Thursday, June 20, 2019

Thursday 6-20-19 @ Club Bohemia R & B NIGHT

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Thursday night, June 20, 2019
R & B Night Presented By... Unique Talent


10 pm CGUWAAP Madison

9 Eric Freeman

8 pm  Wes Side


Anthony Nicolosi
Title: Talent Agent 
Company: Unique Talent Management  
Club-Bohemia updated Tonight 10 pm CGUWAAP Madison 9 Eric Freeman 8 pm Wes Side
Thursday June 20, 2019

Friday June 21, 2019
Doors at 9

Central Underground
Bob Diesel

Saturday June 22, 2019
We are so excited to announce The Shakes will be playing at Club Bohemia on June 22nd, WITH
guests Vitamin Sun!ith special Get excited, get weird, bring your friends, let's party. Can't wait to see you there! And don't forget, cash only!

Thursday June 27, 2019
Ft. Jess
The Savior
Come join Juniper’s first summer show at the Cantab Lounge in Cambridge, MA, with special guest Jess, The Savior! The show is located in the lower level of the Cantab, Club Bohemia. Address is 738 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA. Cover charge is $7 at the door. 21+ with valid ID.

Juniper the Band

June 28
Bang Adged Up
200 Proof

June 29, 2019


Still Life at Cantab's club BOHEMIA

 · Hosted by Ken Jung and Michael Cantara

June 29
bring your friends // bring your SOs // bring yourselves

Come celebrate the music of Still Life in our last (?) show, Saturday the 29th at Cantab!

We will be the first band in the night's lineup, and we'll be playing a 45m set of originals and covers. Our music will start promptly at 8pm.

Cover: $10 cash only

Here are videos from Saturday evening's performance! Featuring Mickey Bliss!
and a review from Johnny Svudmaster

"Cocktails for Two"

"Video Lizards"

"Venus Dressed in Plastic Garbage"

image.pngwrote a review:

“People should go to this show!!! Mickey Bliss has been a staple in this community 4EVR, I am not affiliated with the booking or promotion, I just think if you wanna support a true local legend and upstanding pillar of the Boston music scene, now is your chance! Come experience the man behind the famous bowlcut/suit & tie combo that's been keeping Club Bohemia on it's feet for years.” – Ian Voland, an attendee Saturday night, written a few hours before showtime.

Listen to Ian. You should have anyway. The Cantab’s very own fearless leader, Mickey Bliss unleashed 4 of his original, vintage synth pop bangers (“Cocktails for Two,” “Video Lizards,” “Venues Dressed in Plastic Garbage,” and “Trapezoid” to a crowd of curious local music fans eager to hear the sounds of the man behind the basement, the Bohemia. In fact, this was the first time Mickey had performed these songs since 1983; predating nearly half of the crowd’s existence. Backing Mickey was Johnnie and the Foodmasters. A band I know nothing about. Never have. Never will. Welllll maybe a couple of times. Cleaning up spills on aisle 9. Whole Foods eat your heart out. You’re going down, downtown.

Prior to the Mickey/Foodmasters blast from the past, we were treated to the sweet country twang of the Love Strangers Duo aka LSD. The pair comprises of KLYAM Records all-star Ryan Major on vocals and guitar and Ashley Holzwasser on vocals and drums.

Life Partners, a local noisy trio, closed out the evening with their space jam rock. They’re real lifers kehd, they have been careening around these streets since 2001 and are not stopping any time soon. B.J. Snowden once compared them to Jimi Hendrix. Far out indeed, 

P.S. catch Mickey Bliss being backed my Johnnie and the Foodmasters again on Wednesday, July 17th at Sally O'Brien's with Gull Boy, D I A M O N D S, and Dave Allsion.

From Beacon Project

Had a great time in our favorite basement Club Bohemia the other night. Shoutout to Fat Togue Musicfor putting on a great show, and all the awesome bands we got to share the stage with! High n' HeavyDeath PesosHeavy Hands, photo creds to DFJ Media 


