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AUGUST 2018 CLUB BOHEMIA @ the Cantab Lounge


Tuesday  August 14

Thursday August 16 $7.00

8 pm The Curls

Friday August 17
12)Youth Decay
11:15 Brain Deth
10:30 Cook Bag
9:45 The Knock Ups
9 PM Whoopi Sticks


August 18, 2018

7 dollar show -cash only- at cambridge's hottest club! (well, their basement...) it's 2018 and we all know that ya'll got lotsa plans on a saturday night, so bands are playing 20 minute sets. ( ) 

the lineup:
The Golden Years of Dutch Pop
bluesy, heartfelt rock tunes delivered with an "improvisational mindset". a grateful dead for the new millennium!

ever imagine pat benetar fronting a doom metal band? well you no longer need to imagine...

self described as "good country gone terribly terribly bad". local legends serving up a fusion of americana, bluegrass, celtic, gypsy jazz, folk, country and punk rock!

Wet Pizza
infectious melodies and jazzy sax improv. fleetwood mac meets charlie parker. 

and more (?!?)

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Presented by the legendary Mickey Bliss

For Bookings - 617 482 4920

Club Bohemia     *NEW ADDRESS! for booking information - in Boston,
separate from the Cambridge address for the nightclub

Hitman Records/Club Bohemia
c/o.  Mickey Bliss
151 Tremont Street, Suite 110
Box #374
Boston, MA 02111-1151

tel 617 482 4920  

The Club itself is at 738 Mass. Ave Cambridge

The Booking Office with Mickey Bliss is in Boston.

Directions to the club 

738 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA 02139     tel: (617)354 2685

Click here:  

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Thursday August 23

11p - Totaled
9p - Tree Torn
8p - Off Brand


Bed Time Magic

August 24


August 25
Real Rock n' Roll with four great bands!
Stop Calling Me Frank
The Stigmatics
The Legendary Cazbats

September 1
Mad Painter

September 27

SEPTEMBER 27, 2010


Sisters in Song featuring Phoebe Legere, Heather Piersen and Carrie Ferguson with separate sets and a round-robin fourth set for Sept. 27 at 10 PM. 

Phoebe Legere
Phoebe’s current Americana album, HEART OF LOVE broke the big roots radio chart’s Top 20 ROOTS MUSIC RADIO. Born and bred in New England, Phoebe grew up to be a National Treasure, performing music across the spectrum from folk to classical to jazz and avant garde. She’s appeared in movies, TV, on the stage. Recently she debuted her play, SPEED QUEEN in New York City, and has shows in Florida this winter.  Of Acadian and Native American heritage, Ms. Legere performs this music at clubs, homes, festivals, fairs, on TV… Phoebe and her Canadian cousin Ray (a bluegrass performer) have a cajun EP, ACADIAN MOON now on over 40 stations in Canada.  We’re working now on a French language EP in Montreal for all French territories. Phoebe has opened for the Fabulous Thunderbirds, Slambovian Circus of Dreams, John Hall, and Jethro Tull’s Martin Barre.
HEART OF LOVE song about Phoebe’s part time job, driving trucks: 

Heather Pierson
Heather is an award-winning multi-instrumentalist, singer/songwriter, and performer. From New Orleans-style jazz and blues to rousing Americana and poignant folk narratives, Heather’s live performances, both solo and with her acoustic trio.  Best known for her virtuosity at the piano, her bell-tone vocals, and her quiet yet engaging stage presence, Heather’s latest project is MUSICAL MEDITATIONS.  Her growing catalog of wildly divergent CD releases reflects her boundless creativity.  
Nobody Knows You When You’re Down and Out:

Carrie Ferguson 
“Devilishly catchy folk-pop tunes and melodic ballads, exuberantly heartfelt lyrics...infectious joy” - The Valley Advocate 
Hailing from Western Massachusetts via Northern California, singer-songwriter and pianist Carrie Ferguson creates soaring folk-pop with haunting melodies and carefully-crafted lyrics. Her songs have been featured on WUMB in Boston, WRSI The River in Northampton, and other folk radio shows across the US. Carrie’s song, The Grumpy Time Club, received a Silver Award for her song, in the 2014 MASC songwriting contests and First Place in the Eventide Songwriting Contest. She was chosen for the 2013 Falcon Ridge Emerging Artist Showcase, and was a finalist in the VT Solar Fest 2014 Songwriter Showcase. She has opened for Catie Curtis, Antje Duvekot, Cheryl Wheeler, Meg Hutchinson, Charles Neville, Shelley Wright, Patty Larkin, Jill Sobule, and Livingston Taylor. 

DECEMBER 8, 2018
Charlie Don't Surf a tribute to The ClashLegends of PUNK LIVE tributes to The Clash/The Ramones/Green Day


Cindy Latin

The Creeper
Lost My Job
Don't Make Me Suffer
You'll Get Yours  

    * Andy Excuse - Vocals
    * Matt Robinson - Bass
    * George Kondylis - Drums
    * Bob Roos - Guitar

      With menacing opening guitar throbs on "The Creeper" (not the famous punk song by Boston's Unnatural Axe, another creeper!)  Thee Fightin' Fish enter the ring with gloves off. If you like early New York Dolls barreling all-out assault which begins with lyrical admonitions while adding smart, tight musical attitudes at the start, middle and finish of each blitzing tune, this well-recorded quartet of selections will fit the bill.  Track 4, "You'll Get Yours" is probably my favorite with liberal use of the "f" word and George Kondylis drumbeats rocking along with Bob Roos' incessant guitar.  Andy Excuse is on vocals, Matt Robinson on bass and on "Lost My Job" and "Don't Make Me Suffer" they provide a unified front.  Great stuff that you can sample on Reverb Nation dot com / Theefightinfish with no g after "fightin."


