Monday, September 23, 2019

Album of the Day MAD PAINTER Monday 9-23-19

Mad Painter is an amazing album.  It is post-punk psychedelia meets Beatle-esque magic, clever compositions that have a intriguing originality despite drawing upon so many influences in a textured rug tapestry of delightful audio.  Track 3 emphasizes this position, "Soldier Boy," taking Jim Morrison's "Unknown Soldier" and merging it with a march through the land of Oz.  Eerie and compelling all at the same time.  "Beware of the Dream" has flavors of Ken Hensley's "Easy Livin' " from Uriah Heep

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Track list:

1. Barely Alive 0:00

2. Ain't No Use in Hanging On 2:56

3. Soldier Boy 7:06

4. Mad Painter 12:25

5. Never Mind 16:50

6. Smile 22:46

7. Beware of the Dream 26:53

8. Goodbye 31:29

9. Letter 35:13

10. Gone Gone Gone 38:08

Check out our playlist, with separate videos for each song:

Mad Painter is a new rock group in the Boston area. Deeply rooted in the rock tradition of the 1970s, the influences range from heavy melodic rock to classy pop and classic British rock and roll.

Album personnel:

Alex Gitlin (vocals, keyboards)
Curt Cornell (guitar, production, tracks 1-9)
John Geary (bass, tracks 1-9)
Evo Ivaylo Ivanov (drums, tracks 1-9)
Ross Jackson (drums, bass, guitar, production on "Gone Gone Gone")

Current lineup:

Alex Gitlin (vocals, keyboards)
Flynn Young (drums)
Kenne Highland (bass, backing vocals)
Paul Miller (guitar)

Recorded from 2015 - July 2017.

Album art by Jay Pearson.

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