Saturday, March 2, 2019

Loose Ties - Song of the Day - The Last Time March 2 THE LEGENDS OF PUNK Saturday at Club Bohemia Song of the Day LOOSE TIES The Last Time

The Legends of Punk tribute show returns to Club Bohemia in historic Central Square, Cambridge with The Legends of Punk 2!
Featuring tributes to The Clash, The Sex Pistols, and The Ramones!!!
Performed by:
Charlie Don't Surf(The Clash)
No Future(The Sex Pistols)
Warthog(The Ramones)

Song of the Day
Title:The Last Time
Band: Loose Ties
Produced by Fred Pineau

    Some people like to attempt to duplicate a song as is, while others work to embrace a melody and chord changes by rearranging a piece of music to their style and vibrations.   Loose Ties and Terry Kitchen do the latter by stretching The Rolling Stones Jagger/Richards composition (and a 1958 Staples Singer gospel cover according to Wikipedia) into a genre they call "Ska Crazy" - but the three minutes and thirty-one seconds go beyond ska into a mild funk and quasi-techno. The mix of genres is tightly would with great solid and insightful production from Pineau and an on-target performance from Loose Ties.  They are able to navigate licks and solos within that short span of time to keep your attention with this entertaining look at a classic Rolling Stones hit record.  From the Loose Ties revisited 1985 E.P. now available on iTunes, Spotify, etc. with studio and live bonus tracks.

The Last Time  Loose Ties

The Staple Singers

From the YouTube information:
'80s Boston band Loose Ties goes ska crazy! With Terry Kitchen (rhythm guitar & Converse All-Stars), Brice Buchanan (lead guitar & leather pants), Barry Singer (sax & sunglasses), Chris Peeler (drums & glitter) & Bill 'Fabulous' Kuhlman (bass & neckties). From their album Where the Action Is, produced by Fred Pineau of the Atlantics.


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