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Aug 30 2022 PROFILE / Boney Derrington Good Music Radio / Lil Hanky Panky GOOD MUSIC RADIO 8-30-22


2:43 AM #August 27 2022 #Saturday Proud Soul Heritage Singer Kitoto Sunshine Love @KitotoLove writer Bobby Hebb @SoulHeritage1 Produced by Joe Viglione #JoeViglioneMedia #BobbyHebb #ProudsoulHeritage Thanks www.revivalradiostation.com and #SteveGarnett

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Boney Derrington "Profile" on #GoodMusicRadio / Lil Hanky Panky SPECIAL on Good Music Radio 8/29 Monday / The Salt Water Summers Master Mix Debuts, 8:55 PM The Spin Room

3:28 PM #Monday #August 29 2022 Thanks #GoodMusicRadio @BoneyDerrington @zionrock from #JoeViglioneMedia listen on @Spotify here https://open.spotify.com/album/7yCQ7qPcHA6VL7zQF41dUT?highlight=spotify:track:3cb6gCuDw6exiT0sCThJpz #FusionReggae #ReggaePop #DancehallHipHop read @BeyondDawnRadio review:
https://www.btdradio.com/2022/08/06/song-review-profile-by-boney-derrington/ @tdawn1 @KUPSTHESOUND @lspinna




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#Jamaica #EDM #HipHop #Reggae #Dancehall the song: SPECIAL by Lil Hanky Panky
#OnAirNow LIL HANKY PANKY - SPECIAL (ft. Chi Ching Ching), #Listen tinyurl.com/ym48r78h or tinyurl.com/2afw5j2v IndieMUSIC mainstreamMUSIC Help keep the station going if you can donate here goodmusicradio.wixsite.com/gmrts

8:55 pm #Monday #August 29 2022 @lspinna @TheSpinRoom00 The Salt Water Summers radio debut of the Rob Fraboni mix 10 PM Saturday night August 27, 2022 @Spotify @AppleMusic @DistroKid Thank you #LouSpinnazola @Deezer #SummerIsntOverItsJustBegun #JoeViglioneMedia #beaches #summer

"That Was Awesome" Lou Spinnazola on the @RobFraboni mastering of The Salt Water Summers #JoeViglioneMedia quote 9:18 pm #August 29 2022 #Monday after spinning tune 8:55 pm @TheSpinRoom00 @lspinna @gregpaquette5 @TomMichJR1 @TJShondells @peternoone HEAR: https://soundcloud.com/joe-viglione/the-salt-water-summers-mastered-by-rob-fraboni-1000-pm-sat-august-27-2022 


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Artist_Rendeva Devagad - Song: "Affi Give Thanks" Time 2:21

  Artist - Rendeva Devagad 

  Song: "Affi Give Thanks" 

  Time 2:21


#dancehall #dancehallmusic #450

Rendeva Devagad - 

Affi Give Thanks (Official Video)


1) Q:Please state your Artiste and Birth Name
A: My artist name is Rendeva the DevaGad. My birth name is Renford Hinds.

2) Q: How long have you been doing music?
A: I’ve been a musician all my life but professionally, i would say 2016.

3) Q: Please describe your style of music
A: My style of music would be considered dancehall, reggae, afrobeats.

4) Q:Who/What are your musical inspirations?
A: my family, friends, and God are my musical inspirations. 

5) Q: Why did you choose to pursue music?
A: i chose to pursue music because i love it. It’s in my blood, it’s my nature. Music is what I’m suppose to do. 

6) Q: What sets your music apart from other artists? What makes your music
A: I feel like my music is relatable and soulful. I sing and talk about experiences that people can relate too or use as an affirmation, whether it’s to start their day. They’re going through a rough time, or simply just want a good tune to listen. That’s my music.

7) Q: What is your creative process for making music?
A: My creative process is whatever I’m going through at this moment, to express how I’m feeling. 

8) Q:Do you play any musical instruments? (If Yes please list them )
A: The only musical instrument i have right now is my voice lol but i use to play the drums.

9) Q: What do you hope people will achieve by listening to your music?
A: I hope they get the message and it resonates with them. They feel it in their hearts and mind, forever.  

10) Q: What are your upcoming projects? What can we expect from you in the
A: I’ll be dropping a single soon, so stay tuned for that. I have a lot of songs and videoshoots I have been working on.


Knowing struggles is the definitely why I am the person I am today. Renford Hinds aka Rendeva the DevaGad. My birthday is October 23, 1996. I was born in St.Mary, Jamaica. I’m 1 of 7 siblings. I grew up with my grandmother because my parents were working overseas. During this time, i learned patience, humility, and  hard work. Growing up in Jamaica, it was … difficult. I wasn’t stable for a period of time in my life.

  I lived with my grandmother and my two brothers. My grandmother would make us attend church, strictly every Sunday. That’s how I got introduced to music, I played the drums and would participate in choir. As well, Sunday worship. When I started high school, thats when I started putting the pen to the paper. At first, it was all fun and games with my friends. I also got introduced to weed and in result of that, I got kicked out of my grandmothers house. From then, I started bouncing around from my fathers, my friends, and my grandmother from my fathers, where I got introduced to the streets,  around the age of 15. 

