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October 2020 Club Bohemia Artist of the Month G A V I I F O R M E S


YouTube  Gaviiformes TV
The Weather
98° and sunny on the Richmond Street roof, North End Boston. Mangia!




Gaviiformes TV on YouTube



Q: Is the name Gaviiformes "tunes for loons" a tribute to The Byrds? 

A: It’s not although Brian is a big Byrds fan. We have John to thank and blame for our name. He thought of it while on a boat in NH. It’s the Latin name for a loon and we think loons are cool. They’re really beautiful birds. Elegant. Make cool noises. 

Q: Who is in the band and when did it form?

A: Matt (me), John, Brian, and Ryan. The band with the four of us formed sometime in 2018. I sing and play bass, John plays guitar, Brian plays guitar and sings, and Rhino holds it all together on drums. 

Matt, John, Brian and Ryan of GAVIIFORMES


Q; The Weather is catchy and well produced.  Who wrote the song and where was it recorded?


The Weather


A: Thank you! I wrote that song. It came together fairly quickly. I was thinking of “I Should’ve Known Better” by the Beatles and it just morphed from there. The guys all wrote the parts they play on it including a cool guitar line in the verses from John that really elevates the song. We produced and recorded it ourselves on the roof of Brian's old apartment in the North End. It was a hot day 98 degrees in August.

Q:"Patricia" on Spotify is a lot more hard-rocking than "The Weather" - are they from the same session?

A: Thanks yea we love that song. Patricia was a separate session done in 2019 with our good friend Josh. If anyone reading this is looking for someone to record their music, Josh Gold in Malden is the man. Super knowledgeable, super patient, cool dude. 

Q:Who writes the songs in the band?

A: No one person writes the songs. A new song can come about in a variety of ways whether it be something I write, a chord progression from Brian, or a riff from John. It’s typically a very collaborative effort where everyone has their hands on the creative process. 

Q:The influences seem to range from Velvet Underground to R.E.M. and the Band, which artists does this group like to listen to?

A: Wow thank you. We all love those artists you just named. Individually each of us listens to so much different music it’d be insane try and sum up but the point where the four of us come together is with blues based guitar music like 60’s and 70’s rock. Brian’s an indie rock guy, John likes folk music, Ryan and I are punkers. 

Q:"Goose" is unique, fading out on rock and roll Celtic ...more affinity with birds?

A: Haha thanks. So the story with Goose is, I was watching an old Red Sox highlight on Youtube and saw this pitcher on the other team striking everyone out on fastballs. He had a handlebar mustache and cool nickname Goose (Goose Gossage) I thought that was pretty cool so I wrote a song about it and thought it would funny to sing it in a real deep voice. John wrote the chord progressions and we all filled in our parts. It’s a fun song great to play live. 

Q:"Spank" sounds like a son of "Voodoo Chile" in the form of a march.

A: Haha thanks. Just the fact that you’ve mentioned one of our songs in the same breadth as one the coolest songs ever means we’ve made it as far as I’m concerned. Hendrix and Winwood does it get any better? I’ve crushed many a six pack jamming to that song. Spank is cool but its no Voodoo Chile. Spank is fun its dancey and funky, its got a cool groove. Maybe someday we’ll do it again and ill write better lyrics! Haha 

Q:What are the future plans in 2021 once the world emerges from the pandemic?

A: In 2021 we plan to have our first full length album out and be playing the songs in bars, clubs, and backyards all over New England. Right now we are working on fifteen or so new songs of original material and converting the space where we jam into a music studio. The plan is to self produce this album and record it mostly live off the floor like how rock records used to be made. Its been a challenge learning production techniques and all the different nuances, much less writing the actual songs but it’s definitely a labor of love and we could not be more excited to share this stuff with everyone.

Q:Anything else you'd like to say to the readers of ClubBohemia.club?

A: Keep supporting local artists, stay safe and we will see you soon! 

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Hotline to the Underground October 19, 2020 TOP 10


Hotline to the Underground  October 19, 2020 TOP 10

By Joe Viglione


 the Joe Vig Top 10

1)”Add the Address”  Deep Purple   This track from the new Whoosh album is a remake of a track from 1968’s Shades of Deep Purple album.  A real study hearing producer Bob Ezrin work with this outrageously popular group 52 years after the first impression  Truly great stuff, the album is solid, every track has the magic.  See my review below.

