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Varulven Records for sale on eBay ROCKKIT, MOOD, JANE FONDA with MICHAEL JACKSON

The Varulven Records Story
Joe Viglione's Dynamic Original Boston Rock independent record label

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The classic 45 RPM is ultra rare. Produced by Joe Viglione the song "Never Say Never" was a local Boston area classic resulting in the band opening for Sammy Hagar at the Worcester Centrum and breaking up the day after! 

See the letter from WAAF's Russ Mottla:  "Dear Joe, Just an update on your band ROCKKIT  As if FOURTEEN weeks of air-play on Bay State Rock hasn't said enough!   The song "Never Say Never" is as powerful and well produced as anything I've heard. A real masterpiece.  The requests have not stopped for this song so airplay, of course, will also continue for a few more weeks.   I believe in Rockkit and wish you and the band much success.

All proceeds go to enormous fees I am paying for my six cats.  Thanks for your consideration.

From producer Joe Viglione's personal Varulven Records collection.

Put Yourself In...Jon David's Mood 1983 John Farrell Burt Bacharach Tribute song

Very difficult to find album with a mini tribute to Burt Bacharach  See track listing.  May be from Chicago as photographer Dave Schuessler from that city is credited. Excellent cartoon of band on back cover as well.

Jon David's Mood ‎– Put Yourself In...Label:
Not On Label ‎– USR 5485Format:
Vinyl, LP, Album, Stereo 
Country: USReleased: 

Genre: RockStyle: Lounge

A1 Foot Stompin' Music / In Heaven There Is No Beer 3:05 
A2 The Lonely Bull 1:56 
A3 Mr. Bojangles 1:46 
A4 If I Were A Rich Man 3:31 
A5 Until It's Time For You To Go 2:25 
A6 Theme From Shaft 4:46 
B1 Don't Rain On My Parade 1:49 
B2 Bye Bye Blues 1:05 
B3 Theme From Mission Impossible 3:15 
B4 I Love To Laugh and It's A Small World 2:16 
B5 Johnny's Theme and Cute 2:31 
B6 Rubber Duckie 1:23 
B7 Theme From Love Story 
B8 L-O-V-E 1:20 
B9 Promises Promises 1:21 

"Souvenir Album recorded on stage April, 1973"


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Jane Fonda's famous Workout LP with songs by Michael Jackson, R.E.O. Speedwagon, Sylvester, Quincy Jones with James Ingram etc.


Richard Nolan first issued a 45 rpm in the early 1960s.  Then came his iconic Boston area band, Third Rail, which appeared on Live at the Rat, the double album documenting music from the Rathskellar nightclub.
In the 1980s Richard decided to do something different and asked Varulven Records (the Pop Explosion label) to distribute. He issued a cassette live album by the Naked Cage House Band, and then this terrific 45 RPM.
These are mint copies and they are becoming rare. Direct from the box, handed to me by the late Richard Nolan thirty years ago.   It's a great slice of Boston Rock and Roll by an historic figure from our "new wave" scene.  Side note: last September/October original members of Third Rail backed up the Varulven president (that would be me) for our Lou Reed tribute band.   As Third Rail would often perform with our group, it was a delight, and will be again, as old friends get together performing the music of both Reed and Richard Nolan.
The Naked Cage House Band 45rpm picture sleeve single.  Contains two tunes:
  • Track Dog
  • Rolling In Clover
Released in 1988 by Shoestring Records, label # SR247 distributed by Varulven Records.


Joe Black's Blackenstein


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Interview with Phil DaRosa on new song FARADAY

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This site sponsored by Varulven Records / Pop_Explosion
Help us with our kitty cat fund! by purchasing discs on eBay and buy discs 2-17-19 at the Original N.E. Compact Disc and Record expo
Jane Fonda's famous Workout LP with songs by Michael Jackson, R.E.O. Speedwagon, Sylvester, Quincy Jones with James Ingram etc.




