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 Thank you @ThamesVradio @PRRussellPhotos @WhiteLightArts @andypratt @RadioRaccoon For playing Walk Thru Fire, just got a good review in Boston Groupie News @PunkBlowfish Track #15 on #BostonRockandRollAnthology21 on #VarulvenRecords #Boston Massachusetts #hendrix #judycollins


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PAMELA RUBY RUSSELL in Boston Groupie News
 Thursday, January 7, 2021

Listening again to Varulven rock and roll #21; this tyme. Pamela Ruby Russell, my facebook friend! "Space And Time" has a Cyndi Lauper-type of vocal (could have been '80s commercial hit) with Brad Hallen of Pastiche on bass. sci-fi lyrics too, always catches my interest. Even better is "Walk Thru Fire", a pop ballade with kind of a Medieval sound; a good soundtrack for Dungeons and Drag Queens, in case you want to "Be More Flamboyant"! "like" on Facebook: Pamela Ruby Russell's Artist Page"!"  

Kenne Highland At Large BGN  - Pamela Ruby Russell 

3:30 pm as I write this Pamela's WALK THRU FIRE is being played RIGHT NOW on Thames Valley Radio
Thank you @ThamesVradio @PRRussellPhotos @WhiteLightArts @andypratt @RadioRaccoon For playing Walk Thru Fire, just got a good review in Boston Groupie News @PunkBlowfish Track #15 on #BostonRockandRollAnthology21 on #VarulvenRecords #Boston Massachusetts #hendrix #judycollins

Dalia Davis, Jack Phillips, Audioscam, Kelly Britz airplay on Twitter to be filed here

Jim Knable
Check out the press that keeps rolling in for Jim Knable...Goldmine and more!

Jack Phillips 


Night & Day - Jack Phillips
Ladies and Gents I have a real treat prepared for you here tonight. But first, a question: What do you get when you combine the voice of Warren Zevon, with the musical ability of Elton John?
The answer? Jack Phillips. Night & Day is Phillip's newest album, dropping just last year. And truth be told, my first impression was that someone had thrown together a potential soundtrack for Rocketman 2. Apparently not the case, but you coulda fooled me.

The record opens with a mellow but hopeful "I Love New York," is getting plenty of attention on internet radio, and it is very easy to see why. While I find it to be a little slow for an album opener, I have to appreciate it's simplicity in its design and its reflective and happy message. The second track of the record, "I've Got Sophistication Too," is where we really see the musical genius of Phillips come to life in a damn-near flawless blend of blues and jazz. Personally, I think he ought to call it Blazz, cause Jues just doesn't seem right...

"Sophistication" brings some more horns into the mix, and what a welcome addition they are. Admittedly, there are a couple spots here and there throughout this song that could've used some more polish I think, after a certain instrumental break the vocals come back in and its a little bit of a rough landing. But it's very minor, in fact I forgot it happened as quickly as it did. I only am making note of it because being nit-picky is kinda my thing.

There's something expected, but unexpected about this record. It's charming and refreshingly nostalgic, in other words it sounds very vintage for a new record. It could have come from the classic jazz age, could have come from recording sessions during Elton John's career, or I suppose it could have come from 2020, because somehow it did. What makes this album unexpected, though, is the actual variety of sound you get with it. Phillips really takes full advantage of the full array of jazz and blues sounds, and on some tracks, such as "No One's Home," we get some funky flavors as well.

Some of the highlights of this record for me, are the parts when the bass takes more of a spotlight, because it adds such a deep groove to the sound, and it works beautifully with Jack's vocal style. I also love the use of harmonies, and some of the female backing vocals that we get here and there. A strong sonic presence on his own, Jack proves time and time again that he can sing and carry a song himself, but those backing vocals are very much appreciated, since you're asking me.

The record ends with "Down in the Jungle Room," a badass, jazzy-bluesy-funky instrumental that I had no idea I was waiting for the whole time. In my past I have discussed how instrumentals often bore me, and only a rare select few really grab my attention and hold onto me the whole time. Well folks, this is one of the fortunate few.

