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Boney Derrington "Profile," YFM Johannesburg / Absolute Crime - Greg Paquette - Leadoff Song WMWM Salem 8-13-22 / Dalia Davis Beatles Bridges / Friend Joe Viglione WMWM 1:14 pm


9:05 AM #August 7 2022 #Sunday #Profile the song Profile on #YFM @ReggaeRevellers @BoneyDerrington Read @zionrock #JoeViglioneMedia #Dancehall #ReggaePop #HipHop on YouTube @youtubemusic


Absolute Crime w/Leah Kolvatz aired as FIRST SONG on WMWM #Saturday #August 13 2022 Noon @WMWMSalem @RadioRaccoon @gregpaquette5 @whats_radio What's Happening Radio #JoeViglioneMedia @AaronBorenstein #GregPaquetteMusic #TheWorldinBlue hear original version

8:54 PM #August 12 2022 #DaliaDavis @DaliaDavisMusic #JoeViglioneMedia 

1:33 AM #August 8 2022 #Monday Greg Paquette Absolute Crime on #GoodMusicRadio Thx Tony #JoeViglioneMedia @gregpaquette5 original version on #YouTube @YouTube #GregPaquetteMusic #TheWorldinBlue #MusicSupervisors #Musicalplay #Drama #ScienceFiction #Music

As I was posting this - after looking for an appropriate "Friend" post, I then heard Bob Nelson playing my song "Friend" 1:15 pm on WMWM 91.7 FM Salem. What a coincidence. Thanks ! Totally coincidental as I was looking for a proper post before the song started to play. Great minds thinking alike. My life has improved immensely surrounding myself only with good people, supportive of each other, and careful with our friendships. "Friendship is a delicate thing and needs to be tended to in order to flourish." A JV quote and philosophy at 1:24 pm Saturday August 13, 2022

7:15 AM #Saturday #August 6 2022 Thanks @gregpaquette5 #TheWorldInBlue #GregPaquetteMusic #JoeViglioneMedia on YouTube #PickYourselfUp 

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Aug 12 / Radio What / Pick Yourself Up - Greg Paquette /


9:55 AM · Aug 12, 2022 @gregpaquette5 #Friday #PickYourselfUp #JoeViglioneMedia Thanks #Radiowhat on Amazon @amazonmusic @AmazonStudios #MusicSupervision #Films #FilmMusic #TWIB #Blue #Bluearchive #GregPaquetteMusic #Hologram #Pop 

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August 11 2022 Greg Paquette, Pick Yourself Up / Tom Mich YFM /


2:17 PM #August #Thirsdau 11, 2022 @gregpaquette5 on OnLineRadioBox #JoeViglioneMedia #GregPaquetteMusic #TheWorldinBlue #Musicsupervisor  

2:41 AM #August 8 2022 #Monday @TomMichJR1 @3dJt3 Table scraps on YFM #BostonRockandRollAnthology21 @gregpaquette5 #JoeViglioneMedia #TomMichMusic #MusicSupervisors Avaliable at @UB_Superstore 256 Cambridge St, Burlington, MA Used Book Superstore (781) 272-6650 #guitarplayer

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Aug 9 Radio What! Pick Yourself Up / Greg Paquette / Cox Radio "The Salt Water Summers" John Tamilio III @Hawthorne Hotel Aug 12 and 13th Friday and Saturday


2:08 AM #August 9 2022 #Tuesday #LastFM @lastfm @lastfmstatus @gregpaquette5 @DaveRagin Last Fm "Pick Yourself Up" #JoeViglioneMedia thanks #RadioWhat #TheWorldInBlue

Thanks to #CoxMusicShow for playing #TheSaltWaterSummers #MusicSupervisors #FilmMusic #MagicalSounds #JoeViglioneMedia #YorkBeach @bjplattner @3dJt3 @hdmusicnow "Such a perfect day, made for me and you" #Summer is here! @Variety_Film @wbpictures @Spotify

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August 8 2022 The Old Joe Clarks / Neil Sedaka and Songs /


