 at 8 PM – 2 AM

Event · Apr 6 - Apr 7 · Silvana · New York, New York
Jesse and Joebob are going
9 people interested


Club Bohemia April 19th,  The Unofficial Genya Ravan's Birthday Bash !

AllMusic Review by Joe Viglione [-]
Director Roger Pomphrey creates a unique montage of thoughts, impressions, photographs, and sounds about the creation and development of the Jimi Hendrix album Electric Ladyland. Engineer Eddie Kramer cracks open the tapes and the world gets to hear Rolling Stone Brian Jones' unreleased piano track to "All Along the Watchtower," Jimi's own strange "sci-fi" "air" vocal sounds on "1983...(A Merman I Should Turn to Be)" -- fascinating stuff that makes a hardcore Hendrix fan or any serious musician wish there were 16 hours of information about this recording rather than just the 60 minutes or so that you get here. The DVD has no bonus material -- unless you consider the lame "discography" consisting of a mere three discs, with no information on Are You Experienced or Axis: Bold as Love -- but the program is cleverly put together and holds one's attention. There is a track selection giving the viewer some mobility and a strong, succinct script which gets the message across efficiently. Of course, the interview footage with Noel Redding and Chas Chandler is priceless now, and the information from the lips of the Jefferson Airplane's Jack Casady, Buddy Miles, Steve Winwood, Dave Mason, and other players on these sessions is all wonderful and marvelous. Originally released by Rhino on video in 1998, this Eagle Rock Entertainment version comes with a one-page pullout that includes the "Chapter Selection" and a blurb for other titles in the series: Lou Reed's Transformer, Fleetwood Mac's Rumours, and Elton John's Goodbye Yellow Brick Road. Created originally for television, the hour zips by with nuggets on different aspects of the release, including photographer David Montgomery and record executive Chris Stamp discussing the making of the controversial U.K. "naked ladies" cover with Eddie Kramer explaining how Jimi was annoyed by an album design he had no control over. Kramer does an excellent and spirited job of pretty much narrating this as notes from Noel Redding's diary and Jimi's song lyrics in his own handwriting are utilized to good effect, all woven into the fabric of interviews, video clips, and rare glimpses into the recording process which resulted in this exceptional album.

AllMusic Review by   [-]

Connie Francis at the Copa is a decent document of the immortal pop singer performing live in New York City with an orchestra conducted by Joe Mele. The ten selections include a five-song Al Jolsonmedley and a coupling of "When the Saints Come Marching In" with "Bill Bailey Won't You Please Come Home" -- putting the emphasis on standards more than her hits. Two Top Ten gold singles from 1960 are here, though: Connie's remake of the 1940s Italian composition "Mama" and a song more representative of her pop hits, "Many Tears Ago."
The sound quality for a major release on MGM is shockingly low, on the level of a good bootleg. Mickey Deans' cassette recordings of his wife, and Judy Garland's last performance, which became the Judy. London. 1969. LP, are similar to this allegedly "High Fidelity Recording" -- though that album emerged out of necessity and this was produced by a major film/record company. But the singer is great -- at the top of her game, recorded a year after she debuted her album of Italian songs in 1960 on The Perry Como Show. The liner notes contain nine reviews from critics, Frank Farrell of the World-Telegram and Sun calling this a "...sensational supper club bow as a major star." Connie Francis at the Copa casts the singer in a different light. Somewhat removed from her popular radio material, she proves she has the talent to take virtually any material and hit it out of the park.

Joe Viglione Interviews Duncan Jones on his film SOURCE CODE

Duncan Jones talks to Joe Viglione in Boston about Jake Gyllenhaal in Source Code

Joe Viglione asks about Scott Bakula in Duncan Jones movie

Visual Radio Film Director Richard Ayoade talks to Joe Viglione about SUBMARINE


Cher - Wikipedia

Cher (born Cherilyn Sarkisian; May 20, 1946) is an American singer and actress. Commonly ... Her 2002–2005 Living Proof: The Farewell Tour became one of the ...... According to AllMusic's Joe Viglione, the 1972 single "The Way of Love" is .... like Judy Garland, Dolly Parton and Cher because they overcame insult and ...



Roscoe Shelton - Wikipedia

Roscoe Shelton (August 22, 1931 – July 27, 2002) was an American electric blues and R&B ... 1 Biography; 2 Discography ... However, Shelton performed on the same bill as Otis Redding at the Apollo Theater. ... 1995); She's the One (Appaloosa, 1996); Tennessee R&B Live (Appaloosa, 1997) ... Jump up to: Viglione, Joe.

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