Night & Day - Jack Phillips
11 - 6 - 2020

Favorite Track: No One's Home
Least Favorite Track: Take Them To Manhattan

On a sad note, former Visual Radio guest from the New York Dolls, Syl Sylvain, passed away
See Rolling Stone and NPR

New York Dolls "Demo that Got the Deal" Personality Crisis 

Bob Nelson Playlist for 1-16-21 WMWM Salem 91.7 FM


What I played today--podcast to follow
What's Happening with Bob Nelson WMWM Online
Sat. Jan. 16, 2021 12-3 pm
Genya Ravan--Pump it Up
Stompers--One Heart for Sale
Midnight Oil--Beds Are Burning Extended Version
(Boston R&R Anth 21) 3D--Everything But Peace
(Boston R&R Anth 21) Tom Mich--Table Scraps
Mr Rogers--Garden of Your Mind (Joanne Rogers RIP)
Kate Bush--Wuthering Heights
Henny Youngman--Take My Wife Please
Kenny Selcer--Nothing Started Nothing Gained/ In 
America/ Like a Candle in the Dark
Lisa Lougheed--Run with Us
Theme--The Raccoons
Badfinger--Without You
Neon Gypsy--Fifth Dimension
Ramones--It's My Place (In the 9 to 5 World)
Goodfella--Shutter Island
Stupidity--Save Me
Negativland--The Answer Is
(SImpsons Sing Blues) Mr Burns and Smithers--Look at All Those Idiots
Wildcat O'Halloran--You Can't Fall Off the Floor/ Pirate Queen
Pittsburgh Banjo Club--Happy Days Are Here Again/ Irish Singalong Medley
Kinks--Skin and Bone
Jack Phillips--I Love New York
Steve Lawrence--Bewitched Theme (with vocals)
Brad Marino--At Night
Albert Collins--Too Tired
(Boston R&R Anth 21)--Karmacar--As It Is
Kerry Kearney--Five TIme Man
Adam Sherman--Downpour
Jay and the Techniques--Keep the Ball Rollin'
Dalia Davis--Keep a Clean Engine
Tsunami of Sound--Motor Oil
Loudon Wainwright III--Dead Skunk
Foxes and Peppers--Your City My AC 20/ AA Battery Controlled Telescopic Knife
Audioscam--Get Used to This
Renee Leavitt--Friends For Life
Theme From Disney's Gummi Bears
Tammys--Egyptian Shumba
Lou Christie--The Gypsy Cried
Muck and the Mires--She Blocked My Number

Gerry at the Cavern, Gary Pig Gold


Gerry Cross The Mersey

Many swore by the mighty Dave Clark Five; most of course – especially the girls – pledged undying allegiance to those Beatles. But in my own personal rockin' schoolyard sweepstakes, it was Gerry and his Pacemakers, and their majestically Merseybeating "I'm The One" in particular that remained Top of My Pops throughout that most ear- and earth-shattering year of 1964.  

Whenever happily miming to 1050 CHUM-AM down in the basement, strapping on one of Dad's discarded tennis racquets as my gerry-rigged Rickenbacker, it was invariably held chin high, à la Marsden; the better to strum 'n' thump my every waking, shaking hour. Then come Easter '65, I found beneath my bed an actual 6-string acoustic of my very own! a Capitol Canada long-play first pressing of the Ferry Cross The Mersey soundtrack. Did I have two of the cooooolest-ever parents or what?!

Well, I still play that album often; especially this afternoon, as I remember that meaty beaty bouncy man, and Swinging Sixties spirit which was, and forever shall be, Gerry Marsden.