2)”The Weather” Gaviiformes …I love this track.  My colleague at ClubBohemia.club, Nicole Anzuoni, turned me onto this YouTube recording.  It’s fantastic.  Rolling Stones from the Beggars Banquet era meets R.E.M., a delightful, sustaining five minutes and seven seconds.  This is such a keeper.  The song takes subtle twists and turns with a chanting hook that adds the frosting on the cake. The YouTube page says “98° and sunny on the Richmond Street roof, North End Boston” – cryptic from a band with lots of potential


3)”Today is Gone” from Medium
    Thick guitars and a mesmerizing chant from Neeto Blue (Tony Porfirio,) Matt Smith on rhythm guitar, Jacob Porfirio on lead guitar, Floyed on bass, Glenn Landon on drums. The under three minutes (2:57) directly from the Velvet Underground third album school of rock.



4)”Enchanted Glasses”  Steve Keith
    Intricate and poppy with a psychedelic video. Contemporary music with 1960s vocals. This is an amazing track from the Private Lightning bassist.  Reminiscent of Jeff Hudson’s work with Greg Hawkes of the Cars. I could play these songs all in a row on the air and it would be great radio.


5)”Tears”  Kenny Selcer and Steve Gilligan …the two minstrels of the Concord/Boston folk music scene come up with a precise, fine-drawn introspective look at the 2020 pandemic. Kenny Selcer - vocals, guitar Steve Gilligan - vocals, bass  The photos on the video run through climate change, a deranged president and more.  Tears ©Kenny Selcer, BMI Recorded 2019-2020 by Billy Mason and Kenny Selcer Mixed by Kenny Selcer Video Editing by Kenny Selcer http://www.kennyselcer.com http://www.kennyselcer.bandcamp.com


6)Greg Walsh’s June Gloom video is really fun https://youtu.be/lOwR24pl0sE - follow ups to his “Mr. Fix It” and Counting Down to Zero (From 1) – a very cool ballad, Velvet Underground if they were on mainstream pop radio in the 1960’s


7)”An Elephant Never Forgets”  Peter Calo from his Time Machine album. Reviewing the live track on YouTube February 6, 2017.  This is a tremendous statement on what is going on in the world with this amazing species.  https://youtu.be/Qv04tXVnFK0



8)”Too Many Cooks”(Spoil the Soup)  Mick Jagger, Produced by John Lennon with Lennon on guitar.  It’s Willie Dixon’s song recorded in 1973 with Jim Keltner (drums), Danny Kortchmar and Jesse Ed Davis (guitars), and Somerville’s own Al Kooper on keyboards.   December 1973 from the Record Plant.  On the Top 10, of course, for Lennon’s 80th birthday (born October 9, 1940.)


9)”Siren’s Call” from Brian Walker  Modern Pop on Spotify. As with Steve Keith (above on this list,) Walker takes Roxy Music’s “Edition’s of You” and its “sirens sweetly singing” and brings the tempo down fifty years on. Unique and highly listenable.  The song builds to a crescendo to conclude this ten song playlist I’d be proud to put on the air.  Facebook.com/BrianWalkerMusic

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/19vvtr094M8GaBPGwBqCEW?si=tbxUTtaqTpWprIwHUXk3Jw




10)”Stay the Night” Sam Kaiser A beautiful folk/pop love tune up on YouTube https://youtu.be/g7bmDqhZ8c4  Don’t always like to compare to other musicians, but this would fit perfectly on Simon and Garfunkel’s Bridge Over Troubled Water album.


Send discs and music to:

Joe Viglione  
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Visual Radio 25th Anniversary

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Jo Jo Laine LIVE in London, 2004 www.jojolaine.com


Jo Jo Laine Live in London
Evil Rock Band featuring legendary JoJo Laine.
St Patrick's Night at The Playroom,
London https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MQ4wYRw4szM
17 March 2005
Band members : Tom Doyle, JoJo Laine, Heidi Jo Hines, Geanie Lee Robinson, Mila Gems, Laine Hines, Boston Kane, Dan Cork, Steve Glasgow, Tim Ellis, Dunbar, Sheenan, Bo Jangles



Jo Jo LAINE dot com is parked at



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WHOOSH! Deep Purple


Artist: Deep Purple

Review: Joe Viglione




Deep Purple


Produced by Bob Ezrin

Deep Purple has the full album up on YouTube 



"Throw My Bones," the first single off of Deep Purple’s 21st album,  Whoosh, is classic DP and as you dig deep into Whoosh you'll find the band delivering an amazingly consistent set of material.   Song after song you feel a youthful energy from the classic rockers, and a polish that gives the album the feel of a major onstage production. Had this been released at the end of the '70s it would have been a multi-platinum monster.

Take a random track, the still-photo images of "Man Alive" (which can serve as a title track with the word "whoosh" instilled in the grooves at around the five minute mark.) 1,544,262 views since May 1, 2020 - let me spell that out for you - One Million Five Hundred and Forty Four Thousand, Two Hundred and Sixty Two views from 5/1 to 10/14, when I'm finally finishing up this review, five months later.   The album impressed me the moment I started the hearing process, but months later it is truly majestic and masterful.

