Thursday, July 26, 2012

Thursday July 26, 2012

Thursday July 26, 2012  

             Singer Songwriter Showcase 8-9:45

Mike Yarsky
Mike Feeney
Kyln  Rock (pronounced Kay-lin)
10 PM  Six Times Seven
11 PM Yarsky
Plectrum Entertainment 
Fri 7/27 $8 The Red Line Rebels (12);

Machine Gun Etiquette (11); 

The Functional Alcoholics (10); 

Root Glen (9).

Root Glen is:
Ross Griswold – Guitar & VocalsEric Blank – DrumsDavid Moroney – Vocals & GuitarAndres Felipe Gonzalez – Bass

Sat 7/28 $8 litehouse (12); 
Litehouse is a way of life. Litehouse is not a solution. Litehouse is real. Litehouse is feeling. Litehouse is wanting to be loved. Litehouse is not asking to be loved. Litehouse is free. Litehouse is living, living love. Litehouse was. Litehouse saw it, and felt it. Litehouse will not save you. Knowledge comes with Litehouse’s release. Be all that you can be. Feel the love. Be Litehouse.


george perkins stow kelner matt burns

Saturday July 28, 2012

James Straight & the Widestance (11); 

The Beachcombovers (10); 

Troupe Al-Jawary Al-Hessan (Exotic Belly Dancers) (9:45) 

A Foggy Notion (9); 

Geltline (8). 


INXS Movie In Theaters - Dec 12 Thursday Andrew Eckel and Jonah Sacks, Ghost Town, Nick Joliat and Dan Wick, Wild Allegations, / FRIDAY THE 13th Soft Touch Mechanism, Neon Knights, Bitter Wind

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