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RIP Joe Harvard Sunday March 24, 2019 / GEOF THURBER / RICK MARTIN of Third Rail / ASA BREBNER

 Joe Harvard, Rest in Peace


Geof Thurber, Rest in Peace
       February 5, 2019 @ 63 years of age 

Geof was born in Boston, MA, in 1955, and grew up in Nashua, NH. He attended New York University and Sarah Lawrence College, before moving to Detroit, Michigan, where he played bass in Jett Black, a Phoenix, Arizona band affiliated with Alice Cooper. After two years, the group moved to LA, where Geof, a skilled bass player and teacher, continued to work as a session musician before finally settling in Boston. He performed in several Boston area bands during the hey-day of the 1980's club scene.

In 1989, Geof joined fellow musician Greg McCleary's Heart Punch Studio, Inc., which quickly evolved from a music recording studio into a highly successful audio post production house for broadcast, television and independent film. Over the ensuing years, Geof became a partner in the business and worked on sound design for over 200 broadcasts, such as Nova, American Masters, American Experience, and Independent Lens, and for many independent films, including Brad Anderson's break-through film Next Stop Wonderland. Geof and Greg were nominated for an Emmy in 2006 and won the Best Sound festival prize at the Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival in 2007.

Greg McCleary of Heartpunch said "Geof's first career, as a musician, informed his second. He approached sound design in documentaries like a musical arrangement. It was there to support the story being told, not to detract from it."



Rest in Peace Joe Harvard - Sunday, March 24, 2019

 Joe Harvard Frank Rowe Joe Viglione outside of Once Ballroom. Photo utilized on a radio show November 2017


Velvet Underground's The Velvet Underground and Nico (Thirty Three ...
Velvet Underground's The Velvet Underground and Nico (Thirty Three and a Third series): Joe Harvard, Joseph Incagnoli: 9780826415509: Amazon.com: Books 

From this website:

Massara posted about noon on Sunday.

“Joe passed early this morning with me and his sister by his side. Aidan arrived late last night in time to say goodbye,” Massara said. 

"I believe Joe was waiting for her. He went very peacefully. I sang ‘Sunday Morning’ to him as the sun rose. Then opened a book of Rumi poems to read to him. He had one bookmarked like he left it for me knowing that would be the book I picked out of the thousand on the shelf. ‘Parable of the World.’ And then I opened the sliding glass door to let his soul out. 

I figured if it was anywhere as big as his personality it would need more room than a window.”

Joe Harvard, Joseph Incagnoli


Experienced Program Director with a demonstrated history of community activism and outstanding work in music, writing and visual art. Strong idea person, co-founder of highly regarded organizations [Fort Apache Recording, Music at the Middle East] and programs [Individual Training Program at Virtually Wired]. Founder of, and instructor at a free-to-community music program at Media Center @ Ballard, as well as the gARTen @ 713 Cookman, a vacant lot reclaimed as a free outdoor, black-light, found-object art gallery displaying his DayGlo, "trash art" pieces. Successful gallery show as a visual artist in 2017. Skilled in Ableton Live, Pro Tools, Photoshop, Microsoft Word, Excel, relational database use, and copy editing. Award winning Multi-instrumentalist, raconteur, and variety show host. Has served as manager, executive director, and head individual instructor for nonprofits. A teacher who is great with youngsters, very good with adults; considers himself a problem solver. Author of Velvet Underground and Nico [33-1/3 Series].




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