Phil DaRosa in concert 11/13/18 The Hotel Cafe in Los Angeles with David Saw.
Then he's back on Martha's Vineyard for a show at the Ritz, Nov 17th 


Q: How did you come up with the concept for "Faraday?"

A: I came up with the concept of Faraday with a close friend and collaborator of mine, Ryan Casey. The initial idea was to start with sampling my voice to use as rhythm tracks for the foundation of the song. From there, we came up with some general harmonic structure which led to some melodic ideas I played around with vocally. When I found something I liked with the melody of the verses and chorus, I started writing lyrical content with those concepts in mind. The result, after a lot of rhythmic and production tweaks, was Faraday. What it ended up being lyrically was almost a salute to what's good in the world, and the question as to whether or not the listener knows and believes that things aren't quite as bad as we, humanity as whole, believe things to be. 

Q:Where did you record the song?

A:The song was recorded at my studio on Martha's Vineyard, TPS (The Print Shop). 

Q:  Are any members of Duke's County Love Affair on the new song?    and has DCLA recorded any music?

A: I'm the only one performing anything on the song. The initial session Ryan and I had was in one day to get the general ideas down, Ryan contributing to some of the original production and drum sampling. From there, I produced, recorded, and played everything else on the work. I also mixed and mastered the track myself. 

Q: How does the new song fit in with your solo E.P. and your full-length CD

A:"Faraday" is in a similar vein to a few other tracks I've released in the past, incorporating electronic elements with some analogue instruments (guitars, drums, keys) and vocal elements. I've been writing a number of similar songs over the past few years and intend on releasing more in the months to come. One idea after I've got an albums worth of material, is to then compile them all into one work. This might take the next year or so, but I think it would be a worthy endeavor to try and release one track at a time, telling a story with the material about the process along the way, then putting out everything together as one record. It all sort of depends on the continuity of the material I end up releasing along the way, of course. 
Q: Do you have any Facebook live or live audio from your shows at The Ritz on Martha's Vineyard?

A:- I don't have any material from The Ritz other than some audio clips that I could send along.. My live shows have really not been too similar to Faraday, musically speaking. It's more of a rootsy, reggae, rock and blues type of band when I'm playing with 'The Philly Project'. It's a goal of mine though, to work on arranging some of my material, like Faraday, for live band performance.   

About Phil Darosa

My music career really began when I started playing trumpet in the 4th grade. I loved it! And from there I joined the school choruses and bands through elementary school and highschool, and finally picked up guitar when I was 15. I decided to go to music school in Keene NH for college, and there I met long time friends and musical collaborators Jeremy Milligan and Jon Wearn. We formed a band called 'The Sofa Kings' and put out a record when we were right out of school, then shortly after morphed the band into a prog-rock quartet called Bathtub Mary, adding Jackson Smith on bass. We put out 2 more albums under that name and many things happened in between which altered the lineup of the band. When that group slowly started to dissolve I put out my own record Better Days, then another EP a few years later called Away (both mentioned by Joe in previous email). 

This is a side topic, but while making and recording all my own music on MV (and other artist's records) I started playing bass with a band called Dukes County Love Affair, which happened after I recorded the band's first record on Martha's Vineyard in my studio there ( We toured cross-country and had a few solid years of progress before that got put on the shelf. 

Right now I'm recording a number of different artists on MV, while continuing to write, record and produce my own material. I've got a band called The Phil daRosa Project which has been a lot of fun and which consists of a rotating cast of some of the best island musicians. We play a lot on MV and plan to head off the island periodically this winter for live shows as well. As Joe mentioned, through my work as a studio engineer/producer, I've just recently finished producing and writing a few songs for a record by David Saw, which I'm heading out to LA to promote via a live show this week. David will be touring with Dolly Parton this December a bit and has been getting a lot of interest and traction for the new record, slated for release in 2019.


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