Monday, July 17, 2023

Joe Viglione / Can't Wait to See You Smile on Radio What / Steve Keith "Way Yout Here" on Good Music Radio / Sunshyne P BTD Radio / Jack Phillips WBCA Let's Drink to Us" / Sean Walshe, Steve Dennis WBCA / Steve Keith / Lucy Morningstar

 4:53 AM #July6 2023 Views16 Thanks #RadioWhat for airing a track from #LoveSongsJustForYou #VarulvenRecords a variation on the upcoming cd #REVISIONISTHISTORYRETROSPECTIVE HERE @youtubemusic #joeviglionemedia #MusicSupervisors #FilmandMusic #Musicandfilm  

Way Out Here by Steve Keith 7:32 AM · Jul 4, 2023
Views 66 #Thanks #GoodMusicRadio #privatelightning @adshermanvoice #FACEBOOK here Baselines Designs, Also Soundcloud: #joeViglioneMedia @BeyondDawnRadio #pop

Jack Phillips "Let's Drink to Us" on @WBCARadio WBCA's local mix of Jazz, Blues #joeviglionemedia July 16, 2023 #Sunday 10 pm to midnight @recordmachine
Thank you #BrettRodrigues and @BNN_Television @JackPhillipsNYC

12:50 am Monday July 17, 2023 Steve Dennis "Lighthouse Inn" on WBCA Boston

Count Viglione headlines June 29, 1978, the Cars headline June 30, July 1 and July 2, 1978 8:30 pm and 11 pm Tickets 5.50 for the Cars, $3.50 to see me, but I got to be the independent contractor for the club after we did so well, and booked the room for about 18 years. I believe that I hold the world's record for performances there at 49 Here's a side note, the room was the famous Boston Club (Ian Lloyd and Stories, lots of major acts) and my friend Richard Nolan and Third Rail shut it down (a possible riot happened end of closing.) When Madam Tussaud's Wax Museum burned down the wax figures went to the old Boston Club. It reopened as Dummies and Richard Nolan became the booking agent. I closed down Dummies. It reopened as Boston's Best Concert Club and when my shows did so well, June 29, 1978, Dec 2, 1978, the agency asked me to put shows in. I put hundreds of shows into the venue. So the torch was passed from Nolan to me and Boston Rock and Roll History will never be the same!    
Small Price to Pay Sean Walshe @SeanWalsheMusic 6:41 pm #July 15 2023, from the #AmericanSon CD produced by @robfraboni #joeviglionemedia @WBCARadio @BNN_Television

Small Price to Pay Sean Walshe @SeanWalsheMusic 6:41 pm #July 15 2023 from the #AmericanSon CD produced by @robfraboni #joeviglionemedia @WBCARadio @BNN_Television
@Howiewoodpromo @PowderfingerPR #Ivanneville @AronoffOFFICIAL #BlondieChaplin @IvanNeville

Epiphany #4 by @seanWalsheMusic 12:58 am #July 17 2023 #Sunday from the #AmericanSon CD produced by @robfraboni #joeviglionemedia @WBCARadio @BNN_Television
@Howiewoodpromo @PowderfingerPR #Ivanneville @AronoffOFFICIAL #BlondieChaplin @IvanNeville #Pop

Horse Latitudes 9:31 pm Steve Keith July 13 2023  
Horse Latitudes 9:31 pm Steve Keith July 13 2023 @WBCARadio @BNN_Television #joeviglionemedia #Privatelightning

8:48 am July 11, 2023 65 views "Enchanted Glasses" #Thanks #GoodMusicRadio #privatelightning @adshermanvoice Baselines Designs, Soundcloud: #joeViglioneMedia @BeyondDawnRadio #pop

8:40 AM · Jul 7, 2023 Views 30 Thanks #CatorWebRadio @RAOFMusicLLC @zionrock #joeViglione

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Greg Paquette "Absolute Crime" WBCA Boston 1:53 am October 2, 2023 Monday / Sean Walshe "Emmet's Song" 12:27 am

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