7:35 pm June 20, 2019
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Nice seeing my Sky Saxon review on Amazon:
Editorial Reviews
The Red Planet CD by Sky Saxon & the Seeds is dressed in a wonderful Mars comic book cover (Mars as in the fourth stone from the sun, not Sky Saxon's colleague Mars Bonfire), and is chock-full of Saxon's arsenal of '60s sounds and riffs. The album is a coherent and finely crafted selection of 11 titles that trade in the Kinks-style guitar crunch for fuzztone and heavy organ straight out of the Castaways' "Liar Liar" and ? & the Mysterians' entire repertoire. It's all very fun, with interesting melodies banging around a format perfected by Saxon's protégé, Jeff Conolly of Lyres, a strange karma in which later elements influence the original (think Lou Reed after David Bowie's many musical affectations). Of course, Saxon gets the last laugh and proves that the original is still the greatest, with an Oscar Wilde-ish "Cynical Watcher Mr. Peep" containing the repeating hook of "Save all the animals now." The songs that close out the disc have the most punch, with "Violet Ray," like the earlier tune "Uncertainty," going back to the Castaways in feel but exploring space-age sentiments matching the flying saucers on the CD cover -- "no guns, no bombs" and an intro tipping its cap to the Surfaris. The special effects add something extra, resulting in a pseudo reenactment of Lothar & the Hand People's theremin, the inserted chants from Saxon sprinkled with religious overtones. "Judge with a Bomb" is a heavy dark nursery rhyme, post-mortem Jim Morrison finding alcohol in the whiskey bar of "Alabama Song." "Coming Home" is a strong closer, an acoustic journey straight out of country singer Ron Davies' catalog. It's a commendable and solid effort from Saxon that college radio should embrace wholeheartedly. ~ Joe Viglione, All Music Guide Track listing 1. Colorized Bottles 2. Let Her Sting 3. Fools On Capital Hill 4. Uncertainty 5. Sweet Fragrant Melodies 6. Cracking Ice 7. Coo Coo 8. Cynical Watcher Mr Peep 9. Violet Ray 10. Judge With A Bomb 11. Coming Home

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Review by Joe Viglione

A terrific cover photograph and key words in the title set the tone for Rex Apollo's personal tips for success, built more as an autobiographical guide towards positive thinking rather than taking on the masters, Florence Scovel Shin, Neville Goddard, Joseph Smith, Napolean Hill, Reverend Ike and others in the "new-thought" movement. Kind of hard to call it "new-thought" based on the teachings of Jesus over 2,000 years ago, but we could get really deep digressing on the evolution of mystical thinking.

Rex Apollo - actually - doesn't go down that path, though people who dwell in that arena will immediately get the impression that he does. As stated, it is the personal reflections of a writer in his mid-thirties telling of his ups and downs. On page 82 he says "Our entire life is a game," which mirrors the title of Shinn's book: The Game of Life and How to Play It (1925) almost a century later.  Rex also taps into Claude Bristol's The Magic of Believing without seemingly ever having encountered the famous writer - said to be a student of Neville Goddard's.  Bristol was a businessman, a police reporter, journalist - among other titles - and studied many belief systems before writing his two classics. Where Bristol collected information and formed conclusions, Apollo's data is empirical, based on his own life experience and ideas.

    I find it fascinating that someone not steeped in "the movement" writes so eloquently from that perspective, and his title about "sparking" your "golden age" is a new approach to what are now ancient themes.  The "golden age," what we apply to film -Gone with the Wind, The Bride of Frankenstein, Casablanca, etc, and music - The Rolling Stones from Beggars Banquet up to Goat's Head Soup, The Beatles from Rubber Soul to everything before and after, is a magical time, a moment, when the vibrations were all spot on for those particular events and filmmakers/music makers.   Rex Apollo is basically telling you that everyone can generate, initiate, "spark" a "golden age" of their own, that sweet spot when everything flows your way, naturally and with much brio.

    The verve and vivacity you seek Apollo believes you can have, as do Shinn and Bristol referenced above - ten decades or so before.  

    What is also intriguing is that  Apollo tucks it all into 99 pages.  From a compelling cover that says it all, to a succinct look through his own life, and the instructions he offers - take them or leave them - the shortness of the tome - which you might think is an oxymoron, but it's not in this context (a tome being a large and scholarly book; I believe the largeness is in the ideas reduced - not to Cliff Notes - but easy handling,) gives the work greater impact.  Shinn's books are even shorter, and that the author goes there without knowing her is another identifier for the "new thought" crowd.

     It's not what you expect.  It is a different kind of book about positive energy coming from the author's point of view.  You don't have to take the advice, but if his journey inspires you to seek your own way through time and space, it's done its job. 

Available on Amazon

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  • Publication Date: May 18, 2019
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