Friday, May 28, 2021

The Kenneth Highland Interview Friday May 28, 2021 Interview by Ms. Janis Reed MAY ARTIST OF THE MONTH

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Janis Reed: What Music Is Kenneth Highland making in May of 2021?

Kenne: I'm doing my own originals with Kenne Highland's Air Force. a variety of late '60s infuences, Byrds country-rock, San Francisco psychedlic; basically WCMF Rochester NY summer '68 (cf. to WBCN same era). "Suckin' in the '70s" also recording with mad painter whom I have dubbed "Heep/Purple". I saw Uriah heep do "stealin'" on Don Kirshner maybe September '73 and we DID finally record a version. check out my youtube channel, Lowell Street studios is supposed to post things


2)How do you listen to music these, internet, TV?

Listening to music: WJIB 740 AM, Bob Bittner used to be program director WADD, Brockport NY; my radio class broadcast there in '74. ALso the bumper music on George Noory's Coast to Coast AM WRKO. Internet I am all over the WORLD: ethnic radio stations of all sorts but my favourites equal my father's 1959 mediteranean cruise. TV; unless it's masterpiece Theater, I binge on ION's action/cop shows THO Scandal on Court TV at 0600 has THE greatest soul music soundtrack! And watching Stevie Wonder vinyl albums spinning on a turntable.....

3)Are You writing a new album?

3) "am I writing a new album?" I'm the only one whom sees the brighter side of Joe Vig and Co-Vid! No gigs/no clubs/"No Fun", I got back to where I once belongs, early 1973, cold, hour from Niagra Falls, Brockport NY where I had guitar/records/fanzine and I worked six days a week...

what's different? ("I'm not 16 and savaged, tho I should listen to it soon again). Without playing live in four bands doing NON-Kenne songs, I got to write Kenne songs or how the hell do you think those Gizmos songs got written?

I was pushin' a broom when "That's Cool' came to me. So yes, Dino records gonna do another kenne album, so I have incentive to write songs. Writer's block? Mental blocks? Building blocks? "all we are saying ….is give peace a chance!" (Funny how a Scouser talked Cockney ehyming slang!)"......

4)What are your thoughts on Club Bohemia in context of the music scene in Boston and Cambridge and what other clubs offer the same open door policies? Talk to Kenneth Highland on Facebook

4) My thoughts on Club Bohemia and Boston clubs. 

1974 Brockport NY, the barge Inn. Bad Company covers. 12 March 77. the real Kids doing Eddie Cochran's "Jeanie Jeanie Jeanie". I moved here for a reason and not just because Ma's Spencer and Blodgett ancestors were in 1630s Harvard Square (to which, playing the Devil's Music, I'd be "hangin' from the Gallows Poll"!)... 


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