"And the Address" is sublime with a big Don Airey organ sound coming out of my right speaker, rugged Steve Morse guitar in the left...which is interesting because this update from Shades of Deep Purple, their first sojourn, gives a taste of life after Richie Blackmore and the late Jon Lord on guitar and keys, respectively.  For those hardcore fans, of which there are many, who are about to throw exclamation marks at me for having the nerve to explain instrumentation keep in mind, many of our readers don't follow the groups like the rest of us obsessive/compulsive collectors do.   The inclusion of the Ezrin-produced "And the Address" is actually key for longtime followers of this ensemble. From album 1 to album 21 we get to compare notes...a quite enjoyable thing to do as both renditions are superb - and get a feel for how the group still has its essential element from the Tetragrammaton days in 1968 to the brave new world of 2020...dare I say it, fifty-two years after!  With drummer Ian Paice as the "soul survivor," to quote the Stones.

The original "And the Address" launches like some space-age rock tune, with a splash of their "Hush" hit record sound, and bits of Ted Nugent's Amboy Dukes and even a dash of Sky Saxon's Seeds flavored in there slyly.   So you fast forward these five plus decades and get the Ezrin produced take, the enormous sounds condensed and less experimental, more like a straight ahead display of musicianship in the fun environment of a very well constructed instrumental.

"Dancing in My Sleep" changes style...and it is this quasi-reinvention of Purple ...not too distant from their core sound, but being playful with their enormous fan base and stretching the Deep Purple envelope.   It starts out spacey and goes orchestral, all within the confines of hard rock.  Not that this is new territory for the boys, they just do it in a more pointed way this time around.

"No Need to Shout" opens with an Ozzy Osborne flair, a mix of Purple/Ozzy sensibilities.


We interrupt this review to give you some background information on "And the Address"

"And the Address" from Shades of Deep Purple


  Associated Performer, Vocalist, Organ: Jon Lord Associated Performer, Vocalist, Bass Guitar: Nick Simper Associated Performer, Guitar: Ritchie Blackmore Associated Performer, Drums: Ian Paice Studio Personnel, Engineer: Barry Ainsworth Producer: Derek Lawrence Studio Personnel, Mastering Engineer: Peter Mew


"The Power of the Moon" and "Remission Possible" give the album the science fiction rock theme that the cover art promises, but make no mistake, this is not your daddy's King Crimson or early Pink Floyd, this is Purple creating an outer space passion play of sorts.  With Bob Ezrin at the helm you might think Pink Floyd's The Wall and Lou Reed's Berlin, or perhaps Welcome to My Nightmare and you'd be spot on.  This being Bob Ezrin's third project with Deep Purple, you can put it on the bookshelf next to the aforementioned Alice, Lou and Floyd classics.  It more than makes the grade.


from the publicist:

Whoosh! marks Deep Purple’s third album produced by Ezrin (Alice Cooper, Pink Floyd). The first -- 2013’s Now What?! -- charted at #1 in five European countries, as well as Top 10 in over 15 countries worldwide. Cementing itself as one of their most successful albums, inFinite, released in 2017, broke chart records the band accumulated over their 50+year history. With chemistry this electric, it only made sense for Deep Purple and Ezrin to collaborate a third time.


One of the most important rock bands of all time, Deep Purple has built a legacy that is nothing short of immeasurable. The band continues to evolve and elevate the possibilities within hard rock, which is fully displayed on Whoosh!

When the Deep Purple falls
Over sleepy garden walls
And the stars begin to twinkle
In the night…”
-Ian Gillan

Whoosh! is available for pre-order here.

Track list:
1.) Throw My Bones
2.) Drop The Weapon
3.) We’re All The Same In The Dark
4.) Nothing At All
5.) No Need To Shout
6.) Step By Step
7.) What The What
8.) The Long Way Around
9.) The Power Of The Moon
10.) Remission Possible
11.) Man Alive
12.) And The Address
13.) Dancing In My Sleep

Vinyl Side Split:

Side A: Throw My Bones / Drop The Weapon / We’re All The Same In The Dark / Nothing At All
Side B: No Need To Shout / Step By Step / What The What
Side C: The Long Way Round / The Power Of The Moon / Remission Possible / Man Alive
Side D: And The Address / Dancing In My Sleep



earMUSIC is the international rock & pop label of Hamburg based entertainment group Edel, releasing internationally the works of Deep Purple, Alice Cooper, Foreigner, Chickenfoot, Hollywood Vampires, Joe Jackson, Gamma Ray, Stratovarius, Status Quo, Lisa Stansfield, Marillion, New Model Army, Babymetal, Dragonforce, Tarja, Myrath, H.E.A.T, and many others.