Try, everyone, not to let this day catch you crying,

Gary Pig Gold
Back in the basement
3 January 2021


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Only Rock Radio Dalia Davis, Mark Rockower, Rob Benson, Pamela Ruby Russell

 Dalia Davis on Only Rock Radio

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 Greg Paquette

Into the Sunset

Thanks #GoodMusicRadio for playing Into the Sunset from @gregpaquette5 @Goodmusicradio5 @rranimaltour @JoeViglione We appreciate it.
Jack Phillips
Mark Rockower
January 13, 2021

Jim Knable
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Audioscam  Australia
Fast Eddy and Jo jo 

January 12, 2021

Thanks for playing ITS ALRIGHT BUT NEVER ENOUGH from @MarkRockower on January 12, 2021 We appreciate it @rranimaltour @JoeViglione 


JESSE BRAINTREE AND THE HOGG BROTHERS HIT #1 IN OUR TOP 10; T MAX RETURNS AT #10 5:48 PM Jan 13, 2021 3.955 views in 44 days!


 5:48 PM Jan 13, 2021  3.955 views in 44 days!


The Go Go's - Interscope Films....JV working on a review



GO-GOs film cover

On February 5, 2021, Mercury Studios will release Critics Choice Documentary Award Winner The Go-Gos on digital and rental services.

Directed by Alison Ellwood, The Go-Gos is a candid, in-depth look at the story behind the multi-platinum Los Angeles band. Premiering at Sundance Film Festival in 2020, followed by a subsequent airing on Showtime this past summer, the film was awarded “Best Music Documentary” and “Most Compelling Living Subjects In A Documentary” at the 2020 Critics Choice Awards, in addition to a 97% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

The Go-Gos celebrates the band’s triumphs, and the barriers they broke as the first all-female band topping the Billboard charts by writing their own songs and playing their own instruments. The film contextualizes their history from their early roots on the L.A punk scene through their international success. The documentary blends a wealth of archival footage and conversations with Belinda Carlisle, Jane Wiedlen, Charlotte Caffey, Gina Schock, and Kathy Valentine, as well as past members and key figures in the band’s history.

Additionally, The Go-Gos presents a look at the band writing their female empowerment anthem “Club Zero” -- their first new single in nearly 20 years, which hit the Top 10 on the Rock Digital Song Sales chart.


Jimi Hendrix Family Dispute Escalates Over Name for Music School


Around 2000 or so, Al Hendrix (RIP 2002) and his co-author were delighted with a review I wrote of the book My Son Jimi.

The review landed me a job with a major publisher.

I won't get in the middle of the family squabble other than to say I am very impressed with the way that Janie, John and Ed over at Experience Hendrix are handling the catalog.

Visual Radio discovered a rare live tape of Jimi Hendrix with Little Richard's group recorded by a former Medford resident.


Jimi Hendrix family dispute escalates over use of name for music school

Brother and niece found to have infringed injunction from company run by guitarist’s stepsister, preventing them from using the Hendrix name commercially


Jimi Hendrix’s brother and niece have been found in contempt of court, after they violated a ruling that forbids them from using the Hendrix name commercially.

The rights to Hendrix’s music, name and likeness are held by two connected companies, Experience Hendrix and Authentic Hendrix, created by the musician’s father Al Hendrix in 1995. Since his death in 2002, the companies have been run by Al’s adopted daughter Janie Jinka.

The current dispute began in 2017, when the musician’s brother Leon Hendrix was sued for using the Hendrix name on products “which include cannabis, edibles, food, wine, alcohol, ‘medicines,’ and electronic products”. An order was made against him for $402,018; and an injunction was taken out against him preventing him from further use of “the name ‘Jimi Hendrix’, the name ‘Jimi’, the name ‘Hendrix’, in any configuration … or any image, likeness or signature of Jimi Hendrix”.

A New York judge has now ruled that Leon, along with his daughter Tina Hendrix, violated that injunction by running the non-profit, fee-free music school Hendrix Music Academy. They must recall any merchandise bearing Hendrix’s name and likeness – T-shirts with Jimi’s face were sold on its website – and rename the school.

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Jesse and the Hog Brothers - a Club Bohemia Profile Band Appears in ATTACK OF THE KILLER CHICKENS movie.


