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BOHEMIA THIS WEEK: Beacon Project 8/30/19 The Boston Rock & Roll Anthology #21 - Booklet and CD - is THE HISTORY of Boston Rock & Roll

Friday August 30

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September 13
The Boston Rock & Roll Anthology #21 is now in production!

Be part of Boston Rock & Roll History 

The booklet is a work in progress.  Here's a preview for Club Bohemia Newsletter readers

Anthology #21
Essay by Joe Viglione
 Volume 1 from 1983

Way back in 1983 when the John Hancock Tower was half of the album cover of Boston Anthology Vol 1, the legendary Rolling Stones producer, Jimmy Miller, was at the home of Varulven Records, 30 Dragon Ct in Woburn and saw the records coming off the truck.  “What a great idea, a compilation of Boston music” Jimmy marveled, and I’m paraphrasing him today, of course, thirty-six years later.

Well, I only wish I had continued the series beyond Boston Rock & Roll Anthology #20 – and with the internet we can document to the best of our abilities the history of Boston area music by resurrecting these compilations and creating new ones.  With companies like Discogs and our music gets to more ears and eyes than ever before.

Discogs  Boston Anthology #9


Boston Rock & Roll Anthology #21/U.S. Anthology #2

 Essentially we were building a history of Boston Rock and Roll at a time when musicians weren’t thinking of downloads and the internet.

Along with Varulven Magazine – established in 1969, the 1976 emergence of Varulven Records, my first radio show in 1978 and then TV Eye, the 1979 public access television program which interviewed local artists Pastiche with Mr. Curt and Ken Scales, Mission of Burma, guest host Tom Lane of WMBR (then WTBS, MIT Radio,) The Maps with Jim Clements – who would later go on to be an important part of Boston and Arlington public access television, we were do-it-yourself DIY local media.  And here we are today.  Last night, August 12, 2019, I again interviewed James Montgomery, one of my many interviews with this amazing New England area legend. We probably have more interviews with local area artists than any other company – from Andy Pratt and Sal Baglio to Jon Macey, Barry Marshall, Didi Stewart, Moulty of the Barbarians (who is on Anthology #20,) Bobby Hebb of “Sunny” fame, the G Clefs, Pamela Ruby Russell – now president of Norfolk TV, all so important to this library we have built hopefully immortalizing our art for centuries to come.

We have published two booklets with the UPS Store in Woburn near our legendary P.O. Box 2392, Woburn, MA 01888 –   As I write this at noon on August 13, 2019 someone is selling the Boston Rock & Roll Anthology #4 for $50.00 on eBay.  It is a rare one! Indeed – and who knew in 1984 when we released this that it would become so valuable decades later!
Boston Rock and Roll Anthology, Volume 4 - LP - Rare - New
·           $50.00 + $4.00 Shipping

At one point we started documenting the disc jockeys in the area as well, especially those who were airing local music. From WHJY in Rhode Island to Lisa Garvey at WCGY and Wharfield Harvey from WZLX in Boston, along with Ed McMann and Lady D from Kiss 108 in Medford our train kept a rollin’!

With companies like Joe’s Albums posting our work on the internet as well as the reviewers and their magazines/radio stations/podcasters using photos and content, it is a brave new world where we have to create a unique idea in order to catch their attention.  We know the music is great; we know that many of the performers on the upcoming Volume 21 are seasoned writers and performers – Joe Black of Ball and Chain, Phil DaRosa, Pamela Ruby Russell, Heidi Jo Hines and Nico of Spirits (Heidi Jo is the daughter of our dear friend and Varulven Recording artist Jo Jo Laine as well as Denny Laine of The Moody Blues and McCartney’s Wings,) Greg Walsh solo from Pop Gun, my former roommate and brilliant guitarist/songwriter Tom Mich from the band The Facts, Steve Kuchinsky and his Empty County Band and Reverend John Tamilio of Boston Rock & Roll Anthology #8  – just knowing their music like I do the time has come for the return of the Anthology series on disc, with this booklet and on the internet.