Neil Sedaka and Songs Review


by Joe Viglione


Neil Sedaka and Songs looks like a special album the moment you open the gatefold to this double vinyl package. Six pages of personal photographs, some taken by Sedaka himself, others of the singer posed with Carole King, Connie Francis, Barbara Streisand, and co-writers Howie Greenfield and Phil Cody, combine with 36 performances for an intimate snapshot of an important artist with just his piano, voice, and many stories. It is brilliant, capturing the naked essence of a pop maestro without the strings, drumbeats, and production tricks others may use to hide potential flaws. And there are no major gaffes here, the term consummate performer created for people like Neil Sedaka. "Betty Grable" is the 31st of 36 titles which the singer/songwriter rattles off with ease and elegance; like every track here, it shimmers with life and is performed with total professionalism. This is a living history of this artist, beginning with Chopin's "Fantasy Impromptu" and followed by 17 Sedaka/Greenfield compositions, from the Connie Francis hits "Stupid Cupid" and a tremendous "Where the Boys Are" to "The Diary"; "Oh Carol"; "Stairway to Heaven"; "Calendar Girl," the original "Breaking Up Is Hard to Do"; the latter-day minor hit "Amarillo," which Sedaka states sold three million units for Tony Christie in Europe; a brilliant rendition of the tune written for chanteuse Jane Oliver, "One More Ride on the Merry-Go-Round"; up to the first composition included here co-written by Phil Cody, the poignant "Solitaire." It is one of only four titles Cody contributes, the others include their first hit together, "Laughter in the Rain," the John Lennon-inspired "The Immigrant," and an autobiographical "Brighton." Neil Sedaka rarely writes without one of his partners, but three of his solo efforts contain his own lyrics: "Leba's Song (Any Where You're Gonna Be)" (written for his wife), "Standing on the Inside," and the Top 30 "That's When the Music Takes Me," which hit two years prior to this 1977 recording. The drama and majesty of "Cardboard California" becomes an extraordinary example of Sedaka's piano technique and audience rapport. They start clapping along on "That's When the Music Takes Me," the only accompaniment on this disc. The encore is the 1975 slow version of the 1962 up-tempo hit performed earlier, "Breaking Up Is Hard to Do." There is no exact date of the concert written on this album, which was released in 1977, and most likely recorded at that time as well. The 1976 RCA release, Sedaka Live in Australia, recorded when daughter Dara Sedaka was seven, also fails to document the tour date, which was about 1970, and was released almost simultaneously with this record to capitalize on the new found fame, featuring an orchestra conducted by Lionel Huntington. There are many Neil Sedaka live recordings, but these two in particular are good to compare the depth of the artist while performing with and without other instrumentation. He captivates audiences with the same command Carole King and Neil Diamond have over their fans while performing live, and this disc includes just the right amount of talk in between the tracks to keep the flow going without distraction. Neil Sedaka and Songs is a very fine representation of Neil Sedaka's recorded history.



 The Old Joe Clarks  

November Review


by Joe Viglione


November is a laid-back, dreamy album which develops with its own identity before hints of the Traveling Wilburys begin to take form and prior to singer/central figure Mike Coykendall putting his emphasis on Bob Dylan fronting the Band. That kicks in on track five, "The Bright Side," which, like the very Byrds-ish "Wasted Star" before it, also brings the tempo up a pace by jolting the listener out of the temporary dream state the tight band creates. At this point, Coykendall actually sounds like Tom Petty emulating Dylan on very strong material, which takes some time to get used to. It's one of those discs which creeps up on you, taking you by surprise after giving it a chance to spin a couple or three times. The opening track, "Outward & Beyond," sets the stage for the pretty pop with country overtones. It is music that works better when it is less derivative, as on the short, but very sweet, two minutes and 30 seconds of "Following Rainbows." That song re-finds the strength of earlier numbers -- "...what it would be like to be without rainbows" -- a really terrific concept of how the inspired chase either a musical dream or a love interest or both, and how time gets tighter as the years move by during the process. A real nugget. "Haven't Got Forever" follows and seems to back up that concept. "Only So Long" is equally inspired -- picture Pink Floyd going folk-rock unplugged. The album concludes with a solo acoustic piece from Mike Coykendall, which the liners credit "Recorded at FM radio Charlie Maxton." November is a really novel experience, methodical and ambient guitar that fills in around the singer's interesting thoughts.


Professional Murder Music Review


by Joe Viglione


There are some interesting musical passages on Professional Murder Music, and the lyrics are well-crafted, but where Black Sabbath's debut decades before churned out a chunk of dark rock that has lasted, there is not enough identifying structure here. Sure, the guitars blast nicely on "Does It Dream," and the additional vocals by Aimee Echo have charm, but singer Roman Marisak sounds like he listened to Kurt Cobain over and over and over again. Josh Abraham's production is adequate for 2001, but the incessant Sly Stone "Dance to the Music" riff that bubbles underneath seemed more determined when Janet Jackson ripped it off. Justin Bennett's drums should explode like cannons, but they take a back seat to the quagmire of keys and guitars; those instruments are certainly a good thing but, by not putting everything at full blast, they fail to fulfill the promise. New groups are navigating in uncharted waters and some, like Verbow and Rehab, are doing interesting things with melodies and new sounds. Other groups like Godsmack and Nine Inch Nails need a good smack now and again to put some creative spark back. You can bake some songs like a cake, and "These Days" on Professional Murder Music sounds like one part OhGr, a dash of Kraftwerk, a quarter cup of "death metal," and some emotion that Iron Maiden gave us centuries ago. It's fun for a moment or two, but is it going to stick around? "Sleep Deprivation" gets a bit monotonous -- and it's too bad -- the lyrical sentiment is somewhat original. When Jack Ely sang "Louie Louie," the big thing was trying to figure him out, but the vocals are buried so deeply in the mix here you need to read the enclosed liners to figure out what's being sung. Geffen released a four-song EP with the radio edit of "Slow," demo versions of "Your World" and "Sleep Deprivation," and a version of "A Night Like This" (originally recorded by the Cure). These gems are not on the full-length CD. Tom Lord-Alge did the mix. It's listenable, but the band seems to have more to give that hasn't been brought out yet. A little more originality might go a long way if they are to have any future.