Hotline to the Underground by Joe Viglione interview with Jesse Braintree

 Medford News Weekly


Jesse and the Hogg Brothers

 Appearing in the 2020 Attack of the Killer Chickens


We are talking to Jesse Braintree of the group Jesse and the Hogg Brothers about the upcoming year in Hoggville.

Q:Jesse, the Herman's Hermits have fanatical fans that Peter Noone, lead singer, calls "Noonatics" - a sly nod to Reverend Sun Myung Moon and his lunatics.   What is the I.Q. of the average Hoggaholic and what makes a Hoggaholic?

A: I guess any performer could claim how smart their fan base is but who can prove it is another thing. I contend our fans love to laugh and have fun how that equates to IQ I leave that to others to debate or decide. Hoggaholic is a term reserved for fans that just can't get enough of our performances and our music.

Q:You have a new vinyl album...what's the title and why vinyl?

A: It's called GET HAMMERED and yes it is a vinyl release and actually our 1st time on vinyl. The title is a a bit of a play on words as you know getting hammered is a way to say getting really drunk and we have cousin Kenny Hogg on the back cover polishing off a pitcher of beer However the album title is based on the opening song on each side of the LP. The Hammer and The Texas Hammer which are songs about lawyers who call themselves The Hammer and of course The Texas Hammer. 

Q:Where did you record the album? 
A:We recorded most of the album in Cambridge MA at The Bridge Sound And Stage but we did record parts of it at Dimension in Jamaica Plain and in Texas at Kenny Hogg's recording studio. The mixing and mastering done by the incredible Alex Allinson at The Bridge. We began some of the recordings in 2014 and over 21 band/family members contributing as well as multiple guest performers. 

Q:What is the group planning during the pandemic?  A virtual tour or live dates in 2021?

A: We are performing where we can live and just did a Christmas Online performance in December. It is NOT up to the band it is up to people in positions of power that decide if there will ever be live music with so many venues closed permanently. The band is APOLITICAL so I find even answering this question uncomfortable as many read politics into everything. Our goal is to perform and we hope we will be allowed to tour in 2021 but if we can't we will do virtual shows.

Q:You have band members stashed around the U.S.A. from Boston to Vegas to the mid-west.   Do people send in an application form to join or do they have to be a relative of yours?

A: Non relatives can marry into the family as done by Jolene Hogg who played fiddle on the album and many a live show before her untimely death in 2019. We miss you and know you are in heaven looking down on us with as much love. 

Q: When Jay Black of Jay and the Americans lost the band name, the original bandmembers got it at auction.  They may have found the new "Jay" (#3 or #4) ...who is of a YouTube video.  YouTube as an audition tape. Can you find lost Hogg Bros family members on YouTube and have them on standby to join the group?

A: Kenny and Neil Hogg have a YouTube channel and who knows perhaps others will follow. Kenny recently joined us for the 2020 Christmas Special online. 

Q:How many copies of the CD have been pressed and how many vinyl albums?   Do fans buy autographed copies online since we are in lockdown?

A: The new album is Vinyl or digital and we limited the pressing to 1000 copies a CD of Get Hammered is probably going to happen once we can tour to support it. So stay tuned on that.

Q: There was talk of a Jesse and the Hogg Brothers TV show.  I still think this is a great idea.  What does Kitty and the bandmates think about it and...what do YOU think about the idea?  

A:This is in the works however there is some debate on the format of the show that needs to be resolved before we start putting it out in the summer of 2021.

Q:Anything else you'd like to tell our readers at the Somerville News Weekly, Medford News Weekly and Club Bohemia news sites?

A: We have recorded our 1st release in Spanish so look for that upcoming release later this year as well as a bunch of new videos a new live CD and lots more. 

Thank you, Jesse






No relation to the 2015 film



Thames Valley Radio and more Airplay! Jan 16, 2021

  PAMELA RUBY RUSSELL  3:30 PM THAMES VALLEY RADIO JAN 16, 2021   Thank you @ThamesVradio @PRRussellPhotos @WhiteLightArts @andypratt @R...