North Shore-based Salinger, featuring Topsfield native Sean Burke, released its first album, “Zoe’s Cabaret,” last summer, before its two members went off to college on separate coasts.
North Shore-based Salinger, featuring Topsfield native Sean Burke, released its first album, “Zoe’s Cabaret,” last summer, before its two members went off to college on separate coasts. Despite being separated by thousands of miles, the former high school best friends are now working on their second EP.
Burke and Brad Barker, of Melrose, describe their first meeting like a scene from a movie.
“On the first day of freshman orientation, I saw Brad standing in the corner of the gym, dressed ridiculously,” Burke said. “My first thought was, and I am not making this up, ‘I need to befriend this weirdo.’”
They have been friends ever since.
Barker has always been into music but credits Burke for getting him more involved.
“I started playing bass when I was a freshman in high school when Sean said he needed a bassist for his band,” Barker said. “It’s come a long way, and now I study music composition at a classical music school so I guess in a way I can thank Sean for sparking that.”


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August in Club Bohemia

Ring in August on Wednesday, the first, at 738 Mass Ave with Bobbi and the Beats, plus a special performance by Count Joe Viglione possibly with guitarist Kenne Kenneth Highland
Robin Baltimore, Roberto and more

The Hired Guns perform with Bobbi Beat and YOU can jam onstage...bring your guitar, your harmonica, yourself! downstairs has spoken word, and the August Club Bohemia calendar is now up AUGUST 2018 CLUB BOHEMIA @ the Cantab Lounge August 2 Thursday $8.00 11:00 Friendly Psychic Strangers 10:00 Thee Fighting Fish 9:00 Club Linehan A Go Go 8:00 Ski Bunny

August 2 Thursday $8.00

11:00  Friendly Psychic Strangers
10:00  Thee Fightin' Fish
9:00 Club Linehan A Go Go 



10:11 pm  August 3, 2018 Friday night

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Friday August 3, 2018  $8.00

10:30  The Shills
9 :00  Left Hand Does
8:00  Killian/Whall

The Facebook event is here:


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On Twitter
Mike Yarsky @ Club Bohemia August 4, 2018 with Salinger, Piqued, O.Rittenburg, March of Sound, Me and the Teacup upstairs at The Cantab Lounge DANCE BAND Urban Renewal 9pm Urban Renewal on Facebook

August 4, 2018  $5.00

11 pm Me & The Teacup 
10:30 Salinger
10:00 Piqued
9:30 March of Sound 
9:00 O. Rittenburg 

special matinee  $8.00 8 pm
Mike Yarsky

Mike Yarsky 

Saturday Night August 4 

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Thursday August 9 @ Bohemia 

Ramona Silver Record Release Party

Note: This show will likely sell out -- get there early!...$8 door / 21+

RS celebrates the release of "Exercise the Spirit" and enjoys le rock of family members oblio and Hallas Cowboys, and welcomes Providence openers: Boors

Club Bohemia = downstairs at the Cantab Lounge, Cambridge 

8 Boors (Providence)
9 pm oblio (Long Beach, CA)
10 pm Ramona Silver & Band
11 pm Hallas Cowboys

 Hallas Cowboys

The Ramona Silver Band

Upstairs at the Cantab, Dirty Blonde/Cheryl Aruda

Downstairs at Club Bohemia  Lemur Conspiracy

Friday August 10th at the Cantab in Central! 9:00!
Half of Lemur Conspiracy (Desiree) with special guests! Opening for the Alpacas, one of Boston's best bar bands newly back from a small-human-creating hiatus, and two more bands also full of Milton High School alums. It's a veritable MHS reunion. Be there!
(If you know some classic rock tunes and want to join as a special guest-- backup vocals, drums, keys, bass, guitar, tambourine, washboard-- let Desiree know -- the more, the merrier!)
Friday August 10 
12 The Melotonians  
11 Handsome
10 The Alpacas
9 Lemur Conspiracy 

Saturday August 11, 2018
$10.00 Punk Rock Party
12)Negative Ambush
11)Skinned Alive
10)Tortured Skull
9)Class Action
Club Bohemia Downstairs - 738 Mass Ave Central Square Cambridge Saturday August 11, 2018 $10.00 Punk Rock Party
12)Negative Ambush 11)Skinned Alive 10)Tortured Skull 9)Class Action Upstairs at the Cantab Lounge Urban Renewal Band
4 Minute Warning Vol.31

Negativ(Oslo)- Hardcore punk done the Norwegian way.

Ambush- Pummeling noisecore through and through.

Tortured Skull- Skull crushing metal punk.

Skinned Alive- Boston hardcore to stomp to members of Chain Rank and Bloodkrow Butcher.

Class Action- New UK82 styled punk. 

At Club Bohemia(The Cantab Lounge)
738 Massachusetts Ave
Cambridge, MA

Monday August 13

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