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Aug 7 Leah Kolvatz/Greg Paquette ABSOLUTE CRIME Good Music Radio


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WMWM Playlist / Greg Paquette: Absolute Crime, WMWM / Pick Yourself Up / Radio What / Tom Rush Interview /

   enclosed screenshot playlist for today

WMWM 91.7 Salem MA
What's Happening Sat Aug 6 12:15-3 pm


Greg Paquette's "Absolute Crime" featuring #LeahKolvatz thank you @RadioRaccoon Raccoon Radio @TheSpinRoom00 @gregpaquette5 @DaveRagin @TomMichJR1 @3dJt3 #JoeViglioneMedia @WMWMSalem read review here: 12:59 pm #Saturday #August 6 2022 @BeyondDawnRadio #pop tune in to WMWM 12-3 on Saturdays with Raccoon Bob Nelson

Tom Rush @tomrushmusic interview on Non Visual Radio / Pop Explosion 1/15/2020 @peternoone #JoeViglioneMedia @RadioRaccoon @recordmachine @TheSpinRoom00 @BeyondDawnRadio

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Greg Paquette Pick Yourself Up / Radio What / Aug 3 2022 / 11 1/2 Dalia Davis - Radio What /


11:15 AM #wednesday #August 3 2022 #PickYourselfUp from Greg Paquette @gregpaquette5 #JoeViglioneMedia @TheSpinRoom00 from RETRO ACTIVE on @amazonmusic #MusicSupervisors @TomMichJR1 @BAudioscam @3dJt3 Thanks #RadioWhat

6:04 PM · Aug 2, 2022

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August 2 2022 Table Scraps, Tom Mich, Boston RR Anthology 21 MARK SKIN RADIO


Marian Ferro played Table Scraps from Boston Rock and Roll Anthology #21 6:55 pm Tuesday August 2 2022 on Mark Skin Radio @3dJt3 @TomMichJR1 @gregpaquette5 #JoeViglioneMedia @recordmachine @TheSpinRoom00 @RadioRaccoon @MarkSkinRadio Thanks #MarianFerro 

Greg Paquette "Setting Sun" 7:33 pm Tuesday #August 2 2022 on @MarkSkinRadio @gregpaquette5 @DaveRagin @3dJt3 @TomMichJR1 Thanks #MarianFerro #TheWorldInBlue #JoeViglioneMedia

August 2 2022 Lou Spinnazola Playlist / Learnin' Tom Mich / "Into the Sunset" Greg Paquette / "Peace" Dalia Davis / "The Salt Water Summers" Larry Lessard Mix 3 Joe Viglione


3:14 PM #August 1 2022 #Monday The song "Profile" on #YFM Radio #Johannesburg South Africa Hear the song on #YouTube here #Dancehallfusion #fusion #ReggaeRap #RapReggae @zionrock Thanks #IndieRadioYFM @BoneyDerrington #JamaicaRock #PopDancehall #Jamaica

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August 1 2022 Tom Mich on The Spin Room "Learnin' " / Into the Sunset Greg Paquette on The Spin Room / The Salt Water Summers - Count Viglione / Boney Derrington Profile on YFM


"Learnin" 9:04 pm 8-1-2022 Tom Mich @TomMichJR1 @TheSpinRoom00 @lspinna @recordmachine Lou plays a clip of #JimiHoll talking to Tom from the Record Machine Show @youtubemusic Track 7 "Learnin" #JoeViglioneMedia @gregpaquette5 @DaveRagin @bjplattner @3dJt3
Monday #August 1 9:57 pm #IntotheSunset @lspinna @TheSpinRoom00 Greg Paquette @gregpaquette5 #JoeViglioneMedia #DemothatgotthedealVol5 The Spin Room #TheWorldinBlue #LouReed @LouReed @thevelvetTO #MGMRecords #Summernight #August1

Thanks for playing PEACE by Dalia Davis 10:18 pm August 1, 2022 Monday @TheSpinRoom00 @lspinna @BirdMancini @DaliaDavisMusic #JoeViglioneMedia on The Spin Room from the CD KEEP A CLEAN ENGINE

The Salt Water Summers #LarryLessard Mix 3 #Engineer on The Spin Room #10:39 pm #August 1 2022 #Monday @lspinna @recordmachine @RadioRaccoon @TheSpinRoom00 @PeterCalo1 Peter Calo all instruments #Meandyouandmeandyou #Suchaperfectday

The Salt Water Summers #Monday #August 1 2022 #DanielBoone #Wav file @petercalo1 Calo's amazing guitars carrieluan
Good happy tune here-:) The Spin Room with #LouSpinnazola @TheSpinRoom00 #joeviglionemedia @joeviglione #LarryLessard #Engineer #TheCount #CountViglione #PopMusic

Boney Derrington "Profile," YFM Johannesburg / Absolute Crime - Greg Paquette - Leadoff Song WMWM Salem 8-13-22 / Dalia Davis Beatles Bridges / Friend Joe Viglione WMWM 1:14 pm

  9:05 AM #August 7 2022 #Sunday #Profile the song Profile on #YFM @ReggaeRevellers @BoneyDerrington Read