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Empty County Band April 6 Victory Lane Millis Mass YMA SUMAC review

"This is Authentic Music"
Only Rock Radio 

"Brilliant Music" Al Geiner 
Only Rock Radio has played multiple songs from Empty County Band,
and we truly appreciate their support!

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Victory Lane
32 Exchange St, Millis, Massachusetts 02054  clock  Saturday, April 6, 2019                                at 8 PM – 11:55 PM
Free Entry: Donations excepted for productions and Bands @
Empty County Band 10:30
SINN 9:00
Brought to you by: Empty County Studios and Promotions


Millis Tribe (Empty County Band) Returning to Millis as a Musician 30 years later surreal. S…

Sunday 3/17/19 Ken Selcer and Roberta Lamb on Thursday, Melt on Friday, The Melatonins on Saturday, Asa Brebner in Boston Globe, Louder Than Milk Video Saturday Club Bohemia March 16

Happy St. Patty's Day (I put the photo on SMALL, not my fault it enlarges on its own!!)
A Club Bohemia editorial
by Joe Viglione

We're building a New England Rock & Roll magazine with the Club Bohemia newsletter.  Reviews, videos, photos and the Club Bohemia Calendar

Shows this week:
Thursday, March 21 

Tysk Tysk Task, Bill Dwyer, Ken Selcer with Roberta Lamb,
Linda Marks with Woody Carpinella

Friday March 22
Max Ridley's Basement Players, Sound Down the Cellar
Fifth Business, Melt

Saturday March 23
The Deep State, TV Shirt, The Melatonins, and Blame Shifters

     Saturday night I visited Club Bohemia.   Louder Than Milk were performing, quite brilliantly.  You can watch the video below to see the encore. 

Louder Than Milk

TMRZoo picked up my Why Mott the Hoople Matters article.
April 9, 2019 at the Orpheum Theater…

Modern Lovers Song Reviews / Saturday Night Club Bohemia Louder Than Milk (10 pm) / Poor Yorick (9 pm) Brian Campbell (8:30 pm)

4,740 page views last month 10:25 pm 3-15-19
Pageviews last month 4,740 Pageviews all time history 227,948 Pageviews yesterday 248 8 pm 3-14-19 to 3-15-19 _________________________________________ Saturday March 16, 2019
Saturday @ Club Bohemia March 16, 2019 Brian Campbell (Motel Black,) Poor Yorick, Louder Than Milk - This page Sponsored by Randolph Music's Record Expo March 31 March 16
Lineup: 8:30 - Brian Campbell (Motel Black) 9:00 - Poor Yorick 10:00 - Louder Than Milk

We have an extraordinary Jonathan Richman interview in Varulven Magazine that we are going to publish here. Stay tuned.

1)Astral Plane
2)Dignified and Old
3)Egyptian Reggae
5)Ice Cream Man
6)She Cracked