Friday, July 1, 2016

July at CLUB BOHEMIA Saturday July 30, 2016

All bands and times subject to change!
Same with the price
JULY 30, 2016

Whoopi Sticks
Electric Octopus
Marianne Toilet and The Runs
Carissa Johnson


Carissa Johnson

Marianne Toilet and The Runs

Electric Octoups

Whoopi Sticks

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Also we chatted with Mickey this shows proceeds are being donated to
the Boston Dyke March

Thursday AUGUST 4, 2016  

11  Blue Monic
10  The Facc Tones
9  Vanishing Point
8 Baylios Band 

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Thursday  August 11, 2016

8 pm - Water Walk

9 pm - In Ivy

10 pm - Jive McFly

11 pm - Stains Of A Sunflower

11)Stains of a Sunflower
10)Jive McFly
9) In Ivy
8)Water Walk   

Thursday August 18, 2016  $8.00
The Furs
Miracle Blood
Dead Trains


Thursday September 29th set time 8 PM





   Well, one of our all-time favorite Boston bands, the Rentals, echo back to reality with their prime motivating force, techno wizards Jeff and Jane Hudson  releasing THE MIDDLE cd which includes two re-worked Rentals classics, “Elephants” and “Gertrude Stein.”  The three minutes and fifty-three seconds of “Up Til Now,” track 6, groove along with the proficiency we’ve come to expect from the sound research that this collaborative engage in. With Greg Hawks going ukulele and Lord Manuel Smith exercising his creativity in an alternate reality, Jeff and Jane have the genre cornered throughout this New England region. Opening with the title track, a forest of cosmic sounds,  Jeff Hudson gives a hypnotic reading that climbs a spiral audio ladder gathered from some hidden place of inner space. “Innocent” – a haunting song Jane sings as if locked in some glass prism, the synth-bassline directs as it also drives the dance beat. Friday 1 is simply amazing, 3-D depth with persistence of aural vision. The guitars annunciate as the keyboards set the pace, drums rollicking along as if a human got inside the computer beat…Andyroo is playing Club Bohemia with his charming and unique philosophical outrospection as found in “Booster Buddy,” “Monkeys Bedazzling” and “Wizard Love.”

If his techno splashes don’t open for Jeff and Jane onstage, they do here. “Wizard Love” sounds like a young Todd Rundgren pre-Utopia, a quasi-Hello People searching for M. Frog LeBat.   Going over Joe Vig’s Top 10 for his Pop Explosion 1-3 pm Wednesdays on BostonFreeRadio dot com the exciting music you can hear at the Cantab and Club Bohemia is so radio friendly. “What’s Going On” by Peak Fifteen a remarkable and very modern re-working of the Marvin Gaye classic.   Jon Butcher giving “If Six Was Nine” his magic on the playlist, along with Jonzun Crew/New Kids on Block guitarist Tony Rock’s “Do It For Love.”  Rocks and Butcher have two separate Hendrix tributes out there. Tune in to Ed Wrobleski’s Talking Hendrix show, just added to 6 PM on Boston Free Radio’s Wednesdays.   Butcher and Rocks should do a show at Bohemia and have Raised by Wolves open. They were incredible in June with their debut at Bohemia, performing Hendrix, Harry Nilsson, Santana and their own originals.
____________________________________________________________________________JOE VIG POP EXPLOSION FOR JUNE/JULY 2016
1)UP TIL NOW – JEFF AND JANE HUDSON from the CD  The Middle
2)I’m Not In Love – Kid Gulliver
3)Wizard Love  - AndyRoo
4)Roommates – Mokita
5)We’ve Got a Movement – Elsewhere
6)Punta Cana – Ditto
7)Kings – Positive Negative Man
8)If Six Was Nine – Jon Butcher
9)What’s Going ON Peak Fifteen
10)Do It For Love – Tony Rocks
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Saturday, July 2, 2016

Apollo Blue
Violet Intent
Hybrid Blinds

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Apollo Blue



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July 1, 2016  $10.00  Downstairs at Cantab


Tomorrow night at the Cantab Lounge, Cambridge MA. ! We're gonna start this 4th of July weekend with a an Explosive BANG! Come and Rock-out with Echoes In The Void and all the great performances that will be happening , check out this Awesome line-up: Ronnica Maximilian Wentz Order 66 Mental Pause Devious Intentions ! Get ready to Rage in the name of Independence ! \m/, 😁 !
 Show starts at 8pm ends at 1:30am

Maximilian Wentz*
Echoes In the Void*
Order 66*
Mental Pause*
Devious Intentions*

Please make sure all drum sets are built and guitars are tuned before you hit the stage.

The above from the promoter.  All artists and times subject to change.


Upstairs at the Cantab Lounge

Boston Soul Revue July 1, 2016 at the Cantab Lounge. Ring in July, Ring in SUMMER 2016 with the Boston Soul Revue

$10.00   Midnight: Devious Intentions

Thursday July 7, 2016  
all acts and times subject to change, of course!
Thursday July 7, 2016  10:00 PM  DJ J. Lisk Tropical and D.J. Pop    9:00 PM Chucky Slick and Chedda SK 10:00 PM  DJ J. Lisk Tropical and D.J. Pop

9:00 PM Chucky Slick and Chedda SK

Hey Friends! On Friday July 8th The Guilloteenagers will be having a rocknroll release party for their first album "Cheeseballs To The Wall" atClub Bohemia Cambridge Massachusetts
featuring the rocknroll stylings of:

War Graves

Psychic Dog

The Guilloteenagers

The Nuclears

Fun starts at 9pm

$8 at the door

FRIDAY JULY 8, 2016 !!!!


Hey Friends! On Friday July 8th The Guilloteenagers will be having a rocknroll release party for their first album "Cheeseballs To The Wall" atClub Bohemia Cambridge Massachusetts

featuring the rocknroll stylings of:

War Graves

Psychic Dog

The Guilloteenagers
The Nuclears

Fun starts at 9pm
$8 at the door

you bet there will be cheeseballs.



Thursday July 14, 2016  Bucky Fereke and the Pony Express, Gehan and Back of Beyond and Derek W. Curtis

Times and bands subject to change.
July 14   

   Saturday July 16  $10.00  

Midnight  Triax Coalition, 
11 PM Sounds of the Fallen  
10 PM  Friendly Psychic  Strangers
9 PM The Scally Wags

Triax Coalition

Sounds of the Fallen

Friendly Psychic Strangers 

July 21   $8.00

This Thursday at Club Bohemia The Breakfast Project, Department of Everything, Andyroo 8 pm - midnight July 21 Club Bohemia downstairs at the Cantab Lounge Central Sq. Cambridge


Department of Everything can be found at: 

7/22  Friday night  PSYCHO RETURNS!  $8.00

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 Saturday  July 23, 2016    $8.00

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12  Alosi Den
11   Dead Elect
10   Andy Sadowsky
9     All Talk
Killer Saturdaze w/ Mickey

Event Page

All Talk (homecoming)

Andy Sadoway

Dead Elect

Alosi Den

JULY 28, 2016  Thursday  $8.00

11  Madam Bruja 
10 Grey Joy
9   My Mother's Moustache
8   Positive Negative Man

 July 28

Midnight  My Mother's Moustache



July 29th  $8.00

Drat the Luck (NC Punk) w/ Boston's long lost son, Brian Michael Leary
Next Tune
Street Band


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