Joe Viglione reviews "Hush" by Deep Purple

 Listen to HUSH here: https://youtu.be/E2vxVyosi18

Song Review by  [-]


Deep Purple's phenomenal version of "Hush", written by country/pop songwriter Joe South, took the Vanilla Fudge style of slowing a song down and bluesing it up another step, venturing into the domain of psychedelic heavy metal. Covered by Kula Shaker in the 1997 film I Know What You Did Last Summer other versions were recorded by Billy Joe Royal, Gotthard , former Ritchie Blackmore lead vocalist Joe Lynn Turner on his 1997 Under Cover album of song interpretations and even John Mellencamp. But once the tune received this rendition's indellible stamp no one could touch it again, not even the songwriter. South's

lyrics are highly suggestive, beyond Van Morrison's "Gloria", straight into Louie, Louie" territory with: "She's got a loving like quicksand... It blew my mind and I'm in so deep/That I can't eat, y'all, and I can't sleep." Or as Aimee Mann sang, hush hush because voices carried this one right by the censors with Jon Lord's quagmire of thick chaotic keyboard sound meshed with Ritchie Blackmore's guitar. Tetragrammaton Records single #1503 went Top 5 in August of 1968, 4:11 as originally released on the Shades Of Deep Purple album, 4:26 on Rhino's 2000 reissue The Very Best Of Deep Purple. Imagine a fuzz box on the organ in a church cathedral to get the intensity of the opening chords, a sound stolen less than two years later by Detroit's Frijid Pink with their rendition of "House Of The Rising Sun". Frijid Pink, however, couldn't get the intense rhythmic nuances of original bassist Nic Simper and drummer Ian Paice, not to mention Rod Evans haunting vocal. "Smoke On The Water" equaled this song's chart position five years later, and might have made a bigger impact, but there's no denying that Deep Purple in its original progressive pop form was a far more dynamic and literate band. "Hush" remains their most cosmic moment, a truly unique blend of converging 60's styles preferable to connoisseurs of stuff that found itself on the Nuggets compilation lp. This track was conspicuous in its absence.

 The Book Of Taliesyn


AllMusic Review by  [-]

Several months after the innovative remake of "You Keep Me Hanging On," England's answer to Vanilla Fudge was this early version of Deep Purple, which featured vocalist Rod Evans, and bassist Nick Simper, along with mainstays Ritchie Blackmore, Jon Lord, and Ian Paice. This, their second album, followed on the heels of "Hush," a dynamic arrangement of a Joe South tune, far removed from the flavor of one of his own hits, "Walk a Mile in My Shoes." Four months later, this album's cover of Neil Diamond's Top 25, 1967 gem "Kentucky Woman," went Top 40 for Deep Purple. Also like Vanilla Fudge, the group's own originals were creative, thought-provoking, but not nearly as interesting as their take on cover tunes. Vanilla Fudge did "Eleanor Rigby," and Deep Purple respond by going inside "We Can Work It Out" -- it falls out of nowhere after the progressive rock jam "Exposition," Ritchie Blackmore's leads zipping in between Rod Evans smooth and precise vocals. As Vanilla Fudge was progressively leaning more towards psychedelia, here Deep Purple are the opposite. The boys claim to be inspired by the Bard of King Arthur's court in Camelot, Taliesyn. John Vernon Lord, under the art direction of Les Weisbrich, paints a superb wonderland on the album jacket, equal to the madness of Hieronymous Bosch's cover painting used for the third album. Originals "The Shield" and "Anthem" make early Syd Barrett Pink Floyd appear punk in comparison. Novel sounds are aided by Lord's dominating keyboards, a signature of this group.

Though "The Anthem" is more intriguing than the heavy metal thunder of Machine Head, it is overwhelmed by the majesty of their "River Deep, Mountain High" cover, definitely not the inspiration for the Supremes and Four Tops 1971 hit version. By the time 1972 came around, Deep Purple immersed themselves in dumb lyrics, unforgettable riffs, and a huge presence, much like Black Sabbath. The evolution from progressive to hard rock was complete, but a combination of what they did here -- words that mattered matched by innovative musical passages -- would have been a more pleasing combination. Vanilla Fudge would cut Donovan's "Season of the Witch," Deep Purple followed this album by covering his "Lalena"; both bands abandoned the rewrites their fans found so fascinating. Rod Evans' voice was subtle enough to take "River Deep, Mountain High" to places Ian Gillam might have demolished.

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October 2020 Club Bohemia Artist of the Month G A V I I F O R M E S

  YouTube  Gaviiformes TV The Weather https://youtu.be/-STMSyhqEQo 98° and sunny on the Richmond Street roof, North End Boston. Mangia!...