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July 31 2022 Rob Benson Interview on BTD Radio / Tom Mich Jr on The Spin Room / The Salt Water Summers on YFM Radio, Johannesburg


Thanks @tdawn1 and #BTDRadio @PeterCalo1 @RobBenson1102 @RobBens19461538 @MickeyHitman @rranimaltour Great interview with Rob Benson Read #JoeViglioneMedia on The Story Never Ends produced by #PeterCalo #PopMusic #CountryPop #AAA #AdultAlbumArtist #artist 

Tom Mich, I Wanna Cry, on THE SPIN ROOM @TomMichJR1 @TheSpinRoom00 @lspinna #JoeViglioneMedia 


Paul English sells his podcast startup Moonbeam, to fund Boston venture studio

Entrepreneur selling new venture’s first consumer app and will plow proceeds into developing more

By Jon Chesto Globe Staff,Updated July 31, 2022, 4:12 p.m. 

Now the 11-person team at Boston Venture Studio will focus on other consumer-facing apps, including Deets, which English is positioning as a restaurant recommendation app, and Reki, which helps friends share what they’re watching on TV. (None of the BVS employees left with the sale of Moonbeam.) English and his crew, which includes former Kayak and Lola collaborator Paul Schwenk, is working on nine apps right now, with a goal of turning two or three into businesses by the end of the year. The BVS group, a mix of people based in the Boston area and in New York, works with a team of about 30 engineers at a Pakistani company called Arbisoft.


“We’re trying to learn from each other so a lot of the core tech from one app gets used in the second app,” English said


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KIND, K Britz on Radio What / Boney Derrington on WMWM 12:53 pm 7-30-22 / Tom Mich on WMWM Table Scraps / Space and Time from Boston Rock and Roll Anthology 21

Same old Song and Dance, Joe Perry July 27, 2022

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Joe Perry Hampton Beach July 2022

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Good Music Radio "Absolute Crime" Greg Paquette / Tom Mich Y FM Johannesburg South Africa / Cator Web Radio / Boney Derrington


10:36 AM #FRIDAY #July 29, 2022 Absolute Crime featuring #LeahKolvatz @gregpaquette5 @DaveRagin Hear original #AbsoluteCrime on #SingleStone @Deezer #MusicSupervisors #MusicFilm #stage #musicalplay #TheWorldinBlue #JoeViglioneMedia @TomMichJR1 @3dJt3 #pop 

11:22 am #July 29 2022 #Friday Thanks YFM Read interview with @BoneyDerrington on T Dawn's website @BeyondDawnRadio @tdawn1 @zionrock The song PROFILE from #BoneyDerrington #JoeViglioneMedia @AndraeCarter @elihu_morris @lil_hankypanky @MattJaffeMusic #pop

7:24 AM #July 26 2022 #Tuesday thanks Johannesburg #SouthAfrica #YFM Radio Read Tom Mich interview @BeyondDawnRadio @tdawn1 @3dJt3 @TomMichJR1 #JoeViglioneMedia Table Scraps from #BostonRockandRollAnthologyVol21 @DaveRagin @gregpaquette5 @DaliaDavisMusic
Joni Mitchell Special Edition Review by Joe Viglione [-]
Joni Mitchell Special Edition combines two previously released videos/DVDs, 1999's Painting with Words and Music along with 2003's Woman of Heart and Mind. These are both excellent discs to have, the one problem being that some of the "bonus" tracks on Woman of Heart and Mind turn out to be some of the performances from Painting with Words and Music and so the consumer is getting a bit of déjà vu and double exposure. That's not as egregious as pulling the live performances off of Marianne Faithful's Dreaming My Dreams and re-releasing the DVD with only the biography narrative and interviews, but it shows a disturbing trend among name artists having their material released and re-released in the same fashion; Greg Lake another case in point with CDs and DVDs that contain variations on the same title, with some of the same recordings. The Susan Lacy written and directed biography has so much information packed into the story that the producers could easily have gone back into the vaults and beefed up the bonus aspect of this package. Yet, despite that one glitch in the perceived value, the added punch of having both discs in one collection is worthwhile, the documentary footage on Woman of Heart and Mind indexed and most compelling. How can one resist hearing the creation of the song "Woodstock," or the personal memories of David Crosby, David Geffen, Larry Klein, Mitchell herself and many others? Plus, there are some additional bonus features on both discs and a four-page paper insert with two pages for each respective DVD inside this convenient package, so the verdict is, the Joni Mitchell Special Edition is something to cherish and hold on to.

