Saturday, February 3, 2024

Phil daRosa "Away," JonFX This Christmas" WBCA Count Viglione WMWM K Britz / Phil Darosa WBCA Faraday 2/3/24

 Phil daRosa "Away" and JonFX This Christmas @WBCARadio 102.9 fm #Boston Friday 2/2/24 @phillydmusic @jonfavs @JONFXMUSIC @RAOFMusicLLC @zionrock  

The Salt Water Summers, Kind by @KBRITZofficial on @WMWMSalem #joeviglionemedia @RadioRaccoon @MedfordMedia @AriMelber hear: @DailySternShow @RobFraboni Birthday celebration May 11 @kenny_guitar #pop

WBCA Sat night Feb 3 2024 @phillydmusic @Visualradio2023 Faraday from #BostonRockandRollAnthology21 #Soundexchange @soundexchange @BeyondDawnRadio @RadioRaccoon @BBCR1 @nprfreshair hear #Techno #dance #space #hendrix #experimental

American Beauties  
review via @TMR
#joeviglionemedia @BostonHeraldENT
website: Apr 6 Sat Square Root Album Release @ 8:00pm @ABeauties

                  January Grey on #lonelyoakradio from @phillydmusic
@MLC_US website join Phil on Facebook @soundexchange @MusicBizAssoc @music
@AppleMusic @amazonmusic @AudiamMusic @Visualradio2023 on Youtube @youtubemusic

"Way Too Long" 
"Way Too Long" @Jourdanmusic2 on #BeamFMlive also on @WBCARadio @Activate_Media @BeyondDawnRadio see review #joeviglionemedia @SoundExchange @AudiamMusic @zionrock @RAOFMusicLLC @MLC_US @AppleMusic hear @youtubemusic @youtube #Music  
website join Sean on Facebook @soundexchange @MusicBizAssoc @music
@AppleMusic @amazonmusic @AudiamMusic @Visualradio2023 on Youtube @youtubemusic @iTunes @Deezer @SeanWalsheMusic @Howiewoodpromo @MLC_US   
website @soundexchange @MusicBizAssoc @music
@AppleMusic @amazonmusic @AudiamMusic @Visualradio2023 on Youtube @youtubemusic @iTunes @Deezer @SeanWalsheMusic @Howiewoodpromo @MLC_US #americana @WBCARadio @RadioRaccoon  

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