Monday, February 4, 2019

March 2019 Calendar Plus Your Working Boy - Song of the Day Mobile Steam Unit

Welcome to the Club Bohemia newsletter. Here's the March calendar. Spring is around the corner.
This popular site is back, and we're reviewing a song a day from artists.
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"Your Working Boy" (remake) Mobile Steam Unit

Mobile Steam Unit

Time: 2:29

        With undeniable Beatles' keyboards Mobile Steam Unit re-craft the song that was often played on Pop Explosion, this writer's radio program, is re-issued on Spotify with a thicker, more polished emphasis on its original theme.  The original from 2013 also clocks in at 2:29, and is condensed, the clever interplay between the instruments tucked deeper into the grooves.  That rendition is found on their disc Not In Service available on Bandcamp

       This version sparkles with production elements hitting you in the face, and the sometimes smooth and sometimes chaotic instrumentation works on every level.     

        Pop, funk, groove and some jazzy fragments from The Beatles "You Know My Name (Look Up The Number,) seeping into the last ten seconds of this recording, really tremendous.


       On Spotify it segues quickly into "Less Texting," which I can relate to given my alleged significant other's activities, and not only that, a former girlfriend of another friend of mine.  It's a no brainer that "Less Texting" is something needed in our current society, on a world-wide level.

       The Mobile Steam Unit 2019 e.p. on Spotify - including Less Texting, Sex With O.S., Are You Ever and this new "Your Working Boy" is a terrific four slices of MSU at their best.

See video of Your Working Boy

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