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God Bless Craig Moerer, selling my first EP for $65.00 on eBay!  Excellent




Thanks, T Dawn Lyrics to #SaltWaterSummers here: #JoeViglioneMedia #Beaches #Summer2022 #MusicSupervisors

Boney Derrington INterview

                        Review by Joe Viglione [-]
Joni Mitchell's exquisite voice and guitar playing are on display in this satisfying hour-and-a-half-plus of the iconic performer directed by Joan Tosoni and filmed in an intimate setting. The dominant instruments are, no surprise, the singer's voice and her guitar, which is heavy with liquid effects. Much effort went into the circular set and the six cameras have unobstructed views with graceful pans and elegant zoom-ins. Mitchell is the set designer and editorial director with her own paintings adding to the decor, positioned on the walls that swing around the set. There's a two-and-a-half minute discussion of the event before actress Rosanna Arquette introduces the star and the festivities begin. A semi-pensive and solo "Big Yellow Taxi" opens the show, Mitchell not worried about being under this stunningly beautiful microscope that is the colorful set and the all-revealing eye of all these cameras. "Just Like This Train" has the singer close to her artwork and strumming the guitar as if with a paint brush, quite possibly an intentional metaphor from the clever singer always exposing her intuition with a bit of flair. She announces the band early on, just prior to "Night Ride Home," and the musicians ease into the program like drawings that quietly and slowly come to life. The pop style is maintained throughout the jazz leanings of this group of performers, "Black Crow," "Amelia," and "Hejira" getting not only the sustained sound of the perfectly fluid ensemble, but complementary camera work which drives around the set and the performers as well as capturing the faces of audience members and Mitchell's moves, all to wonderful effect. The concert is top-notch with material that stretches across her career up to the 1998 release Taming the Tiger, and it features Mitchell telling some stories in between songs; there's a warm rapport with those in attendance which translates well to the viewer. The final song, which appears after the concert on track 19, is a percussive "Dream Land," once covered by Roger McGuinn, with Mitchell and her musicians on couches casually performing as the credits roll. Bonus tracks include a discography and filmography, but it is the main event that will keep your attention. Taped at Warner Brothers Studios in Burbank, CA and produced in association with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, this is a very contained production, a high quality presentation put together with the refinement Mitchell fans expect.

JV Quoted “On Manhole, the music is wonderfully dense, macabre, exhilarating, and totally out there. This is a great portion of music from the lead singer of one of America’s great music groups. ” Joe Viglione, Allmusic cf
When I listen now, 2019, I still think – like I did when first hearing the album in the 1970s – that Slick often leans too far towards “power” singing, becoming insistent, belting or shouting out her message. When she moderates her voice, things go better.
And yes, now as before, I think the arrangements and melodies sometimes become pompous.
Even so, this is a great album. Feminist Pioneers Blog

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Count Viglione/Salt Water Summers / Only Rock Radio / YFM Radio 99.2 FM Johannesburg South Africa


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Thank you YFM playing Greg Paquette. Will Tweet out later. Grab some Instagram too. 4 Albury Road, Hyde Park 2196 Johannesburg, South Africa 99.2 FM Johannesburg

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Music Essaying.... T Dawn, Joe Perry Project, Thor Movie #4, and more!

T Dawn

What's Happening WMWM 89.7 FM Salem Mass Playlist for Saturday July 23, 2022 Greg Paquette "Absolute Crime" with Leah Kolvatz


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Absolute Crime / Greg Paquette WMWM Salem 7-23-22 / Pick Yourself Up - Radio What 7-22-22 / Boney Derrington HIGH ROTATION "Profile" BTD Radio


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Boney Derrington "Profile" High Rotation on @BeyondDawnRadio weekend of #July 23, 2022 @BoneyDerrington @zionrock Thanks BTD Radio @coxmusic @BanksRadioAU @freemusicarchiv
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Talitha Jae #LonelyOakRadio

  Talitha Jae  @Talithajae  on  #Lonelyoakradio  Review: