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Born Yesterday E.P., My Romance - Joey Scrima Trio JUNIPER Thursday June 27, 2019 with Jess the Savior, Friday June 28 O.T.A. Nextune Bang Adged Up 200 Proof and Saturday June 29

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Here's a review of three songs on the Born Yesterday 10 song CD offering entitled Zero Caution.

"Hysteria" is energetic and powerful from the initial blastoff and throughout.   Guitar that pulsates and crunches at the  same time, the music is a hard glide, like surfing on a buzzsaw with direct lyrics and a stern vocal, somewhere between The Ramones meets Pearl Jam.  Two minutes and forty-two seconds of sonic blasts, the way we like 'em.   "Sun Shines Through" slows things up into a grunge/garage band reading over solid drums and no-nonsense words and lead vocals that have an authority which sounds determined and assured.   The lead guitar is spot on in an entertaining way that begs repeated spins.  This might be what Black Sabbath would sound like if they started their reign in 2019...a refined and hard sound that has lots of appeal.  "Whoah Oh Oh (It Takes Two To Go Around (Radio Version)" adds some pop music to the hard rock, the band has equal dashes of irreverence with the serious, and is most impressive.   Highly recommended.


Artist: Joey Scrima Power Trio
Song: My Romance

Review by Joe Viglione

"My Romance" by the Joey Scrima Power Trio is an elegant, old-world instrumental melody that harkens back to the days when Sinatra, Jerry Vale, Dean Martin and the gang ruled supreme. As with six of the nine songs on the band's playlist this tunes in over four minutes at 4:53.  Keyboards and a subtle drum click initiate the bed that the guitar lovingly plays over, climbing slowly, sustaining a smooth pop with a tiny touch of jazz leanings over and around the feel of the performance.  Very nice.

Hear "My Romance" here

From the press release:
The Joey Scrima Power Trio- dynamic powerful rock trio playing the classics from Led Zeppelin to Van Halen to Jeff Beck along with blues, new pop, and exciting spectacular catchy originals- The musicianship in this band is of the highest level of skill in the music business-led by Joey-his Incredible chops,groove,& taste from Joey Scrima on drums with 40 years plus in the touring US music business & the incredible Alex Ivanov on guitar-just phenomenal-out of Berklee & South Florida & already with an impressive resume & finally on bass- Malcolm Stuckey-a gifted musical most sought after bassist in Boston that grooves like no other- This trio will bring down the house with their awesome sound- and expertise-Matt Demo a pro-does the singing ...

and at the club!

Thursday June 27, 2019
Ft. Jess
The Savior
Come join Juniper’s first summer show at the Cantab Lounge in Cambridge, MA, with special guest Jess, The Savior! The show is located in the lower level of the Cantab, Club Bohemia. Address is 738 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA. Cover charge is $7 at the door. 21+ with valid ID.

Juniper the Band

June 28
Bang Adged Up
200 Proof 

$10.00 cover

 8 PM Still Life
9  Euphoric Company
10 Friendly Psychic Strangers
11 Nick Panagakos  



june 29, 2019


Still Life at Cantab's club BOHEMIA

 · Hosted by Ken Jung and Michael Cantara
June 29
bring your friends // bring your SOs // bring yourselves
Come celebrate the music of Still Life in our last (?) show, Saturday the 29th at Cantab!
We will be the first band in the night's lineup, and we'll be playing a 45m set of originals and covers. Our music will start promptly at 8pm.
Cover: $10 cash only

Born Yesterday.  A Hard Rock band from Boston that has been playing together for four years. The debut album Zero Caution came out recently and the two tracks below have seen very good airplay by radio stations. 

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