Monday, January 2, 2023

Raccoon Radio, Bob Nelson Jan 1 2023 / Salt Water Summers 2021 / Greg Walsh - Blank Tape on The Spin Room / Andrae Carter In This World - New Music Radio /

9:52 pm #Monday #january 2 2022 on Spin Room Blanktape by Greg Walsh Produced by #DavidMinehan of Neighborhoods. Sounds great over the speakers. Thanks, Lou. I think Minehan is on guitar. Walsh is drummer in Pop Gun #joeviglionemedia on @lspinna #NewGhosts 

 Raccoon Radio, Bob Nelson, did a special show noon to 3 with local music etc ....playlist --- at WMWM Salem. Jan 1, 2023. Thanks for playing THE SALT WATER SUMMERS! The Summer Song of All Time.... #joeviglionemedia

#MusicSupervisors #Music

Raccoon Radio airplay #wmwm #salem #Mass. Jan 1 2023 1hour 32 in on link Salt Water Summers THANKS @RadioRaccoon "Catchy, a song he's remixed a number of times over the years." #JoeViglioneMedia @WMWMSalem @RadioBoston @BBCR1 #pop

airplay wmwm salem Mass. Jan 1 2023 1hour 32 in on link Salt Water Summers 2021 version

2:31 AM #January 2 2023 on YouTube In This World @AndraeCarter @zionrock @lspinna thanks #SteveGarnett #NewMusicRadio #joeviglionemedia @YouTubeCreators

9:06 pm on The Spin Room  9:06 pm on The Spin Room #January 2 2022 #Monday night #Wav file of I Wanna Cry will sound even better for the upcoming anthology #DemothatGottheDealVol5 from

  Song Review by Joe Viglione  [-]

Songwriter Bobby Womack released this superb tune on his 1975 Safety Zone album, but in its form as the sleeper track on Janis Joplin's 1971 Pearl album, "Trust Me" emerges with great power, a performance that is Janis at her absolute best. Her voice goes from sweet in the first couple of lines to raspy when she so knowingly issues lines like "the older the grape, the sweeter the wine." Ken Pearson's organ works wonderfully alongside Bobby Womack's acoustic guitar and John Till's electric. Paul Rothchild's production work is simply amazing, choreographing this thick array of sounds and piecing them together perfectly, Brad Campbell's bass and Richard Bell's piano lines both dancing inside the changes. Listen to Clark Pierson's definite drums as the song fades out, a solid team effort recorded on September 25, 1970, just a week and a half before Janis would leave us. In a small catalog of work, "Trust Me" shows what truly gifted art Janis Joplin brought to this world. Having Womack participating is a treat, the element of the songwriter working with the interpreter and their camaraderie as a major contribution to this definitive version cannot be overlooked. The creative energy is in these grooves and one doesn't have to imagine how magical the room must have been when this music was made. It translates very well. As "Me & Bobby McGee" has been overplayed, "Trust Me" has been underexposed. This key piece of the Pearl album concisely shows Janis Joplin as the equal of Bessie Smith, Big Mama Thornton, Billie Holiday, Otis Redding and her other heroes. At certain moments during this song Joplin eclipses even those gods.

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Greg Walsh "Blanktape" New Music Radio Jan 26, 2023 / Radio What Jan 25 / Counting Down, Greg Walsh

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