Being in the streets, affected my schooling a bit because I started to live the street life. Even in school, always rapping/DJ beating on the desk making music in class rooms or gambling and ditching school to go smoke and write songs with friends. Then i started getting caught up in school gangs, which came with alot of school fights. All my friends including my brother got expelled, I ended being the only one to be left back. I eventually changed my life around to leave school with 5 CXC subjects and I graduated in the year of 2014.

From then,  I was working and still doing music, going around playing drums in church to make money. I totally got caught up in the work so deep, i stopped writing music for 2 years straight. In 2016, I got introduced to a young artist, Signumm. He was my cousin’s boyfriend at the time. He was still in highs ool and when I heard his music, I was blown. Working with Signumm inspired me. I knew I wanted to be apart of his journey, so I started to manage his career and before you knew it, there I was picking back up the pen and putting it to paper, the microphone followed, and i never stopped since then.  From that moment, I’ve grown into a master of my craft and master of my own life journey!


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Maybe the Good Guy's Gonna Win Review by Joe Viglione [-] Two years before Harry Maslin produced Boston's Nervous Eaters for Elektra, the keyboard player for Andy Pratt branched out on this solo disc


Maybe the Good Guy's Gonna Win Review by Joe Viglione [-]

Two years before Harry Maslin produced Boston's Nervous Eaters for Elektra, the keyboard player for Andy Pratt branched out on this solo disc. There are some heavy players on here, from Greg Hawkes of the Cars to the legendary Tom Scott. There are some great pop tunes written by Andy Mendelson, but the comparisons with his former bandleader go beyond their sharing the same first name. This sounds like a lost Andy Pratt album. Mendelson sounds so close to Pratt vocally that you'd think they are brothers; Pratt's voice is better, though, and his material has also stood the test of time. Still, tunes like "Hold On" and "Sweet Persuasion" have great pop sensibilities. This is perfectly crafted music -- a little too perfect at times -- and Mendelson's voice is a paradox; it is not up to the standards of the playing, leaning more toward the new wave that was happening in Boston when this album was released (on a label best known for Melissa Manchester and Barry Manilow). It's a strange mix of adult contemporary pop with a street vocal. Where the Dwight Twilley Band pulled it off, Mendelson only almost does. "Outside My Window" is truly unique, a perfect tune for Art Garfunkel's solo albums being released around this same time period, and very much like Garfunkel's solo hit "Breakaway." It is too bad that Mendelson broke away from Pratt's ensemble. They had an energy and multiple major label albums, along with a minor hit single that generated interest. This album would have been dynamite if it had been made for a publisher to promote these tunes to other artists. If Pratt let Mendelson open for his shows and somehow kept him in the band, history may have been kinder to the fine music in these grooves. Maslin's production is full-bodied here, and superior to his homogenization of the Nervous Eaters, perhaps because he engineered that record as well, and Richard Mendelson did the engineering chores here. Richard also co-wrote one song, "We All Fall Down." The two brothers would eventually buy the Cars' studio, Syncro Sound, which the Cars purchased from people involved with the G-Clefs, at a time when the first Aerosmith album was tracked at Intermedia (to add a little more Boston rock & roll history to this mix). The Mendelson brothers were important elements of the scene, and command respect for their skills. As with the aforementioned Nervous Eaters, Andy Mendelson needed to be able to stretch his talents out over four or five albums. There are some very fine moments here; "Lifetime Woman" has some highs, but there are also flaws that Pratt could have fixed very nicely. Had they collaborated on this project, it might really have been something special. "Fire in the Night" is indicative of the merits and the problems with the album: It has a strong, strong hook but needed verses of equal power. Respectable, entertaining, but not quite there.

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Tuesday August 23 2022 Retro Active CD Greg Paquette / LilHanky Panky YFM Radio, Johannesburg /

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Sunday August 21, 2022 IPD Green on Radio What The Salt Water Summers WMWM Salem 8/20/22 / lil Hanky Panky SPECIAL on Good Music Radio

 From Demo That Got The Deal (TM) Vol 5

11:19 AM #Sunday Aug 21, 2022 @IPDKg @zionrock #JoeViglioneMedia thank you www.radiowhat.com #DemothatgotthedealVOl5 with IPD Green 
Thank you #BobNelson WMWM for playing the new Salt Water Summers 2022 yesterday August 20 2022 on What's Happening Radio: The Salt Water Summers 2022 #Saturday #August 20 2022 @RadioRaccoon #JoeViglioneMedia @WMWMSalem 91.7 FM @Spotify here https://open.spotify.com/album/5N4lAEEtEyceNplLwlrmUz #MusicSupervisor #AnnaRomanoff @AnnaTheRoman #Summerof2022 #SummerVibes #Beachparty #FilmMusic #PerfectDay #MeandYou @TheSpinRoom00 #Pop  

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July 4 2024 Lots of You in My Life / Lonely Oak Radio Amazing Radio Metro West Daily

  Thx #LonelyOakRadio Lots of You in My Life https://tinyurl.com/LotsSpotify on @Spotify @CliveDavis @barrymanilow @CliveDavisInst #mu...