1)Everything But Peace – 3D
2)Boxcar – Pamela Ruby Russell
3)Who’s Foolin’ Who? – The Spirits, Heidi Jo & Nico
4)Faraday – Phil DaRosa
5)Until the End – Empty County Band
6)Monster – Joe Black
7)Table Scraps – Tom Mich Jr
8)Counting Down to Zero (from 1) – Greg Walsh’s New Ghosts
9)”Blackenstein” (instrumental) Joe Black
10)The Salt Water Summers - Joe Viglione

3D Boston Classic “Everything But Peace”

The pushers are all around us
They’ve could be anyone you meet
Our children are dying from overdose
We’ve got everything but peace
Our children are dying from overdose
We’ve got everything but peace
Our children are dying from overdose

Fifty years ago John Lennon asked the world to “give peace a chance.” They should have listened. Fifty years later Reverend John Tamilio is preaching that we’ve got everything but peace…it’s time to really and truly give it – peace – that chance. 

Pamela Ruby Russell

Spirits – Heidi Jo Hines and Nico

“Who’s Foolin’ Who?”   4 minutes
Recorded at 13a Studios, London
Produced and Engineered by Nico Barchiesi
Written by Nico Barchiesi & Heidi Jo Hines (BMI

Spirits is a North London based duo composed of Anglo-American singer Heidi Jo Hines and Italian born musician Nico Barchiesi. They met in 2013 as members of Earthprayer, and soon realized they had a strong musical and personal connection. This eventually lead them to form their own band in 2018 named "Spirits" after a shared passion for spirituality, London pubs and horror movies. Since then they have been writing songs together such as "Satellite", "As It Is", "Holiday" and "Who's Foolin' Who,” recording numerous demo songs and performing in the London circuit as well as dates in Europe. Their goal is to become a creative force that is not tied down to one specific genre of music, but forever evolving and experimenting with different moods and sounds. The duo will release their first full length album in 2020 for 13a Records. 

4)Phil DaRosa  “Faraday”
Phil Darosa (Photo by Jeremy Driesen)

"Faraday"   by Phil Darosa is five minutes and fifty-six seconds of a delightfully dreamy and esoteric soundscape.  "Faraday" pleasantly seeps into your  consciousness with a feeling that is perfect for radio, club play and
the concert stage.

Who is Phil DaRosa?   Phil daRosa (aka PhillyD) is a singer, songwriter, producer,  multi-instrumentalist and studio engineer/owner based on Martha's  Vineyard island in Massachusetts.
        Phil's been  recording and writing for over 17 years, and has shared the stage with  many amazing artists, including; G.Love, Carly Simon, Chad Stokes,  Martin Sexton, Rhymefest, John Forte, Johnny Hoy, Ben Taylor, Ryan
Montbleau and many more. 
        Currently, this  island native is working on his 3rd studio album

Empty County Band Bio

Empty County Band project formed in 2017 and finalized in 2018 lead by Steve Kuchinsky- (Rhythm Guitar, Vocals, writer, producer, manager booker) Max Palaza- (Lead Guitarist) Gus Palaza- (Bass Guitar) Jeff Kraby- (Drummer) All 4 members originally from Millis MA. 20 years later after separate local projects combine for some stellar rock and roll. 2018 brought on the angelic, self-recorded and self- released album Until the End followed by several West Coast and East Coast shows. Empty County Band are a hard rock group combining a mixture of rock, hard rock, metal and with an alternative classic feel. - Robert Barry Francos, Ffanzeen magazine review (Apr 15, 2018) “The vocals by Steven Kuchinsky are solid New England, reminding me of so many rocker bands from the Rat period (like Stomper and Pastiche). It’s short and sweet, but this definitely gives the listener a nice taste of the band’s style. I’m looking forward to a full release.”

Counting Down to Zero (From 1)

released January 1, 2019 
Words & Music by Greg Walsh 
Greg Walsh: Lead vocal, rhythm guitar, drums 
Dylan Walsh: Guitars, bass and "Travis Barker drums" during verses 
Jim Melanson: Guitars 
Backing vocals: Dylan Walsh, Jim Melanson, Heath Sousa 
Recorded at Woolly Mammoth Sound, Waltham, MA 
Engineered by David Minehan 
Produced by Minehan and Walsh 
Mastered by Dave Locke at JP Masters, Boston, MA

With less than ten seconds of an ominous atomic wind sweeping in (think the Terminator films,) and a four chord neo-punk sonic assault, three quarters of the band Pop Gun create this concise pop explosion, "
Counting Down to Zero (From 1)." at David Minehan's famed Woolly Mammoth studio. Released on January 1 of 2019 it started the year off, quite literally, with a bang.

Co produced by the Neighborhoods frontman, Minehan, and guitarist Dylan Walsh, Greg Walsh's New Ghosts still has the pop and the edgy gun in it, but takes the music into a different dimension.

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